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Some Of The Most Influential Films Of The Last 50 Years


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Indiana Jones has also inspired a lot of movies...

And regarding to film music, Jaws was avant garde writing of course.

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But it's not top 10 material. It's too young. It hasn't been long enough around to have influenced a lot of movies.

I know, I didn't put it on any list. But it was influential within the genre, or the perception of the genre.

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Star Wars is the most influential film of the last 50 years, but when I get there I will give my reasons for believing it is so.

And those reasons do not merely focus on the effects...

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A little late, but I still needed to finish this:

# 6 - DIE HARD (1988)


Why influential? The concept of a guy having to go solo to fight a bunch of terrorists has become the basic plotline of countless action films after it. Die Hard was not the first film to play with this idea. It did however make it extremely popular and elements have been directly copied, from succesful big budget films (Air Force One) to crap (The Marine 2).



Why influential? The film that made fictional serial killers cool and intriguing to this day. Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer was a marvelous film as well, but it didn't reach the audiences Jonathan Demme's film reached. It's impact has been huge.

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Wow! What a bump!

Are you still picking the same 6-1 you would have picked in 2007?

Some slight changes, but basically the same list. ;)

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