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La-La Land releasing Elliot Goldenthal's Batman Forever January 3rd 2012 (3500 units)

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Back then, Batman really had amazing music in pretty much all mediums

Just to be clear...the facebook page is run by his promotional team, not by the man himself! It's no less true, of course, but still worth pointing out. Personally, I have very little interest in this

It's an overlay used when the Flying Graysons are introduced  

According to Elliot Goldenthal's official Facebook page Batman Forever is due to be released in October:

Here's the latest, Goldenthal fans! A double album of BATMAN FOREVER will be released this October by LA LA LAND RECORDS. Also in October, at this years "World Soundtrack Awards" in Ghent, dedicated to fallen colleague Ronni Chasen, Goldenthal is planning a live performance of his music from ALIEN 3, TITUS and possibly PUBLIC ENEMIES.

Disappointing. But at least there is some kind of official confirmation.


Admin note: Source:


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Too bad he's a Phillies fan. That's going to hold him back this year.

He used to be an Eagles fan, so he'll probably just switch again.

You know those are two different sports right

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He's from southern New Jersey, so it'd make sense he's a Philadelphia Eagles (football) and Philadelphia Phillies (baseball) fan.

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It's a Lincoln quote....actually.


Lincoln said "We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth" to Congress in his annual address in 1862, while the Civil War raged.

Ronald Reagan expanded it to "the last, best hope of man on Earth" in his Second Inaugural Address in 1985.

But J. Michael Stryzinski penned "Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace. It failed." for his show.

What cricket team does he support?

Cricket sells shitty cell phones and green couches.

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What is 2 cds long, contains music composed by the brilliant Elliot Goldenthal and is coming out from La-La Land Records on January 3, 2012?



LLLCD 1189


Produced by Elliot Goldenthal

Produced for La-La Land Records by Neil S. Bulk and Dan Goldwasser

Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland

Liner Notes by John Takis

Art Direction by Dan Goldwasser

What better way to kick off 2012 (and La-La Land's 10 year Anniversary) by unleashing an expanded version of Elliot Goldenthal's mind blowing score to the 1995 smash hit BATMAN FOREVER?!

Containing over 150 minutes of music this jam packed 2 disc set features additional music, newly remastered sound, detailed liner notes by resident "BAT-EXPERT" John Takis and wonderful art direction by Dan Goldwasser. As an added treat the entire production was produced and supervised by the composer himself, making this not only a must for Batfans, but a great listening experience as well.

The cd goes on sale Jan 3, 2012 at 1 pm pst at www.lalalandrecords.com and other fine online establishments.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas indeed!

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Well it seems that MV has been more successful with WB again as far as the Batman line goes. Hopefully he will get his dream and release the rest of the film scores through La-La Land.

I honestly haven't heard any score so I can't comment on what it's like. I do think it's cool that our own John Takis did the liner notes for it.

I would pick this up but honestly there are two other things that are higher priority for me to get next month. One is a resin kit to transform the old ERTL Excelsior model to the NX-2000 version. The plain kit is just the NCC-2000 but the thing with this conversion kit I don't know how much longer it'll be in production (aftermarket) and I am not going to miss the opportunity to get the kit.

The other thing I hope to get next month (if I have enough for both) is the re-release of the Enterprise-C kit from Round 2.

So those two things as I said have higher priority at the moment.

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Why do I keep hearing the word 'perpetuity' associated with Varese? Do any of the others labels have this privilege?

LAbels get the rights to music from the studios who have the ownership. Some labels only license out for a period, or depending on what the studio wants with the title in question, while sometimes they get the rights in perpetuity, meaning them own them, and no label can use that music. Now, the following are assumptions since I never read fully into the matters, but:

1. I assume another label can try to buyout the rights from them.

2. The studio can, too.

3. After 75 years from the score's recording, I think that then becomes public domain, at which point any label has dibs. But I'm pretty sure this one might be wrong.

Some titles Varese gets the rights to in perpetuity, but not all them. Unfortunately, there is no disclosure list to the general public. [n]MV[/n] suggested writing Varese to let them know we are restless and to reconsider, especially since they don't release very many club titles each year.

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Most of the 90's titles that Varèse has unfortunately have rights to for a very long time, which I think is bullshit.

I bet you a dollar and a whole donut had LLL been successful in getting the license for Stargate they would have made sure it was fully 100% complete and not just "expanded".

It irritates me to no end that Varèse treats their golden age / silver age stuff with respect to the point releasing them in complete form, yet modern stuff they just "expand".

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