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This might be interesting to see what kind of things people do listen to without having to go through endless lists. Fire up your MP3 or PC media player, whack it on shuffle and put the first five tracks that come up.

From my Ipod:

1. "Stealing The Stones" - John Williams, INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM EXP

2. "Main Title" - Michael Small, JAWS, THE REVENGE

3. "Home Coming" - Jerry Goldsmith, FIRST BLOOD

4. "The Crack Of Doom" - Howard Shore, THE RETURN OF THE KING: CR

5. "The Journey To The Grey Havens" - Howard Shore, THE RETURN OF THE KING: CR

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I wouldn't listen to it in this fashion, but here you go:

Mythodea - Movement VIII (Vangelis)

Memoirs of a Geisha - Sayuri's Theme (Williams)

Hamlet - Royal Fanfare (Shostakovich)

The Empire Strikes Back - Finale/End Credits (Williams)

Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Vaughan Williams)


The Movie (Aerosmith)

Make Me Rainbows (Williams/Trudy Desmond)

Lost in Space - A New World (Broughton)

Serenade for Orchestra - Scherzo. Presto (Stenhammar)

Symphony #4 - II. Andante quasi Allegretto (Bruckner)


Moby Dick - Beware the Blasphemer's End (Gordon)

The Little Mermaid (Musical) - She's in Love (Menken)

The Planets - Sun (Meacock)

Timeline - Be Careful (Goldsmith)

Symphony #2 - VIII. Nun danket alle Gott (Mendelssohn)

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"Clown Attack" from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure by Danny Elfman

"Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who

"Hang On to a Dream" by Peter Frampton

"The Great Shark Chase" from Jaws

"Childhood Remembered" from Batman by Elfman

Holy cow, those two Elfmans are only seven tracks apart, what gives! Out of 1209 in my playlist, those five. Some crappy randomization Winamp has.

And number six was another Frampton...

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The Beatles - No Reply from Beatles for Sale

Jerry Goldsmith - Ripley vs. Horn (alternate) from Gladiator (rejected)

John Williams - The Garden Meeting from Memoirs of a Geisha

David Arnold - The Bitch Is Dead from Casino Royale

Alan Silvestri - If They Ever Did from Back to the Future part II

I preferred this version of this game, btw.

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"Aunt May's Ring" from Spiderman 3 Additional Score - Deborah Lurie

"Track 8- untitled" from Suicide Kings (boot) - Graeme Revell

"Really Confused" from Contact (complete) - Silvestri

"The Store" from The Wrong Man (FSM) - Herrmann

"All of my Life (instrumental)" from Rocky II - Conti

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"All Roads Lead to Rouge" - A.I. (complete)

"The Seduction of Suki and the Ballroom Scene" - The Witches of Eastwick

"We Don't Wanna Grow Up" - Hook

"Many Meetings" - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

"Don't Be Afraid (Final Fantasy VIII)" - 20020220 Music From Final Fantasy

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I did mine on iTunes and even though it's set for 5 it gave me six:

"Arthusa" - John Barry - King Kong(1976)

"The Hunt" - Jerry Goldsmith - Jerry Goldsmith at 20th Century Fox (Disc 1 of 6)

"The Sketch Of The Apostles" - Alex North - The Agony And The Ecstasy

"Ninety Years XII" - Bernard Herrmann - Ninety Years Without Slumbering - The Twilight Zone

"A Supper Invitation" - Franz Waxman - The Virgin Queen

"Wrap-Up" - Henry Mancini - The Adventures Of The Great Mouse Detective

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"Aye Today" - The Delgados - The Great Eastern

"Night Fever/More Than A Woman" = The BeeGees - One Night Only

"The Call of Ktulu" - Metallica - S & M

"Cadillac of the Skies" - John Williams - Empire of the Sun

"Baby Its You" - The Beatles - Please Please Me

Odd, considering that the vast majority of my music are film scores.

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Divertimento for Orchestra - Mazurka (Leonard Bernstein)

Zidane & Dagger's Song (Nobuo Uematasu, Final Fantasy IX)

Escape (Peter Bernstein, Ewoks)

The Norwegian Ridgeback (John Williams, Sorcerer's Stone)

The Plains of Rohan (Howard Shore, The Two Towers CR)

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Epilogue (John Williams) - War of the Worlds

Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2 in E Flat (Chopin) - Rachmaninoff: The Complete Recordings

Place De Brouckere (Django Reinhardt) - Djangology

No. 16 in D Major, K.451 Allegro Assai (Mozart) - The Piano Concertos (Gardiner - Bilson)

In the Garden (Michael Giacchino) - ALIAS Season 1

Haha, that was fun.

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I used to do this on my iPod just to see how many RCP scores would pop up. I restored my iPod when I got my Macbook. Right now it would be unfair because I haven't imported all the Hans Zimmer I have yet. I'll get back to this once all my CD's are imported into iTunes and are on my iPod. Shouldn't be too long, all I have left to do is LOTR and HZ.

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Cool idea. Had to make a special playlist in Winamp containing all my scores and normal songs, but here are the first 5 random:

Raid on Leonnesse - First Knight

Main Titles - Chicken Run

Enigma Photo/Swastika - U-571

The Journey into the Forest - The Clearing

Main Theme - The Usual Suspects

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Here are mine...

"God Judges Us By Our Scars" - Lethal Weapon 3 - Michael Kamen

"The Path/The Cure" - Jason and the Argonauts - Bernard Herrmann

"Desert Capriccio" - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun

"A Grand Day Out" - Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - Julian Nott

"The Windmill" - Sleepy Hallow - Danny Elfman


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Red Dragon - 7M6 - End Credits Pt.1 (Danny Elfman)

Sky Bandits - First Flight (Alfi Kabiljo)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - A New Tree (Jerry Goldsmith)

Hostage - The Watchman (Alexandre Desplat)

Beyond Borders - Cambodia IV (James Horner)

Not particularly liking that selection, I thought I'd do it again:

The Final Cut - End Title (Brian 'I love my Mishima temp-track' Tyler)

The Abyss - Sub Battle (Alan 'No, this doesn't sound anything like Predator' Silvestri)

Total Recall - The Space Station (Jerry Goldsmith)

The Vanishing - The Stars (Jerry Goldsmith)

Frankenstein - Friendless (Patrick Doyle)

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The Duke - Cul-de-Sac (Genesis)

Op. 9 Carneval - Valse noble (Robert Schumann)

American Journey - Sound the Bells (John Williams)

Heartrbeeps - Crimebuster (John Williams)

Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker - Hero of the Wind (Koji Kondo and co.)

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Zora Hall - Majora's Mask - Orchestrations (Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi)

Heist - Over the Hedge (Ben Folds)

Battle - Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Symphony (Joe Hisaishi/T.J.C Orchestra)

A Dream Discarded - Memoirs of a Geisha (John Williams)

Madolyn -Departed (Howard Shore)

I love all of those soundtracks except The Departed. It has never been a favorite of mine.

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