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Quite possibly the ugliest composer who ever lived, John Rutter is quite famous, especially for his choral works.

I'm singing his Magnificat with my college choir tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with his music.  I've heard that he's more popular in America than he is in the UK.  

Thoughts?  Opinions?

Ooohh that face sends shivers down my back - was once conducted by him - I was playing principle oboe with the Orchestra of Opera North doing his Requiem (tones of oboe solo's).

Now its comon for oboists to lick their reed a lot during concerts to keep reeds moist - however, every time I put the oboe to my face to lick the reed, he thought I was about to come in at the wrong place - each time in the concert he would start manicly waving at me - and each time he would give me Kittens because I thought he's waving at me becuase I was late :s haha

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^Wow, that's cool! Haha, that's funny that he was all frantic at you.

We had rather slow wind players at the Magnifcat concert. It was as if the flutist wasn't even interested in following our conductor's tempo when it came to her entrance in the first movement. Oh well....

~Tyler, glad that this thread got somewhat back on topic. ;)

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