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What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)

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Continuing to go through my physical collection:


Lena Raine - Celeste (physical 3CD edition)


This is one of my favorite scores of all time, and I was elated when it finally got a physical CD release a couple years after it came out, and that on top it if it included her later DLC score, and the main program was reimagined to include some bits from the "Madelaine's Grab Bag" EP, and included everything else from that release as bonus tracks.


The newly expanded main program is nice, though I wouldn't necessarily say it's a unequivocal improvement over the original main program.  The new additions are so short, though, they don't really change the flow too much.


The DLC score I've never fully warmed up to, but that could be in part due to the fact I haven't played the DLC level yet.  It's fine, just not an instant classic like the main score.


Lena actually wrote liner notes for this CD edition, which is wonderful, except that she doesn't really say much in them, and kind of shills for her solo albums more than talks about making the music for Celeste.


The biggest bummer with the CD set though is they manufactured it wrong, there's a 2 second gap between every single track, even when two tracks overlap with each other.  Rookie mistake!


Overall though, still a fantastic score that any fan of the genre should check out, available free on all the streaming services or her BandCamp page.

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The Adventures of Tintin and War Horse. 2011 was an excellent year for John Williams fans. Both albums are hugely enjoyable.   Karol

It's great, cheesy fun, my favourite cue in the score.   And yeah, the Whills theme is nice, but my first thought in the cinema was "how does Aross the Stars belong in here?"

This is such a perfect thread for these forums. I'm glad to share. La La Land: Complete Musical Experience composed by Justin Hurwitz I love this score. I love the songs. I love the film. I


I like the Philharmonia Orchestra's performance here (especially the choir), but this is not a suite per se. It's just a re-recording of the last bit of "Phoenix Rises" and "The Last Stand".


Powell could've arranged a nice 15 minute compilation with the film version of "Opening Credits" (film version), "Whirlpool of Love", "Attack on Alcatraz", plus the previous two tracks. Kind of a wasted opportunity.

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James Horner - The Legend of Zorro


Possibly my first time listening to this score, not sure; I've had the score to the first film since it came out and always liked it, but never saw this sequel movie and never picked up this OST album until I found it used in a Newbury Comics or Amoeba Records or something a few years back.  Well, it's good!  Very similar to the first score, honestly if I had both albums combined on shuffle I'd have no clue which film any random track was from.  I like the sound he uses for these 2 scores, and I welcome expansions of both!


Michael Giacchino - The Family Stone


We watched this movie over the holiday season, my first time seeing it since it came out.  I honestly can't say I noticed the score that often during the film, but the OST album listen this morning was nice.  This is a fun album to play around the holidays every year!



James Newton Howard - Dinosaur


I think this is my first time listening to this OST album.  I was rudely shocked when track #2 ended up being an absolutely terrible pop song, really soured my mood!  But after that was finally over, the score that follows is pretty damn good!  There's some really cool action music here, and lots of nice string and brass work in the more emotional parts.  And the main theme is good too, it has a nice amount of optimism to it! 

I can't believe it took me so long to check this one out!

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Michael Kamen - Mr Hollands Opus (Score album)

Ooof.  This is a pretty decent 48 minute score album, bloated to 67 minutes by the inclusion an 11 minute Beethoven piece and an 8 minute Bach piece placed in between score tracks.  Why they do this!?  The score itself is pretty good, but the album crawls along getting through those classic pieces until the narrative can resume.  The album wraps up with a Julian Lennon song that is based on the one of the main themes, which is decent.

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