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What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)

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The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse. 2011 was an excellent year for John Williams fans. Both albums are hugely enjoyable.   Karol

Elmer Bernstein - The Unused Scores   This set spans three Bernstein rejections, starting in 1985 - probably his first - to 1995, when he already became notorious for being thrown off as muc

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring (CR) by Howard Shore   Damn, is this shit good. I've waxed enough poetic about these scores, but this time, I'm especially struck by how FOTR works as a mood

13 minutes ago, Jurassic Shark said:


I don't think you get smarter by working in a book store.


Of course working in a book store doesn’t make you smarter. That’s ridiculous.


Everyone knows if you want to get smarter you work as a patent clerk.

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Minority Report by John Williams


Eastern Promises by Howard Shore


Hellboy by Marco Beltrami


Silence of the Lambs  by Howard Shore


Sleepers by John Williams


Looking for Richard by Howard Shore


Terminal by John Williams



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2 hours ago, Incanus said:

Sleepers by John Williams


2 hours ago, Jurassic Shark said:


What do you think about this?

I love it, a very dark and very different score from Williams.

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13 minutes ago, Richard said:


HELL'S KITCHEN live, is...(sigh).


The football game and Saying the rosary are my favorites. I'm wondering if there's anything interesting that's unreleased.

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On 7/19/2018 at 4:44 AM, Disco Stu said:

Battle of Neretva - Bernard Herrmann (Stromberg recording)


My word I love this score more every time I listen to it.  The action/suspense cues are unrelenting and intense. The quieter cues are beautiful.  Herrmann’s way with an orchestra in full effect.  This era of Stromberg re-recordings is untouchable.


I’m now convinced this is top tier Herrmann, up there with his greatest works.


A tip for further listening: Practically all highlights of this score were lifted from other, more coherent scores by Herrmann, such as Mysterious Island, Fahrenheit 451, Torn Curtain, and On Dangerous Ground.

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Most agitated and interesting Desplat in a while - for the famous story of the Mossad snatching Eichmann and bringing him to trial...at least it's not as static as a lot of his work in that genre often tends to be. His best since 'The Ghost Writer', i'd wager. Channeling nervous 60's Goldsmith (Satan Bug) it's good to see a filmmaker like Paul Weitz not requesting bland anonymous chords.

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Ferdinand - John Powell*


I'll admit - the first time I heard this score I had absolutely no desire to listen again (aside from one specific moment in "Finale"). I seem to remember it striking me as boring Spanish pastiche. It seemed to be missing that sea-faring, swashbuckling sound we got in HTTYD and Pan


After listening again today, I'm a bit mystified at how I could have dismissed the score so easily. While it's not as good as Solo or HTTYD (and maybe even Pan) in my book, it is nonetheless a very well-done score with cool classical influences (mixed, of course, with modern percussion!). The themes are very catchy, if perhaps not as enjoyable melodically as, say, Chewie's theme or the "Test Drive" theme. 


*More than half of the cues are co-credited to Batu Sener or Anthony Willis, so this was seemingly quite a team effort -- not everything on the album is necessarily by Powell. 

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36 minutes ago, Disco Stu said:

The score I loved so much it got me to come back to the JWFan fold.

It's not necessarily my favorite Powell, but it's easily my desert island pick, if that makes any sense. Which is to say, if other Powell scores were being burned in a bonfire and I could only rescue a few from damnation, it'd be among the first I save. 

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