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AI Track Listings


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Does anyone have track names for the 29-track 2CD version of AI? Any help would be much appreciated.

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It's the 2 disc Oscar promo version. It works out to have over 100 minutes of score.

Oh yes, and it's currently the pride of my collection! Hurrah!

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Wait, I have it. And it is great. Just the 29 track kinda confused me, because it's spilt into 2 cd's and I've never counted up the total amount of tracks.

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From Music by John Williams (my own site :))

As there is no tracking list on the cd or insert, these titles are from the original release or have been conceived

Disc 1

01. The Mecha World (07:03)

02. Cybertronics (03:31)

03. Hide and Seek (03:26)

04. Stored Memories / Monica's Theme (11:43)

05. Abandoned in the Woods / Rouge City (05:33)

06. Stored Memories (alternate) (05:02)

07. The Search for the Blue Fairy (06:14)

08. Perfume / Will You Die ? / Teddy (04:12)

09. Replicas (05:59)

10. The Moon Rising (05:53)

11. The Reunion (06:59)

Disc 2

01. Abandoned in the Woods (alternate) (03:07)

02. Where Dreams are Born (04:21)

03. Arrival of David (02:47)

04. A Few Simple Procedures (02:42)

05. Martin Returns (02:04)

06. Imprinting David (04:03)

07. Unused Cue #1 (01:31)

08. A Bird (02:18)

09. Reading Stories (01:37)

10. Does He Eat ? (01:02)

11. Neither Flesh Nor Blood (02:07)

12. A Haircut (03:47)

13. The Pool Sequence (01:45)

14. A Drive (03:28)

15. We Found Him (02:20)

16. Unused Cue #2 (00:47)

17. Unused Cue #3 (01:31)

18. David & the Supermecha (04:00)

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Thanks for posting the track titles again. I had the page with the AI track titles bookmarked from the last board, but those pages no longer work.


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Yes, thank you, David. I also bookmarked the pages, as Jason did, but ---- oh, well. Thankfully, I printed them.

Director - who doesn't have a clue where he put them.

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