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The best theme/track to be played during a swordfight in a theater?


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I don't know if this is a relevant comparison (going off what gullwingdoors mentioned), but back when I did my radio show in college I could use whatever material I wanted (music, comedy, film clips etc) because it was a not for profit school station. A school play, I would think, should fall under the same thing.

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The assumption you're making, A.I., is that this involves stealing, or depriving someone of something they used to possess - and that isn't the case here. It's an argument I've constantly seen made by the recording companies who claim they're losing billions from piracy.

If you'll excuse my more cynical side for a moment, I once read about a comparison made by the then president of the MPAA, Jack Valenti who kept claiming that when you bought media you were only buying a 'license' to watch/hear it, but at the same time constantly made references to physical products when challenged about replacing damaged goods, such as a scratched CD.

Obviously artists and publishers need revenue, but I guess this is mainly from physical sales, concerts etc. If you consider either a recording being used at an amateur production just for fun, versus some guy on a street in China selling bootleg copies for personal gain - well I think it isn't difficult to see which is the more problematic. I agree that companies need to protect against revenue loss, but they need to choose their 'recovery' avenues with care and make allowances for fair use.

There's also an ethical side to this that I personally believe in; taking a multi-billion dollar corporation and a normal high school production, who do you think needs the money more? And please don't say 'it's just business' - I know and respect that. But I've heard a lot of stories of normal people being accused of all sorts of things and extorted for thousands of dollars by the major labels, which they know they will pay to avoid legal costs - and some of these people don't even own computers. They're basically ruining these people's lives and don't care. So I hope you'll excuse me for not being the biggest fan of copyright enforcement these days.

That went on a bit longer than I intended :P

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THE MUMMY RETURNS - Visions of Nefertiri Pt. 2, Return to the Underworld

THE MUSKETEER - Pretty much any action cue

KING ARTHUR - Final Fight

FIRST KNIGHT - Abduction of Guinevere, Lancelot in Pursuit, Escape, or Malagant Invades Camelot

13th WARRIOR - Viking Heads, Horns of Hell, Swing Across, Underwater Escape

CUTTHROAT ISLAND - Escape From Mordechai's, To the Bottom of the Sea

LAIR - Serpent Strait, Deadman's Basin, Loden, Bridge Attack

SOUL OF THE ULTIMATE NATION - Helron's Castle, Valley of the Dragons

LOTR: FELLOWSHIP - Weathertop,

LOTR: TWO TOWERS - Battle of the Hornburg

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