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Demodex would love this release.


It's difficult enough to understand why anyone would find The Phantom Menace Ultimate Edition to be a pleasant listening experience - but why anyone would prefer the hacked-up version when a just-as-good presentation of the unedited score is available... that's just too much for me to understand. :huh:

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You are American I assume, hence your use of the word solding instead of selling.

I don't care about artists not getting payed, I saw John Ottman in Spain last year and he didn't look like he was famished.

I do care about people selling bootlegs for overinflated prices to soundtrack fans who don't know better!

Euh ^_^ ... Je suis Fran├žais !!!

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Any of them have anythign of interest? I noticed that they don't have all the tracks that the ones I currently have have on them....

and some say certain tracks are replaced with different recordings of the superman march and what have you... I'm guessing that means the original JW's recordings...

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