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jw-music.net links finally down

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Now JWFan has a new server and I noticed that the links to the old ones are down.

The site with admin Markus Hable is moved to: jw-collection.de. But what about this site: musicby.jw-music.net? I think this one was wonderful because you could see covers, including CDs and booklets from every soundtrack. Will it be online soon? Maybe with a better design (the old design was awful)?

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Markus put a lot of work into that site....hope it is still out there somewhere.....

As I said, Markus site is moved to a new server, but what about the other one?

I thought it went down awhile ago? Andreas could no longer afford to host the server.

I know, but I didn't noticed that the jw-music.net links are down until now.

I think on the main site, the link section should be updated.

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