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Star Trek Generations

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About 23 minutes of scoring missing, not including any score used in deleted scenes. I think that 23 minutes, which I made from watching the film, included a couple variants.

What he said. I think they could have easily fit the entire score onto one CD. I hate the fact that half of the CD is filled up with sfx from the show. I hope that Dennis McCarthy releases a complete version through his label one day.

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Why would I want it? That's a stupid question to ask. I love all the music from the Star Trek films (including Star Trek IV). I'd love to have complete versions scores for all 10 Star Trek films. Grant we've got complete versions for The Motion Picture, First Contact, Insurrection (for the most part), and Nemesis (for the most part). The others deserve to be released/leaked too.

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It's a score that gets a bad rap, I think mostly because McCarthy is seen as a television composer, whose work doesn't translate to the big screen. On the contrary, I think he rose the occasion and produce a score that sparkles. It's not a groundbreaking score, but it is a nice listening experience.

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Saving a planet full of a pre-industrial race that we'll never see or hear from again, in that they have absolutely no major political or strategic bearing on the Star Trek universe otherwise, is not the ideal plot line for a Star Trek epic film. A TV plot is fine, because it falls to "alien of the week" mentality. But both Generations and Insurrection used this formula, for Veridian III and the Bak'u. Yes, it's nice to see that Starfleet will sacrifice expensive hardware (Kirk & the NCC-1701-D) for the greater good, and uphold the Prime Directive and all, but it's lousy to waste big screen effort to do so.

I'm sorry, maybe it's more contrived to have the movies always be about Earth? Maybe they didn't have the budget to have an attack on Vulcan or Q'o'nos (sp?), but surely they could have come up with a better plot than some backwoods planet out in the middle of nowhere that wouldn't even know what hit them.

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Notable missing cues:

Kirk Takes Charge

The cue underscoring our first sight on the TNG crew.

The action music underscoring the phaserfight in the observatory

Sorin's missile launches (the cue that's directly followed by The Nexus)

The Nexus part 2.

And a few other things, I guess, and I want all of it!

-The opening of Prisoner Exchange is different in the film than on the CD.

-The cue for Picard getting through the force field on the planet and the evacuation of the Enterprise's drive section and eventual destruction is missing a decent amount of music too.

- The Enterprise Ds arrival at Amargosa and the landing team's search.

- The cue for when Guinan explains the Nexus to Picard.

-And the cue at the start of the Enterprise B initially investigating the Nexus (I guess that'd be Kirk Takes Charge).

I'd love a complete release of this very fine score.

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Here is an old 2002 post (originally on FSM [which I am now banned from]) I made covering this:

Give or take a few seconds on times. Unreleased track titles are made up by me.

1. Main Title 2:52 (Sound level needs to be brought up. On the GNP cd, even when i turn the volume up, it is still too low)

2. Over the Hills and Through the Atmosphere/Not Going (Un-used cue) ?:??

3. Welcome Aboard (Un-used cue) ?:??

4. Damora Sulu 1:14

5. Distress Call/Kirk Steps In/Lakul Rescue 4:14

6. The Enterprise B/Kirk Saves the Day 3:13

7. Deck 15 1:39

8. 78 Years Later 0:36

9. Message From Earth/Armagosa Survivors 4:25

10. Emotion Chip 0:51

11. Time is Running Out 1:06 (Film Version)

12. Time is Running Out 1:12

13. Geardi Stumbles apon the Inhibator/Emotional Overload/Please Don't Kill Me 2:26

14. Shock Wave Approaches/Soran Takes Geordi 2:40

15. Moments in Love- Guinan Recounts 2:40

16. This Won't Hurt Much (Un-used cue) ?:??

17. Picard Discovers Soran's Plan 1:38

18. Prisoner Exchange 3:31

19. Geordi the Unknowing Spy (Un-used cue) 0:??

20. Outgunned (Film Version) 3:22

21. Outgunned 3:20

22. Coolant Leak/Evacuation/Soran's Prepares 2:23

23. Picard Trys To Get In 0:38

24. Out Of Control/The Crash 2:05

25. Comming To Rest 0:57

26. Rocket Launch 0:32

27. The Nexus/A Chrismas Hug 7:07

28. Jumping The Ravine 1:37

29. Two Captains 1:32

30. Events Recap 0:33

31. The Final Fight (Film Version) 6:28

32. The Final Fight 6:15

33. Kirks Death 2:45

34. To Live Forever 2:40

35. End Credits (Overture) 4:13

36. End Credits (Alternate, un-used version) ?:??

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Yeah, always bugged me that half of the CD is sound effects. The score isn't great, but its far from terrible. It might simply be an extension of McCarthy's work from TNG, but it not bad and well worth a full release (or at least a leak :huh: ).

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Well, his label appears to be nothing more than CD-Rs, which are very likely not liscanced out from the rights holders.

"Sliders" is Universal, "V" is Warner Bros., and the "Star Trek: Borg" is probably independant of Paramount -- whom are very tight assed about such things. I would think if he put out a CD-R of the complete score to "Generations", he might have his butt handed to him by Paramount lawyers.

I won't complain too much about the CD-Rs, after all, it's not like any label was clamoring to get "Sliders" out.

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Thank you very much for all the responses, especially those with the tracks and time listings. I knew someone around here would know! It seems as if this score (and movie) get overlooked a lot, but there are actually quite a few very nice parts to both and I would love to at least listen to an expanded release.

Thanks again.

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There's rumor that Ford Thaxton has a complete version of the score. I think there will be better chance of McCarthy releasing it via his own album then it leaking.

I do believe Ford had mentioned at FSM he made copy for Dennis McCarthy and did a bit of remastering with the original album. (I think the album is mixed too low) But it was a special favor to the composer and just featured the original album cues.

I'm not aware of any bootleg that is out there.

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I love the dramatic brass chorale that preceeds The Nexus, underscoring the scene were Sorin launces the rocket.

Yes! That's one of the first times I can recall really noticing and appreciating music in a film other than the opening or closing credits. The start of a long, strange road.

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Anyways...back to the original topic at hand. I remember FAT posting on FSM one time saying that Dennis McCarthy has expressed that he would like to have Generations get an expanded release. So hopefully one day....maybe it'll get released through McCarthy's label. I wouldn't care if it's CD-R just as long as it got released.

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The E started the trend of stretching and elongating the Federation Starships. They looked sleek but indistictive.

The last 2 proper Federation starship designs were The Defiant and Voyager.

I never understood the trend toward the triangular saucers.

And I'll post it since Steef hasn't yet:


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Enterprise E/Voyager:

Pros: If you're going to do a saucer/secondary hull design - those make the most sense. The connecting dorsal on the Constitution class design was a disaster waiting to happen. Had Khan just shot the Enterprise higher up than the torpedo bay, he could have collapsed the saucer section onto the engineering hull. The Excelsior and Galaxy Classes dealt with that problem better. Enterprise E and Voyager are the most realistic.

Cons: They're ugly.

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I still consider this movie apocryphal.

Kirk's death certainly could've been handled better. But it's my second favourite of the TNG films.

I was listening to this last night after picking it up cheap. It's great, but I wish it had the lovely version of the Generations theme that introduces the TNG cast (78 years later) on the boat.

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