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Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows (Fan Score)


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The story starts when the book was first released. I read the book (having only read one chapter of book 4--sacrilege i know) and I found myself overwhelmed and in love with the story. I read it cover to cover (not something I do often) and heard music almost the entire time.

A few weeks later, on this very forum, a thread got posted about "Imaginary Cue lists" and so I wrote down the one I had imagined and included notes on new themes. I left this forum for quite some time and then came back recently when the Complete Sorcerer's Stone score got leaked. I'd been listening to it for weeks prior and found an amazing affinity for the sound and creativity Williams had expressed. I found myself in awe of simply how much music he wrote! On top of that, almost every cue sounded like the opening of something bigger and greater. You could tell, even from an editing stand point, that William's score had grown from a place of great respect and love for the story and having heard he read the novels first (something he's only ever done for Memoirs of a Geisha) it is no wonder that Williams had a field day. With such a fertile soil from which to be inspired, it was brilliant to hear the fruition of his imagination.

And so ,now, years later, I too endeavour on this journey. I had posted a video of how I Imagined the opening (with a sort of break down of how I imagine it would look and be filmed) and people seem to enjoy it so I'm gonna keep writing and posting my work.

Here is the "imaginary" cue list I wrote:

I know it's already been done, but when I read the last harry potter, I heard the score in my mind and I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound, where the new themes should be, what scenes need some music, where the montages would be, and where old themes would return.

You may not want to look at this if you've not read it:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:

01) Main Title (Distant Memory's) *New Theme

02) The Durlsey's Depart

03) Becoming Harry/ Frightening Flight *Hedwigs theme is used partially

04) Ominous Arrivals

05) The Wedding

06) Patronus Interruptus/ Dissaparation

07) The Diner Attack

08) A Place to Hide

09) Distant Memories (Reprise) *The New Theme

10) The Horcrux *New Theme

11) Plans for the Ministry *montage

12) Magic is Might

13) Escape from the Ministry

14) Visions of the Past *Second new Theme

15) The Deathly Hallows / The two carry on *New Teme

16) The Graveyard *A Window to Time Past

17) The House/ Deception

18) Quiet Travels (Traveling Montage) * New Theme

18) The Patronus/ The Sword of Griffindor

Disc 2

01) Xenophilius Lovegood

02) The Three Brothers/ Treachery *New Theme

03) Exploding Horns

04) Harry, No!

05) Bellatrix and Malfoy

06) House Elf Rescue * Dobby the House Elf Theme

07) The Funeral

08) Harry's Thoughts * New Theme

09) Going for Greengotts

10) Being Bellatrix

11) The Elevator Ride/ Rush for the Cup

12) Escape by Dragons Flight

13) Hogsmede

14) Dumbledore's Army * Reprise from Order

15) Ravenclaw Tower

16) The Sacking of Severus Snape

17) Evacuating the School

18) Ghosts of the School

19) The Diadem of Ravenclaw * new theme

20) The Attack on Hogwarts

21) Severus' Gift

22) Harry Potter's Stand

Disc 3

01) Kings Cross

02) The Final Horcux

03) The Battle for Hogwarts I

04) The Battle for Hogwarts II

05) The Final Showdown * Voldemorts Theme

06) The Peeve's Song/ Victory

07) The Deathly Hallows Final Resting place

08) Nineteen Years Latter

09) The Train to Hogwarts

10) End Credits (Hedwigs Theme)

11) Distant Memories (Concert Suite)

12) Horcux Concert Suite

13) Xenophilias Lovegood (Concert Suite)

14) Harry's Wonderous World

So the new themes would be

01) Distant Memoris

02) Alone in the World

03) Horcux Theme

This will change and adapt I'm sure but I'll keep posting updates as i go.

Here is Part I of this journey:

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Thanks i wrote the next two cues last night but havnt had the time to ppst thrm yet. The first is as harry talka about the protection charm.

He stars out by demonstrating his scar and speaking of his mothers last effort to save harry.

It goes dark at the mention of the dementors and dudley pleads to go "with the ones harry sent to save [them]."

The next cue is the arrival of the quirky wizards who came to get the dudleys. A kinda mideavel winds trio against a proud "walk" tempo


Ill post tonight

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Lol that bad huh? :-P

Just teasing hehe

Thanks for the compliment :-P

Sry to double post but i thought it might be a good role play if you all wanted to comment on thr nusic as a director would. Say you didnt like anpart and wanted a rescore? Granted ive not done much but heh

Also, i had planned to score the whole thing as id imagined it but mayne i ahould just take requests.


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It's very brooding. Kind of reminds me of Hooper's scores, actually. I had more Williams-esque music in mind, but that's just my approach (and not a very original one at that).

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yea... the first half of it definately is brooding. I think i excel more at that. These may work more as first versions and then the second being a bit more williams-ey. I do like the Hooper brooding. Its his action that's not strong enough i think.

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I like your music for this very much! ROTFLMAO Nice Williams variations thrown in the mix. I also agree that Hooper does good brooding music (and I loved the music he did for Draco is Half Blood Prince). But his action is very very forgetful and sometimes even silly. Let's see you do a major action cue for Part 1! :lol:

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Well, i'm using Logic Studio with a few different libraries.

I have the standard Logic and garage band libraries, I have East West Ra and Storm Drum 2 but i haven't utilized them yet in these. I also have Komplete 6 with Kontact 4 which i tend to use the most.

So far we have:

01) [1m1a] Visions in the Mist - Book VII: Opening /[1mb] Harry Remembers - [04:07]

02) [1m2] Mother's Charm - [01:35]

03) [1m2 Alt] Mother's Charm - [2:15]

04) [1m3] Dedalus, Dursleys, and Dudley - [03:25]

That's as far as I've gone so far, but these are the next cues i'm gonna work on. Im' kinda excited for "Frightening Flight" as i have some ideas but at the same time, I need to block it all out action wise too so that'll be interesting lol

05) [1m4] The Setting Sun

06) [1m5] Becoming Harry / [2m1] Frightening Flight

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Hey, really enjoying this so far.

Because I'm new, this may be an ignorant question but, are you working in the industry? Only because it seems like you have quite a lot of talent, and i would hope your out getting your musical voice heard.

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No, unfortunately i'm not. I keep trying. I was working on my first fan film but life issues became so stressful that i was unable to complete the project which is on hold indefinitely. I may be able to return since they have been unable to replace me lol.

I'd like to though. That's my dream. I'm kinda using this as a way to flesh out a protfolio maybe.

The fan film i did was a Jurassic Park fan film, this being Harry Potter, my next project i'd love to work on a Star Wars fan film heh.

Thank you for the kind words :-)

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No worries. It seems clear that you a lot of skill. I guess there's not much else to say except keep trying. Some dreams are worth striving for :)

I don't know much about the film scoring industry but I imagine its a hard slog getting your name established in the biz. So all the best, hope to see your name attached to something soon.

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Thanks man. I'm gonna try my best: Then you'll all be able to be like "I knew him!"

I still haven't decided if I should have my name be pronounced how i say it now "Ber-nard" or like the other famous composer "Ber-nerd" lol Either way, look for "Kyer" that won't change and that's original! :-p

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Brachio, you should do something for the finale! The piece we won't probably get. Something in the direction of "Leaving Hogwarts" or "Reunion of Friends". I know I've said it a million times, but you could include "A Window to the Past" and even your own themes! I bet in your hands it would be the most amazing thing ever, as your posted compositions are!

Keep up the fantastic work.

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