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Soundtracks, Compilations, or other recently purchased Music

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Don't ban anyone on my account. They got me fair and square. No harm done ... Peace, D

My package from La La Land arrived today, and one from Amazon!

My SAE order arrived just in time for Christmas, yes!!!  

2 hours ago, Bilbo said:

You didn’t notice that the tablecloth has changed 

Yes, I did, actually! Where is it?!


2 hours ago, Bilbo said:

Parents got a new one yesterday. 

Fuck your parents! 


24 minutes ago, Bilbo said:

I actually don’t know what happened to the old one 

Fuck the new one! We want the tablecloth. NOW!!!!!

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11 hours ago, Marian Schedenig said:



Nice. I decided not to pursue the Quartet release of GREAT TRAIN because of Intrada's release is quite satisfactory. I'm sure the new release is a marginal improvement but not essential for a 3rd time dip. Interestingly the initial Varese disc is an SACD.

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2 hours ago, Datameister said:

On somewhat of a whim, I just ordered La-La Land's expanded Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and their big Planet of the Apes multi-film box set.

SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW is a nifty score, from an underrated film.


2 hours ago, Jay said:

POTA is amazing

Fuck, yeah, Jay! :thumbup:

It was amazing, in 1968, it was amazing when I first saw the film, in 1972, and it's amazing, now. It's among the finest collected pieces of music ever matched to celluloid.

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6 minutes ago, Jay said:

I love it, I've listened to the new remaster a bunch of times

I actually envy people, who are yet to discover POTA. Not much can prepare you for the sheer awesomeness of the score; its breathtaking virtuosic playing; its playfulness, and its humanity. 




4 minutes ago, Holko said:


Richard the time-traveller!


Sorry! That's been corrected. 

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