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If JW is to write the best score you've ever heard...

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Would you like it to be a complete original or a sequel/part of a franchise?

Now remember, it'll be the best score you've ever heard, and for the purposes of this poll, regardless of whether it's an original or a sequel, they're equally good. The only difference is one is a continuation of established concepts with new ideas, the other is totally new.

Myself, I honestly am not sure, as much as I would like something new, I would also love to hear a continuation of Star Wars, that tops the best of Star Wars.

Which would you prefer? And if a sequel, what specifically? If an original movie, what sort of movie?

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You know, I think I would go with a new movie and not a sequel.

Although his scores for sequels have been very good. I think that Jaws 2 was actually a better score than Jaws.

It would be fun to see Williams do a great mindf**k movie, like Silence of the Lambs or Se7en (does Images count as something like that?)

Or whenever they get around to do the movie version of Rendezvous with Rama, that would be neat.

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Sequel, I suppose. It always gives me chills to hear an old favorite theme presented in a novel way, alongside brilliant new material. Although there's a lot to be said for movie scores that singlehandedly develop new sonic universes without using any old themes. (ESB did a great job with the former; ANH did a great job with the latter.)

Ideally, a movie score forms its own thematic macrocosm that feels and sounds totally inevitable, yet is so original that no human in his/her right mind could possibly have come up with it. I get that with the Star Wars movies particularly--the quantity and quality of the themes are so overwhelming. I also got that feeling after seeing HP:SS for the first time, and I'm now becoming a comfortable resident of the Indiana Jones movies' sonic universe.

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The problem with original scores is that you'll only get one or two good themes. A sequel (when done right) can weave a bunch of themes together in really interesting and beautiful ways. So, my vote goes towards sequel, as long as it has new material as well.

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