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New Japan Philharmonic


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I've heard a few samples and they sound pretty good, does anyone around here own them and can give some more perspective on the recordings before I take the plunge?

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Well, all recordings I've heard from this orchestra are those featuring japanese music not available otherwise, and they all are top-notch. It's also the orchestra of Joe Hisaishi in its Pops branch (like JW was in the BPO).

As with all major orchestras from Japan, you can't go wrong with it.

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The question is, is the conductor able to handle Bruckner? Many great conductors have mis-interpreted his works with great orchestras, and some more unknown ones have come up with great recordings even with non-top-of-the-line orchestras. But if this is good, I'm interested. :lol:

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Takashi Asahina.

A great great conductor , who passed away fews years ago...




A great great conductor, who , infortunately , passed away fews years ago,( not from a shark attack , Mr Quint ... :lol: ) His legacy in Japan for young conductors still remain.

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