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What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)

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Angèle Dubeau - Game Music

This album right here. Very cool violin-led interpretations of some video game scores. My favorite tracks where the ones with music from Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana, But I enjoyed the whole album! Tetris music was really fun :)

If you liked this album, you should check Symphonic Fantasies (the WDR Radio Orchestra recording, not the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra one). The Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross medley found on the Game Music album is just a shortened (and lesser!) version of the medley found on the Symphonic Fantasies album. Same for Secret Of Mana and Final Fantasy.

I actually happen to prefer the Tokyo Philharmonic edition. Plus it has one awesome battle suite that isn't on the other one, and IMO slightly better orchestration. Too bad the distributor of these superb albums went out of business (Maz Sound, end of 2014). I was able to get physical copies before that happened.

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The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse. 2011 was an excellent year for John Williams fans. Both albums are hugely enjoyable.   Karol

Elmer Bernstein - The Unused Scores   This set spans three Bernstein rejections, starting in 1985 - probably his first - to 1995, when he already became notorious for being thrown off as muc

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (CR) by Howard Shore   Damn, is this shit good. I've waxed enough poetic about these scores, but this time, I'm especially struck by how FOTR works as a mood

Cool, I'll definitely check it out :)

Chris Tilton - SimCity

Man one of the best scores in recent years - when you're in the mood for it. I don't find myself wanting to listen to this often, but when I'm in the mood, it's freaking SPOT ON. Love the laid back, relaxing atmosphere, that also has a good drive to it. It's very motivational at work in the afternoon when you have a problem you need to solve.

Hans Zimmer & Mark Mancina - Days of Thunder (La-La Land)

Meh. I was really expecting to like this one, since I'm a fan of The Rock, Crimson Tide, Drop Zone, Bad Boys, Speed, etc. However, despite a few spots where I got a bit of a Bad Boys feel, for the most part I was let down by this. It was much too synthy, not enough real orchestra. The action music wasn't very memorable. Oh well. BTW, does anybody know if there is some stuff in the boot / rec. session leak that isn't on the LLL? I attempted to compare them to each other but got a bit lost.

Alan Silvestri - Predator 2 (Varese Deluxe)

What more can be said? Still fantastic!

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Oh, am I all too familiar with the music of Chrono Trigger. Still love listening to Corridors of Time and Peaceful Days.

And A Premonition. Those haunting ticks of the clock is one of the best cold openings for an RPG I've heard in my entire life of playing RPGs.

Also love listening to haunting strings and choral voices in Garden of God from Chrono Cross.




Fun fact: Before I wound up here on JWFan, I was a member and contributor on The Chrono Compendium. I didn't even get to 2,000 posts. I quit their forums after a while due to the mods' and admins' abrasive personalities and obnoxious and manifesto-length views of politics, religion, and life in general.

I can only hope the same thing doesn't happen here.

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We don't allow politics or religion posts, so it's been fine

I'm playing Chrono Trigger for the first time now, and loving a lot of the music I hear. Gotta see if I can find an OST release or something

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I went out back for a smoke tonight and saw the Amazing Stories End Credits:


On that note, I listened to A.I. Artificial Intelligence academy promo, The Towering Inferno original album, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith expanded score, Dracula original album and John Mauceri/City of Prague recordings of Night Journeys and the Main Title/Storm Sequence, Amazing Stories: The Mission, Raiders of the Lost Ark original album, SpaceCamp and the Close Encounters of the Third Kind original album.

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I skipped tracks.

I saw A.I. on opening day and there were numerous cues I instantly desired and were nowhere to be found on the OST. These included Wearing Perfume (AKA David meets Teddy), Monica's Plan (AKA bizarro scene where the insane robo-child shows Mother his artwork while they plan to ditch him in the forest), The Moon Rising unfucked version, Remembering David Hobbie (which sounds a lot like Harry Potter), The Journey to Rouge City and the film version of Search for the Blue Fairy, which we still don't have. I scoured that damned CD in the late Summer of 2001 and was very disappointed. It happened again, even worse, a few months later when the Harry Potter soundtrack album was released and like 60% of the vital music was missing or edited to shit.

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Ok enough Williams talk. I listened to this again. Very sexy music. These suites are masterpieces of the "orgasmic release of tension through sudden textural/rhythmic/harmonic change after methodical buildup" variety (at 5:56 and 8:57 respectively). Listening to these on big, good speakers is thrilling.


I look forward to whatever disparaging bullshit JWFan conjures up this time.

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SimCity - Chris Tilton


A most pleasant diversion; most video game music i sample loses itself in bland trailer music clichés, Tilton's plays like a compendium of John Powell's lighter ROBOTS/ICE AGE moments interspersed with some of David Newman's writing for more juvenile films and even some of Goldsmith's more cosmic afflatuses (the somewhat yearning-for-space music from EXPLORERS halfway through 'Population I'). If you're a bit tired of long-held chords and preciously pregnant tunes signalling the end of the world as we know it at every turn, Tilton has come to your rescue. A second score is out, i will sample it in due time.

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I'm now listening to Predator 2. It does have its moments, sure, but I find it to be slightly overcomposed (still better than Debney's overeager version). Prefer the more anorectic original. It said everything there needed to be said in this franchise. I can't help to think but the best thing from it is the end credits piece (and the opening cue, too).


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