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The OFFICIAL Home Alone 2 Deluxe Edition Review Thread

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Just got the score today.

One word - AMAZING.

I loved it. Without a doubt, this is the best expansion a Williams score has had yet. All the music in chronological order, unused cues, souce cues, alternates, concert pieces - you name it, this set had it.

There were two cues that I looked the most forward to hearing when I got the CD. The first was the unreleased portion of "Arrival In New York." The music is brilliant here, and explodes into the speakers broad and loud. The other was "End Title," which features a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere In My Memory" and ends the film on a perfect note. The alternate and source cues were great, as well as interesting, to hear.

The sound quality of the new set is crisp and clear, easily surpassing that of the original. Having the music in chronological order makes for a whole new listening experience, as you can also hear flourishes from opening/closing notes that were lost in the mixing process on the OST.

The liner notes by Michael Mattessino are very informative and tell a great deal about the score. However, because this IS a comedy and "family" film, Mattessino must've felt the need to write the notes in more of a "lighthearted" manner instead of a "professional" manner. The notes are good, but comments like "uh I mean" and "Boy is it ever!" stood out a little bit. Obviously, the notes were geared toward a younger audience as well. The notes also include quotes and stills from the film.

All in all, do not let this set simply pass you by. It's one of Williams' greats, and a great Christmas album. Nuff said. :)

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It is a great CD. The music is very good, and the production of it is first rate. This is clearly up there with RCA's "Star Wars Trilogy" CD's and Rhino's Superman - The Movie. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though, it's from the same team. :)


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Sadly I can't afford it :cry:  

I'll try to get the original one-cd release.

My friend sells this orig. CD (it looks like new) for 15 USD or EUR. If you are interested, let me know.


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i ordered it a few days and just got my shipping confirmation. i am very enthusiastic about getting this cd, especially since i love the score to Home Alone 2. i haven't seen the film in ages, so the unreleased music to me will be pretty much new music to my ears. i listened to some soundclips and i must say, i think williams' creative energy for this particular score was surging when he wrote it. i love that alternate jazzy cue. that blew me away. i'm sure the cd will offer a great many unreleased cues, which based on the comments by Kevin, are gonna be great.

another thing i love about it is the track order. to me, this is absolutely ideal. like others have pointed out, it's very much in the tradition of Superman and the Star Wars scores. i think it's essential to have the music go in the order it came in the film. and by the looks of things, this cd seems to be total perfection. it helps that i love the score so much as it is.

Ted, who also ordered Williams' The River and can't wait to get both (or should i say all three) cd's and can't wait to get them!

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The alternate version of Holiday Flight includes sections based on Lionel Hampton's "Air Mail Special" - (the clarinet solo at the beginning, to be exact).

Hampton was a proffessional vibraphonist from the 30's to 70's, who played swing, jazz, and blues. He unfortunately died recently at age 94.

A vibraphone (or vibes for short) is played like a xylophone but has metal keys, a sustain pedal, and vibrators under the keys.

The Boston Pops played in during the '99 season, featuring one of their percussionists on vibes.

Just thought I'd point this stuff out.

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