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FORUM RULES (Please Read Before Posting)

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The JWFan Message Board is aimed to be a discussion and information exchange forum mainly focused on John Williams and other film and music related topics. In order to make the forum an enjoyable experience for everyone, we are providing this service under the following Rules and Regulations:


01 - Personal attacks will not be allowed. Please be RESPECTFUL of one another, allow for differences in opinions, and please don't make anyone feel that they cannot post their views in this forum.


02 - Do not post any material that disparages race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or nation.


03 - Do not impersonate any person or entity, including but not limited to, a message board administrator or a registered member.


04 - In order to avoid controversial off-topic debates, political and religious references are NOT ALLOWED ON ANY OF THE FORUMS.


05 - There is no language filter on this board but be respectful. There is no need for sexually graphic posts, and foul language directed at another member in a disparaging way will result in administrative action.


06 - Images containing nudity or other Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content are not allowed on any of the forums. It is OK to link to sites containing potential NSFW content as long as a clear NSFW warning is included with the link.


07 - You may embed videos of - or include a link to sites that stream - copyrighted material. However, links to sites where copyrighted material can be illegally downloaded are not allowed. You may link to legal streaming/download sites or to places where people can listen to your own compositions or recordings, for example.


08 - Discussion of music CDs before they are in stores (ie when they "leak" to the internet) is allowed, as is discussion of leaked recording sessions, sheet music, and other bootlegs. HOWEVER:

a) You may not post a link to, or name of, any site where this material can be illegally downloaded.

b) You may not offer on the public forums to send this material to anybody who PMs you.

c) You may not ask on the public forums for somebody to PM you a link to this material.

In other words: On the public forums, please discuss the music only, and not where to get it. This rule will be strictly enforced.


09 - Do not copy and paste CD/film reviews, full interviews, or other articles that can be found online. You can paste portions and provide a link to the original page instead.


10 - DO NOT TYPE YOUR POSTS IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, including the subject line. Capitals can be used for emphasis but are annoying to read if used for the entire message or subject line.


11 - Do not post spoilers in a thread title. The title should contain the word "Spoiler", and the spoilers can be in the body of the post. Make sure to use the [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] tags where appropriate.


12 - Regarding the NEWS posts: ALWAYS cite the source of your report, providing a link to the original page if the news was first posted on another website.


13 - Do not post unofficial/unconfirmed news as if they were official or confirmed. There is a big difference between an unconfirmed RUMOR and an official report. Always verify your sources.


14 - Maximum size for signature images will be 640 x 250 pixels (width x height).


15 - The forum moderator reserves the right to edit, move or delete the contents of any post without prior notice.


16 - If your post was edited or removed and you think it was not in violation of the rules, please contact a moderator/admin via PM.


17 - If a member fails to comply with one or more of these rules repeatedly, they will not be able to post in the future.


18 - These rules & guidelines may be amended at any time.

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04 - In order to avoid controversial off-topic debates, political and religious references are NOT ALLOWED ON ANY OF THE FORUMS

In light of the Amazon Rain forest threads' closure, I was thinking that it is extraordinarily difficult to divorce politics from a great deal of topics - even more so to police it.


The mods and @Jay have final say, but I don't see why political or "controversial" topics be kept off the table. To take the Amazon thread, there were surely the signs of a heated discussion and clashing among those of opposing views, but there wasn't anything there that screamed "woah, this is too much!".


Quite honestly (and the heart of my frustration with this rule) I don't know how anyone could adequately respond or discuss a topic like the Amazon Rain forest fires without discussing the politics of the situation.


I don't mean for this post to seem like a dissenting opinion, I just wanted to understand the reasoning behind this ban on political discussion...

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Understandable take on that @Arpy.


My qualms with the Amazon Rainforest Thread and others like it:

1. Yes, it impedes upon the no politics rule of the forum. As some may point out its hard to have these discussions without there being any political reservations and opinions involved, but then again why have them here anyways?


2. To follow that up though, the conversation was much too negative and toxic, in regards to interactions between members, and simply didn't reflect the desired mentality of JW Fan in a way that both current members and newcomers would find acceptable. I say this in a manner that is disjointed from the actual discussion. Say what you will about climate change, but the hostile and heated back and forths, regardless of who was saying what, were definetly crossing a line, no?


3. This is a music forum at the end of the day. These issues can easily be discussed elsewhere. 


So thank you @Jay for acting on that when you did. Know that it was an appreciated action. Let us all resume musical discussions as per the usual.

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I appreciate your response, Jerry, and I understand your view on the toxicity of the discussion is unbecoming of forum etiquette and the place we want this to be.


That said, I'm having difficulty seeing why we can't have threads or subforums which allow political talk, that way members can drop in or out without it seeping into other areas of the forum. 


I also think that engaging with any conversation online with people from different backgrounds and cultures is to engage with different opinions, and different viewpoints which you might disagree with. I also think it forces you to confront a situation without resorting to ad hominem attacks. Some of the best confrontations I've had, or seen on this forum have been through some form of conflict and it's fun to see where it goes.


Which brings me to my last point, one which links to my original, that to divorce political discourse from any other area is impossible. There's politics in music, in collecting, in criticism, in discussions of labels and manufacturing. You can't escape it, but that doesn't mean you have to submit to it.


Before the banning (back home :)) sure, you would encounter the wacky climate change deniers and the rest of them, but at the end of the day it was always the discussion of the music that won out.


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Political talk is not allowed anymore because it lead to really nasty fights between members and if I remember correctly some members left the board because of it.  The moderators do NOT want that anymore.  Just respect their decision please.


I for one am glad that political talk is not allowed on this forum anymore.

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Jay and Ricard just want a convivial and banal message board where the users stand around like stepford wives talking about the brilliant state of modern movie scoring. Just follow the rules and keep your personalities and unsuitable beliefs to yourselves, if you please.

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