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Speed 2: Cruise Control by Mark Mancina


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Anybody got there's yet?

Mine arrived today. I haven't had a chance to listen to it all the way through yet, but every part I've heard has been AWESOME.

I did a quick comparison to the composer promo, and this is what I've come up with so far

01 Main Title (1:51) = 01 Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare / Motorcycle Chase (0:00-1:47)

02 Annie & Alex (2:16) = 02 Alex and Annie (0:00-2:12)

03 Seabourn Legend (2:54) = Alternate Mix of 14 Cruising (2:58)

04 Gieger (3:46) = 03 Engine Room (0:00-3:20)

05 Eindhoven Lion (0:35)

06 Close The Hatch (1:31) = 06 Goodbye Alex (2:38-4:06)

07 Lifeboat (1:54) = 07 Reunion (0:00-1:50)

08 Bow Thrusters (2:21) = 08 Tanker Turn (0:00-2:18)

09 Grenade (0:54)

10 Evacuation (6:59) = 05 Last Lifeboat (7:01)

11 Why Don't We Stop (0:48) = 11 The Harbor (0:00-0:45) (except the LLL has more strings)

12 Crashing Into The Island (6:42) = 12 Final Chase (0:42-7:23)

13 Golfclubs (1:43) = 13 Underwater Rescue (1:46)

14 Caribbean (0:53) = NOT ON LA LA LAND

15 Tuneman (3:53)

16 That's Odd (1:18) = 04 Overboard (0:00-1:14)

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I got my copy today. Too bad some of the music from the promo isn't included (like the "Seaborn Legend" cue), but besides that it's a fantastic album.

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I got mine yesterday... so far I only had time to listen to the first 6 or 7 cues, but it really is a great album (what is that "Seaborn Legend" track? Unused music?). So many good CDs, all arriving together... so typical ;)

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(what is that "Seaborn Legend" track? Unused music?).

In my opinion the best version of the Carribean theme.


There's also this version which is also not included:


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I watched the movie Sunday and took notes. I had hoped to rip the ac3 track to my computer and split into wavs so I could do a deeper analysis, but for some reason I can't get it to work - it comes out as six 27 minute long WAVs where everything is playing at super speed. That ever happened to anyone else? I must have a wonky setting in besweet somewhere or something.

ANWAY - So far there have been 4 variations of the Caribbean Cruise music released that I am aware of - all different from each other!

1. "Seabourn Legend" (2:54) on the composer promo

2. "Caribbean" (0:53) on the composer promo

3. "Caribbean Cruise" (2:30) on the La La Land

4. "Cruising" (2:58) on the La La Land

Now, 1 and 4 are basically the same.... they are the same length and play the same basic music, they just just have different instruments highlighted between the two. 3 is a shorter variation that mimics the instrumentation of 4, and likewise 2 is a shorter variation that is similar to 1.

No to compound things further, none of those 4 are identical to any times it plays in the movie!

This music plays 4 time in the final cut:

1. Directly after the cue "Alex and Annie", covers Alex and Annie boarding the Seabourn Legend and their conversation with Dante. Length: 0:52

2. In between 2 of the cues that make up "Engine Room", covers Alex skeet shooting on the morning of day 2. Length: 0:36

3. Towards the end of the film, after "The Escape" but before "The Harbor". Starts after the "oh shit!" scene, showing all the people in the harbor having fun, unaware the Seabourn Legend is about to plow through them. Length: 0:24

4. Very end of the film, after a reprise of "Alex and Annie". Basically is the start of the End Credits. Length: 0:34.

Like I said, none of them are identical to any of the released versions... mostly due to length. To my ears from watching the movie once, they all sounded like edits of "Seabourn Legend". I don't remember ever hearing any of the saxophone stuff like in the La La land versions in the movie. I hope to get my ac3 problem solved so I can investigate further!

Since our very own Neil S. Bulk worked on this score, perhaps he can provide answers for us?

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