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Top 5 favorite JW tracks

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5)"Anakin's Betrayal" from Revenge of the Sith

One of the few JW tracks that I liked better after I saw the movie.

4)"Parade of the Slave Children" from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

3)"Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye" from E.T.:The Extra-Terrestrial

As Steven Spielberg said, it's an opera at the end.

2)"Man Against Beast"(aka "You're gonna need a bigger boat!" from Jaws

My favorite action cue. Exciting, suspenseful and adventurous.

1)Love Theme from Superman

My favorite love theme that JW wrote. Just an incredibly lovely and romantic.

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Well I must say I think it's an absolute scandal that anyone is yet to mention Back to the Future. I mean c'mon, its an friggin' classic!

John was absolutely on when he scored that movie.

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Can't we just make a top 5 tracks and top 5 scores etc list of everybody and post them on the sticky or anywhere else so we never have to have these threads again?

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1     Star Wars: Main Titles Theme      What this showcases is John Williams' best bit: where Leia's Theme at its absolute epic introduces the flutes playing the action triad theme along with it. This sound utterly defines the imagiation of Star Wars. 3:11:


2    E.T. - End Credits     There are no words for the first minute of the piano and horn to when Williams bursts out at 1:23 with the melody "B A# B A# G# E# !" mastering now and forever more all End Credits sounds (thanks to Herrmann ;))


3     Reunited from Homeward Bound     1:18 - 1:40 wow what a motif 😯 

Oh wait.. this is Bruce Broughton


4    Rebel Fleet / End Title      Yoda's Theme in place of the Main Theme? 0:42 This is about as Epic as I've heard in film...

         I much prefer this version though:


5    This list really isn't definitive yet, but I'll say for now, Escape from the Dursleys      This thoroughly fleshes out two of Williams most brilliant themes, at 2:22 and the other at 2:48


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5) Hymn for the Fallen -- This is just so haunting and beautiful.  A true Hymn to those who have the ultimate sacrifice.


4) Raider's March -- Fun, fast paced


3) Summon the Heroes --The track that got me into JW music


2) Jurassic Park theme - Pure majesty


1) Duel of the Fates -- I personally think this is one of JWs finest works 

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