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John Williams - Hollywood Bowl (Aug. 29-30)


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The Hollywood Bowl web site now lists John Williams annual two-concert weekend to be Aug. 29-30, with special guest narrator Stanley Donen, who will narrate a segment on the music of MGM musicals that he directed. This duplicates, in part, the Williams-New York Philharmonic concert from September 2007. Whether or not the Williams music featured in the concert remains the same remains to be seen.

Here's the link:


Ron Burbella

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He did some of this stuff a few years ago at Tanglewood. Williams was great, but the music was a bit underwhelming relative to what he could have performed. I sat right behind Stanley Donen at that concert and even got his autograph on one of the programs.

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I usually go every year, but I don't know about this time. Sounds like it's going to be a carbon copy of the NY Philharmonic concert from last September.

Then again, I am almost afraid to NOT go, because every year I tell myself, as morbid as this sounds, that this might be the last time that I get to see him perform.

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