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Harry Potter...Jazz?

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I was able to listen to some clips on the iTunes music store. I think it's pretty cool. I would hope that some people (like those who gave nasty reviews on iTunes) wouldn't take this so seriously as to say that it's garbage. I think, if anything, it's kind of like a jazzy tribute to some great film music.

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I own this CD and actually really like it (I even wrote the as of this moment only review on Amazon :lol:). I was kinda sceptical at first, but after a few listens it really grew on me. I think that the band in a way also showed their respect and admiration for Williams and his work with doing this project. It probably helps to be a jazz fan(atic) to be able to fully appreciate this CD, but that's just my humble opinion. :) I also thin that Williams would appreciate this project, had he known about it (maybe he does), taking into consideration his jazz beginnings and background.

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