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I like all the old LucasArts adventure games, but their games in other genres were hit and miss. Probably more hit than miss, though I didn't play all of them. 


I did play all their adventure games and loved them all, but the two Monkey Island games were always my favorite. Zak McKracken is right up there too. 


Sometime soon I want to play through the whole run of them

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Their other adventure games, while still good for the most part, did not reach the heights of those 6, which, tainted by nostalgia or not, I consider to be pretty much perfect. And great scores too.


I never thought equally highly rated games like Broken Sword ever were at the same level

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I only played the first two Monkey Island games, and whilst I loved them both, I also remember feeling like the sequel was a step down from the original game. Indeed, the first one blew me away at the time, it was a whole new gaming experience for me, and I instantly regarded it as being the best thing I'd ever played. But part 2 didn't live up to the expectations I had of it; I vaguely recall (this was the early 90s!) being unsatisfied with the story, I didn't really like the direction in which they took the characters (I seem to remember going right off Governor Marley). 


I never played the subsequent games, one because I don't think my computer could handle the third game (or was incompatible) and two, because I hated the change in art style. 


I'm amazed I can remember any of this at all tbh. 

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So, thanks to Laserschwert's wonderful efforts, I decided to print the poster art for the first two Monkey Island games and have them framed in old, piratey-looking frames I found in thrift-shops. Took a while to convince the missus :) This is the result:




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Here's a bigger picture




Looking at it closer, the Guybrush statue doesn't really look like Guybrush, and the Murray candle holder doesn't really look like Murray. The artwork on the enamel pins is sadly the newer style of art the later games used as opposed to the glorious pixel art of the originals.


But the miniposters are cool, as is the fact you get the games on DVD-Roms AND a USB (AND the USB says "LUCASFILM LTD instead of LucaArts or sometihng elses)


The Ask Me About Loom button, E-Ticket, and sloppy 22 are pretty clever, and I like that Ron Gilbert is actually involved.  The Diorama is, I dunno, hard to tell from this image, and I wonder what's in the book?

Overall, kinda neat that my beloved franchise of my childhood is getting some love thrown at it, but again... THAT PRICE!!!

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4 hours ago, Jay said:

Is that true @Laserschwert?

Yes. Originally I only provided artwork for the release (via my LucasArts Posters project), but when the original announcement came out and people weren't too happy with it, I offered LRG my help for a re-design. I've designed most of the main box, and added more artwork throughout the project.


By the way, the book is a collection of behind-the-scenes articles, making-ofs and brand new interviews with all major players, plus tons of artwork. It isn't finished yet though. (The editor, Gamespite's Jeremy Parish, is speaking of 150k words, so it's going to be a big one).

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On 11/24/2020 at 11:51 AM, Oomoog the Ecstatic said:

One of the best games ever:




Crushes my soul to see such a brilliant game come to an end again with no industry for this pure art. At Dead of Night is a new game by the makers of Contradiction, released just a week ago today, and it only has 14 reviews! I can't believe that... such unfairness. This company should be booming by now, though I haven't played the new game yet, I'm trying to get over the shock of the last one. I hope it's even somewhat as good. If by it chance turns out to be a dud, I can only blame the industry and public for having their heads up their asses while not supporting this company. I'm so happy to see they released their next game, will update once played.




At Dead Of Night is part horror film, part horror game and part ghost hunt. It blends live-action and graphics to create a unique immersive horror experience like no other.

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