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Star Wars Woot of the Day!


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I wouldn't normally give props to the Woot of the Day unless it was somehow JW related or really really cool, and today it is both. Today at http://www.woot.com the offering is the "Star Wars Vault: 30 Years of Treasures From the Lucasfilm Archives" for $25 + $5 shipping. It includes the Star Wars Vault book itself, and also the two audio CDs containing bits of the radio dramas, interviews, and excerpts from the Holiday special.

The way it works is that they have a limited, unknown supply of product and that's the only item they offer all day; when it's gone, it's gone. It's not like you can't find this elsewhere or on eBay or Amazon or something, but I paid $30 or $35 a year ago for the book without the slipcase or the CDs, so at least I thought with this the price is sorta nice.



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Why would anyone want to see the Holiday Special? :)

Just to serve as a reminder how easy it is to screw up/ruin something good.

Also to serve as a reminder that just because something is popular doesn't mean every idea you apply to it works.

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That's too bad they had to mix two PT characters in with all that other OT goodness

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Egads, you're right! I can't count. It's a six for Tuesday.

Either way you slice it, it's plastic junk I don't need.

Well, Jango Fett just exudes coolness. You can never have too many Mandalorian battle armors in varying color sets. In a different time and place, Maul would've been cool, too.

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