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Want some free soundtracks?

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Which strategies do you typically use, Chuck? I've found a lot of them to require a lot of time with not enough yield.

Also, have any of you had luck getting swag bucks more than once a day with the search engine? I've found that once is it per 24 hour period.

The surveys usually aren't worth it given the points per time spent ratio.

The search engine seems to be truly randomized for winning. Some days I'll win as many as ten times. Other days I won't get anything at all.

There are five "free" points you can get every day. One is just for having the toolbar installed on your browser. One is just for visiting the survey page every day, even without doing any of them. One is for answering the daily poll question. And the final two are for looking through the no obligation offers (just keep clicking "skip"). It just takes me a few seconds each morning when I open my computer to go through these.

Also, watch for the codes they put out. I follow http://sbcodez.com/ which lets me know each time a new code is out.

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Has anybody heard about the website mentioned in this post? According to Swag Codez, "We have found a great site that pays better than Swagbucks, has the same offer walls plus gpt offers, pays faster, a lot higher and better yet, there is no limit to what you can earn from referrals, and cheaper paypal than SB."


Has anybody tried this out?

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