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The JWFAN Haiku Thread


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JWFans trio

Koray, Josh, and Indy 4

make this place a bore.

I address you Joe

You servant of nostalgia

Bully of the Board

I look for the key

To open up your closed mind

Too narrow, it is

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You don't believe me?

Sesame Street would not lie

Double U is right

However you speak

Netherlands man, I tell you

English is messed up

Double V silly

Maybe looks good on paper

Not said that way though

Yes, indy4, I

Cannot count six or seven;

My hand defective

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you are right I'm not

but in the real world not here

who gives a real care

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And so flows the time.

As the water it passes

ever running on.

I suddenly have an urge to listen to Memoirs of a Geisha...

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