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Back to the Future complete sheet score

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I just received this email... I thought it could be interesting 8O

"I'm beginning the process of getting a score published, however,

there needs to be enough interest. Would you please pass the word around,

and have your friends email me as to what interest there would be to have

a published score to Back To The Future. Universal won't budge unless

there is hard evidence as to the number of people who would be interested

in a fully bound edition of the entire score available for purchase to the

film score community."

So, if you're interested you can send your requests to tjrodier@yahoo.com.

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Well, so I thought at the beggining, but I contacted the guy and he is working at universal, not to mention he's a really nice guy...he's just trying to convince his boss that there's enough people willing to buy a complete score. So long he's got something like 100+ answers, and he obviously would need a bit more :sigh:

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