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Who is the sexiest young celebrity these days?

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That's all well and good, Steef, but we here in the States can't use Danish laws to get us out of jail if we decide to reward new drivers by breaking in the back seat.


English: This map displays the legal age of consent for heterosexual sex in various countries.

peach - puberty

red - less than 12

white - 12

light turquoise - 13

dark turquoise - 14

blue - 15

dark blue - 16

gold-green - 17

light green - 18

dark green - 19

pink - 20

purple - 21+

yellow - varies by state/province/region/territory

fuchsia - must be married

dark grey - no law

light gray - no data available

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I've finally started watching The Big Bang Theory, and it's reminded me of how incredibly hot Kaley Cuoco is.

I only just started watching a few months ago myself, and I concur. Though for me, she varies quite a bit. Sometimes she's super hot, other times she's just "meh". Depends on the haircut and the clothes, I think. Still, wouldn't kick her outta bed. :)

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For me, Alesha Dixon has to be the sexiest black woman on the planet.





As a judge (and winner) on the Beebs Strictly she was frequently jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Sometimes I'd be sat there drooling, literally astounded by her beauty. Jesus.

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It's like people saying Obama is the first black president. He isn't...he just isn't!


And there were times where we were all truly black, and white people and gingers and blondes were exotic. I always wonder what it must have been.

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