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New project: Happy Birthday Variations, film composers style


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Howdy folks,

I'm currently playing "Happy Birthday Variations" by Peter Heidrich with my string quartet and it's absolutely hilarious how he imitated the styles of classical composers (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Wagner, ...) and popular music styles (hungarian dance, tango, viennese waltz, ...).

Now I've had this idea of creating some more variations in the styles of several film composers, as the "film music style" variation by Heidrich sound basically like stereotypical Golden Age schmaltz music ;) and hereby isn't very up-to-date anymore...

I already have several ideas on how to best caricature certain composers, and I guess I will finish some variations over the next few days/weeks ;)

As a little appetizer, here is the first one (I think it's really easy to guess ;))


More to follow... remember, this is all tongue-in-cheek ;) And if anyone out there feels he can match the styles better, or has an idea for a different composer, feel free to post these on this thread :eek:

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I think it's more Klaus Badelt than Zimmer, to split hairs.

I am interested to hear what other ones you can come up with Afonso. :eek:

The 2nd one is Jerry Goldsmith, conducting Happy Birthday while said person is diving off a cliff...

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The first is definitely not Badelt. Zimmer all the way. :eek:

Anyway, you're actually doing a fantastic job with these. I'm looking forward to hearing more...and I may throw in one or two of my own...

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