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Favourite "James Bond" pre-credit sequence.

Naïve Old Fart

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In music, or in film?

Good question! Musically, it would be between "You Only Live Twice", and "OHMSS".

Tomorrow Never Dies and TWINE were spectacular, even if the latter was probably a little too overextended at 15mins

That's because most of the latter's action was due to be the first sequence after the titles.

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Octopussy has a thrilling, um, opening - "fill her up, please". OHMSS has that cool fight on the beach, and the build-up to revealing the new Bond was well done. The Moonraker skydiving stunts probably look more dangerous than what they actually are; those guys are pretty safe with their parachutes, but it's still pretty awesome. I'm also partial to Sanchez's capture in Licence to Kill and Pierce escaping the Soviet base in GoldenEye.

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When was the TWINE pre-credit sequence originally supposed to end?

If I'm not mistaken, only the Bilbao sequence was going to be placed in front of the main credits.

Indeed it was, which would have made it the lamest pre-title sequence ever. I do like the two brass "hits", as Bond takes the silver case to the window, though.

Musically it's still The Spy Who Loved Me. You just can't beat "Bond 77" followed by "Nobody Does it Better". A perfect marriage of visuals and music.

...and don't forget Barbara Bach...

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