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I don't understand the correlation between this thread's title and the original post, but oh well. You're asking if we think Jerry Goldsmith deserves to be lumped in with the other fine fellows? Meh, I suppose so. Haven't listened to his stuff a whole lot on its own. ::prepares for attack:: His work sounds pretty good, though I generally don't enjoy it as much as a good sip of vintage Williams.

Honestly, I think Zimmer belongs on that list. Not because of my limited but definitely existent respect for the man as an artist, but because he definitely defined a new sound that has become hugely popular with young composers and young listeners. Please understand that I don't consider his achievement to be on par with Williams and Hermann, but I do think his impact is similarly significant.

I dunno if I'd put Danny Elfman on the list. He's done fabulous work, and he certainly has his own sound...but is he a "distinctive voice" that "will always stand out"? Hmmmm...that might be pushing it a little.

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Can a lot of people outside of the film score community remember anything Goldsmith wrote?

(apart from the Star Trek theme ,which some people might,but actually know Courage's theme more)

When we look back on film music from the 20th century (... ) It is an article about film music, so Mr Elfman is missplaced, no mention to Hal Zimmer, that not do a score alone ( surely a great friend of Maestro Morricone ...

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