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Hi Guys!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to score Survival with Ray Mears. A 3x1hour series, starting tomorrow on ITV1 at 7PM (UK). Do watch and let me know what y'all think!

“For over 20 years I’ve been exploring the wild outdoors and what fascinates me more than anything, are the secret lives of wild animals. When I learned how to follow the clues that animals leave behind, it opened up a whole new world of understanding. And in this series I’m putting my skills to the test by tracking the world’s top predators.”

Ray Mears

The iconic 'Survival' series returns to ITV1’s peak time schedule this April, with three programmes featuring the animal tracking and wilderness expert Ray Mears.

Ray uses his unique skills and extensive wildlife knowledge to follow the leopard in Namibia, the bear in British Columbia and the wolf in Central Idaho.

By reading the clues animals leave behind, he offers viewers the opportunity to gain a rich insight into their habits and lifestyles as he follows them at remarkably close quarters in their natural habitats.

More: Jack Chapple scores 'Survival with Ray Mears'

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Cool, are you using musical instruments that Ray Mears fasioned himself, from the bark of a Bonga Bonga tree?

Hahaha. Actually, not too far off! The first episode is set in Namibia so the tailor made 'Bamblong' seemed to work quite well in that context and I ended up using it quite a bit:

The Bamblong is a small tuned percussion instrument, similar in principle to a marimba. It has 4 bamboo resonance chambers, roughly ranging between 1½ – 2¼ inches wide and 8 – 14 inches long, with sound holes in the top of each. The playing surfaces are thin bamboo planks, suspended on pegs over each bamboo log.
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Nice work, Jack! I caught the last half hour and liked what you did when they were tracking the leopard towards the end of the programme. Bits and pieces here and there put me in mind of Williams's The Lost World score. You must have been well chuffed to see your name in the credits; just a pity ITV decided to drown it out with a preview of Foyle's War, as is their custom.

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