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Another Autograph from John Williams


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JW must be in Boston already, and is using the time to catch up on his mail.

Here is the story: Last year, after I got home from Boston and from attending my first ever JW concert (and meeting him no less), I was a bit excited. I wrote a letter to JW at Symphony Hall, thanking him for such a great experience. A friend of mine who was at my house at the time dared me to send the two pics that I had taken with Williams along with the letter. I did. The joke was that I would be considered a stalker, and that a picture of me is posted in the backstage area of Symphony Hall, with a big red "X" over my face.

Today, as I was checking the mail, I noticed a 5x7 envelope from Symphony. Guess what was inside! My two pics, signed by John Williams! He signed the picture over my shirt, as it was the lightest part of the photo. I'll post them after I can scan them. They are the same two pictures that I have used for my avatar in the past.

I did not expect anything back, and it just proves my theory that JW is the most humble, down-to-earth, polite celebrity.

I'll be heading back to Boston on Tuesday of next week...perhaps he'll remember me (and then I'll be put on the black-list!)

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i'll should try sending an autograph request i suppose.

I've heard William Ross signs for Williams, since he is to busy to reply to every autograph request ;)

Chris - who hopes his own Williams' autograph is genuine. It does look so, at least :)

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There were about 15 of us who waited around after tonight's Pops concert.

He came out the stage door about 45 minutes after the concert ended, talked with fans, signed things, and took photos.

I had him sign the picture with him and me (my avatar), and he also signed over my shirt. He said "We look great in that picture" as he signed it!


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Hey! Still catching up on all these new threads. Yes, I did wait after the concert this week and spoke with JW. I'll have a report and some pics on Monday.

As for the other scans...I don't have a scanner, so I am going to have to do this the cheapo way and take digital pics, then upload them. Give me a day or so.

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