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John Williams is Coming to Texas!

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Per the main page: Tuesday, April 20th, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

As much as I try to avoid that part of the state in the spring (weather!), I think I could make that work. I know being a Tuesday it'll be tougher for Mark if not others, but I think it's worth a shot.

EDIT- What the #*%^*$(*&?! It's already sold out!? Dammit. Maybe something will open up...

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EDIT- What the #*%^*$(*&?! It's already sold out!? Dammit. Maybe something will open up...

I would check craigslist and ebay. Maybe just even show up and see if anyone has any extra tickets. This is something you probably won't want to miss.


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I haven't posted anything on this yet because when I discovered he was coming I also saw that it was sold out. I was hoping it was a case of the tickets not on sale yet to the general public.

I'm somewhat pissed at myself because I monitor the various major orchestras around Texas, checking their calenders, and this one completely slipped by me.

Anyhoo, I'm keeping an eye out on other locations that might sell tickets, like ticketmaster, and I've also searched the web but no luck at this time.

Wow, John Williams tickets sell out before his most dedicated fans get a chance to buy the tickets.

Actually the fact that it's already sold out, compared to the other concerts on the calender, tells me that his fans have snatched up tickets.

There will always be fans left out.

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Have you guys out there in Texas ever seen him live before?

I've been fortunate enough to See Randy Newman and John Corigliano with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (on separate concerts of course), but I've never been fortunate enough to see Williams live. Took me about .5 seconds to decide this was worth the five hour drive from San Antonio.

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Have you guys out there in Texas ever seen him live before?

I've been fortunate enough to See Randy Newman and John Corigliano with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (on separate concerts of course), but I've never been fortunate enough to see Williams live. Took me about .5 seconds to decide this was worth the five hour drive from San Antonio.

Oh, easily. It's something you'll never forget. ;)

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I don't know about going to the rehearsal.

Mark, if I were in you, I wouldn't miss this chance for anything in the world. Rehearsals are very much like a concert, as the pieces are played all the way through in one take. Of course if JW sees there are spots that need to be fine-tuned, he'll stop the orchestra and then perform again the parts that need improvement. However, world-class symphony orchestras really know how to sight-read, so you will be able to enjoy the rehearsal as if it's the real concert. Also, it's a rare treat to be able to see JW rehearsing his own music.

And in the end there's a strong possibility you will be able to catch him for an autograph or a picture when he's finished with the rehearsal (much more than trying to corner him after the real gig).

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I got my tickets!!!!! They arrived yesterday.

I'm just going to have mine held at the box office.

Anyone that's going just let me or Mark know where you'll be sitting and we'll look for you. I'm hoping that it's not going to be too full for the rehersal and we can take our assigned seats as..."suggestions". :lol:

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I'm back from a wonderful, wonderful day. First off apologies to the JWFanners that went that Mark and I didn't meet up with, unfortunately we couldn't come up with a plan of attack on such short notice.

I'm still buzzing from what happened and don't want to put anything detailed down until I get my thoughts in order but the main bullet points: I met John Williams, I got him to sign my first ever Williams CD, the ANH SE (book version), I shook his hand and thanked him for coming down to Texas and told him we'd love it if he came more often.

He seemed genuinely touched by the warm reception he got and the large audience just for the rehearsal (over 50% full), and it was great to hear him interact with the orchestra. In a lot of ways we were much better off going to this than the actual concert. And the Ft. Worth Symphony is AWESOME, possibly the best I've ever heard in person. He was moving a little slow as you would expect for a man his age, but looked the picture of health and is still very spry with the baton.

More to come...

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Yes steb, dream come true indeed. And yes, I should mention that Mark, and Mrs. Olivarez, were with me the whole way, he got an autograph and handshake in too, but I'll let him tell his side of the story.

Excellent man, I'm really happy for all of you!

I was talking with Mark on here a few months ago about the possibilty of a Poseidon Adventure re-release ....so I'm sure he'll be delighted too <_<

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No videos.

The pieces played were (correct me if I miss something, Mark or someone else that went):

The Cowboys


Harry Potter: Hedwig's Theme, Nimbus 2000, Harry's Wondrous World


A Monsters, (something involving women), Heroes suite

Indy's First Adventure, live to film (a dream of mine to hear live!)

Star Wars: Imperial March and Leia's Theme. The main title is probably also on the program but they didn't run through it.

Schindler's List

Memoirs of a Geisha

The Olympic Spirit

The Raiders March

Some pieces were only partially played, and they ran through Indy's First Adventure twice- once to the film, and a second time without it with Williams stopping many times to refine it. More time was spent on it than any other piece.

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Well it wasn't a concert just a walk thru with the orchestra. I have no idea if tonight's concert will be filmed.

Unfortunately no photos were allowed during the rehearsal. Yes I did get pictures of Williams after, but not together because he was sitting on stage and signing. My wife did get a picture of him signing my Anthology booklet. I did get to thank him and shake his hand.

When people speak of Williams, they are not mistaken when the refer to him as a generous and humble man.

The rehearsal began with Williams walking out in a black turtle neck and gray slacks (surprise ;) ). He seemed, to me and John, to be surprised at the turnout for the rehearsal and genuinely moved to see everyone there. The first cue was a performance of The Cowboys suite, as heard on the By Request CD. The orchestra performance was almost perfect and Williams was very impressed. Next up was the CE3K suite, and again the orchestra nailed it to Williams' delight.

I can't remember if E.T. or Harry Potter came next, but Potter consisted of "Hedwig's Theme", "Nimbus 2000" and then "Harry's Wondrous World".

Up next was an abbreviated run through of "E.T.'s Adventure On Earth". Williams only hit certain sections of the cue, however we did get a full performance of the grand finale. I believe this was the point Williams stopped for a 15 minute break.

After the break we began with a section I believe I heard Williams call the "Monsters, Heroes and ...." which I could make out. It began with Max Steiner's King Kong, followed by Jaws, Casablanca, An Affair To Remember, Robin Hood (Korngold) and an abbreviated version of Superman. It was played to images on the screen.

Next up was "Indy's First Adventure" from Last Crusade, beginning at the point were young Indy runs out of the cave and ends with him running from the Caboose on the train. It was played in tempo with the clip being played on screen. Williams had a smaller monitor at the podium and I could see the clip being played with the time signature bars. After the performance, Williams had them play the whole cue again but not to picture. He walked them through the cue playing basically a section at a time to work ou the kinks.

Schindler's List was next, superb and Williams was pleased by the performance.

Then he did a quick, short run thru of "The Imperial March" and "Princess Leia's" theme, only touching on certain passages. Next up was a solid performance of Memoirs Of A Geisha.

Then came a good performance of Olympic Spirit, set to footage / images from past Summer Olympics. Williams went back thru and touched on some areas that he felt needed improvement.

Then the finale was just a few passages of the "Raiders March" and we were done. Throw in the standing ovation for Williams as well. ;)

Williams appeared to be staying on stage so John and I made a mad dash toward the stage as well as a 100 other fans. ;) Realizing this is/was probably the only chance I'm going to have at seeing Williams, I made up my mind that John and I were going to "politely" work our way to the stage.

This is where it gets somewhat amusing. Williams took a seat on stage and began signing. However he leaned over to one of his aides with a somewhat combo of perturbed/horrified look that he had all these autographs to sign. The as we got closer, someone walked on stage and Williams excused himself to greet this person. It was none other than Van Cliburn. The Mrs. managed to get photos of them together. Williams then resumed signing but mentioned to his aide that he was going to wrap it up soon, I was sooo close. However he leaned over to another person and expressed how moved he was by all the people lining up to get his autograph. Then he whispered that he might sign a little bit longer. I told John lets make our move and we got to front of the stage. I gave Williams my Anthology book to sign and at first the silver sharpie wouldn't write dark enough but Williams said let's try this again re-signed over his original, I shook his hand and thanked him.

Unfortunately my wife couldn't get a snapshot of him shaking my hand but did get one of him signing my book.

During the rehearsal Williams picked up a mike speak to us (audience) to let us know what he was telling the orchestra and so we could hear him make his adjustments.

Even though I'm musically illiterate I couldn't help but notice how easily he went thru each sheet making the adjustments.

The Ft. Worth Symphony is one of the better ones I've heard and Williams also seemed very impressed. It was an experience I'll never forget.

Williams, aside from not moving as quickly as he once did, still looked spry conducting.

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Congratulations! What a thrill that must have been. I saw JW come to Rochester's Eastman School of Music back in the late 90s to get his honorary doctorate. I kick myself for not finding a way to meet him, because it was a very intimate event... maybe 200 people tops.

Way to go on meeting the Maestro!

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