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The Complete Cue Lists Thread


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Harry Gregson-Williams / Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

Source: Recording Sessions

1m1 Jake Lonergan

1m1 Jake Lonergan (Fiddle Demo)
1m3 Palms To Heaven
1m4 Pick Up Your Glasses
1m5 Jake Sting
2m6 Cows Blown
2m9 Come Have A Chat
2m10 Flashback
2m11 Dolarhyde
2m13 Walk To The Coach
2m14 I Want My Boy

2m15 Sky Lights
2m15 Sky Lights (Alternate)
2m16 Attack and Abductions
3m17 What Is That Thing?
3m18 It's Bleeding
3m20 The Spies
3m22 Kid Dog Woman (Long)
3m22 Kid Dog Woman (Short)

3m23 Blood Money
3m24 The Upside Down Boat
4m25 Who Is She?
4m25 Who Is She? (Alternate)
4m26 Preacher Dies
4m27 Say Some Words (Long)
4m27 Say Some Words (Short)
4m27b Be A Man
4m28 Boss?
4m29 Whoere
4m30 Don't Call Her That
4m31 Alien Air Attack
5m32 Almost Kiss
5m34 She's Gone
5m36 Ella Out Of The Fire
5m37 We Have To Work Together
5m39 I Know Where They Are
5m41 The Vessel
6m42 Follow Me One Last Time
6m43 Jake Brings His Leg Army (Long)
6m43 Jake Brings His Leg Army (Short)
6m47 The Fuse
6m48 Godspeed (Combo)
6m49 Nat Attack (Combo)
6m49 Nat Attack (Original)
6m50-52 Nat Dies
6m52a Re-Awakening
6m53 Bang Wham Drums (Demo)
6m53 Hold Them Off
6m55a Emmett Lookout
6m55b Emmett's Kill

6m56 Take Off The Bracelet
6m57 Goodbye Jake
7m61 I See Them
7m62 Operating Room
7m63 Ella Lifts Off
7m64 Do You Remember Me?
7m65 Return To The Cabin
7m67 See You Around
7m68 End Credits

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Alexandre Desplat - Godzilla (2014)

Source: filmcues.blogspot.com, recording sessions

1m01 Prologue/Title Sequence
1m01Pt 2 Opening Titles Continued
1m02/03 Inside The Mines/ Janjira City
1m04 Meltdown
2m10/11 Joe’s Apartment/Let Me Take You Home/To The Q Zone
2m12 Pt 1 Arrested
2m12 PT 2 Taken Back To Janjira
2m13 Kill It
3m14 Muto Hatch
3m15-16 Helicopter To The Saratoga
3m17 History Of Monarch
3m18-21 Iguana/Jungle Blast
3m22 v1 The Wave
3m24 MUTO Airport
4m25 Missing Spore
4m27-28 Vegas Aftermath/Hiroshima
4m30 Sphere of Influence
4m31A Analogue Timer
4m31B Trestle Bridge
4m31C Full Muto Rising
5m32A He's Diving/Ford On The Banks
5m32B Still Busses On Bridge
5m33 Godzilla Approaches/Golden Gate Chaos/Aiming The Bomb
5m34 Muto Grabs The Bomb
5m36 Let Them Fight
5m36A HALO Prayer
5m38 Chinatown/Egg Laying/Faceoff
5m39/6M40 Race To The Nest
6m40A Entering The Nest
6m40B 2 Against 1/Nest Explosion/Atomic Breath/Bomb To Boat/Muto To The Boat
6m42 Male Muto’s Demise
6m43 Ford’s Run
6m44 Godzilla Triumphs/Ford's Rescue
6m45/46 Aftermath/Resurrection
6m47 End Titles Suite

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Main post updated.

A huge thanks to FunnyML, as always, for keeping this thread alive. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be half of the cue lists posted here!

And of course, thank you to all the other members who participate to this thread as well!

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Waterworld (1995) - James Newton Howard

Source: http://www.usc.edu/l...hp?fa=0075#ref8, recording sessions

1M1 Main Title

1M2A It's Not Worth It
1M2B Escaping Smokers
1M2B-Rev+Alt Escaping Smokers
1M4 Arriving At Atoll
2M1 Hydroholic
2M3 Mutation
3M1 Caged
3M2 Tattoo
3M3 Gregor At Cage
3M4 Recycled
3M5 Smokers Sighted
4M1F Battle Begins
4M2 Battle Continues
4M3 Gregor Enters Balloon
4M4 Helen Frees Mariner
4M4R Helen Frees Mariner
4M5 Opening The Gates
5M1 She's Here Somewhere
5M2 Three On Deck
5M4 Spear Gun
6M0 Sewing
6M1 Enola Overboard
6M1B Can We Outrun Them?
6M2F The Plane
6M3 Don't Touch / New Haircuts
7M1 Fight With Drifter
8M1 Swimming
8M2 Slave Colony Part 1
8M3 Slave Colony Part 2
9M1 Bubble
9M2 Meeting Deacon
10M1 Kiss Of Life
10M2 We're Gonna Die
10M3 National Geographics
10M4 Gregor Returns
11M1 Arriving At Deez / Drowning
11M2 Deacon's Speech
12M1 Rowing
12M2 Why Aren't You Rowing?
12M3 Burning
12M4 Balloon Rescue
13M1 Bungee Rescue
13M2 The Map / Flight
13M3 Dry Land
13M4 Mariner's Goodbye
13M5 Main Credits
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Wtf? That Godzilla cue list wasn't there before, right? What did his original post say before he changed it?

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Wtf? That Godzilla cue list wasn't there before, right? What did his original post say before he changed it?

You can see it in Faleel's response.

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John Ottman - Unknown (2011)

Source: recording sessions

Into The Clouds [1M0]
Welcome To Berlin [1M1]
The Accident [1M2]
Waking Up [1M3]
The Epiphany [1M4]
Do I Know You? [1M6]

I'm Martin Harris [2M1]
Subway Stalker [2M2]
Finding Bressler [2M4]

The Hospital [3M0]
Phone Call / Herr Jürgen [3M1]
I Believe You [3M2]
Jürgen Does Research [3M3]
Jürgen Calls Hans [3M4]
Gina's Story [3M5]
Apartment Attack [3M7]

Car Chase [4M1]
Men Like That / Decoding The Numbers [4M3]
Wanting To Be Martin Harris [4M6]
Following Mrs. Harris [4M7]

Coffee Date [5M1]
Airport Goodbye [5M2]
Truth Be Told - Part 1 [5M3A]

Truth Be Told - Part 2 [5M3B]
Gina To The Rescue [5M4]
We Are Killers [5M5]
Prince Shada Arrives [5M6]
Planting The Transmitter [5M11]

Securing The File [6M1]
Sound The Alarm [6M4]
Martin Vs. Martin [6M5]
Aftermath [6M6]
End Credits [6M8]

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John Powell / Bolt (2008)

Source: Recording Sessions

1m1 Meet Bolt
1m2a Bolt Transforms
1m2b Roof Top / The Green-Eyed Man
1m2c Scooter Chase
1m3 Meet the Director
2m4 Bolt's Trailer
2m5 Bolivia
2m6 Bolt Freaks Out
2m8a New York (Part 1)
2m8b New York (Part 2)
2m9 Meet Mittens
2m10 Map Chat
3m11 Moving Out
3m12 U-Haul
3m14 RV-Food
3m16 Rhino Superfan
3m18 Fast Train
3m19 Up A Tree
3m20 Shelter Truck
4m21 St Rhinos Day
4m22 Mission Improbable
4m22 Mission Improbable (No Vox)
4m23a Saving Mittens
4m23b Mittens Escape
4m24a Successful Mission
4m24b House On Wheels
4m26 Las Vegas
4m27 A Friend In Need
4m28 To The Studio
5m29 On The Lot
5m30a Fake Starts Fire
5m30b Bolt Hears Cries
5m31a Penny Rescue (Part 1)
5m31b Penny Rescue (Part 2)
5m32 Alien TV
5m33 Home At Last
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John Powell / Knight and Day (2010)

Source: Recording Sessions

1m3 At The Airport
1m5 Plane Fight
1m6 A Kiss At 35,000 Feet
1m7 Rough Landing
1m7 Rough Landing (CD Version)
1m9 Woozy Lesson
2m12 Fitz Grills June
2m13 Trouble On I-93
2m13alt Trouble On I-93 (Alternate)
2m14 Running From Roy
2m16 Hostage
3m17 Someone Who Trusts
3m18 Car Ferry
3m20 Worse Guys
3m21 Drug Montage
3m21 Drum Montage (CD Version)
3m22 Drones
3m23 Kiss Predator
3m23alt Kiss Predator (Alternate Beginnig)
3m24 In Austria
4m25 Galley Fight
4m25alt Galley Fight (Alternate)
4m27 Five Star (Part 1)
4m27b Five Star (Part 2)
4m29 June Spies
4m29alt June Spies (Alternate)
4m30 What's Your Price
4m31 He's A Spy
5m32 I Believe In Luck
5m33 Rooftops
5m33 Rooftops (CD Version)
5m34 June Returns Home
5m34alt June Returns Home (Alternate 1)
5m34alt June Returns Home (Alternate 2)
5m38 Amapola
5m39 He's Alive
6m40 The Villa
6m42 Reunion
6m42 Reunion (CD Version)
6m44 Running Of The Bulls (Part 1)
6m44 The Dock (Part 2)
6m45 Roy's Shot
6m46 June Busts Out Roy
6m46alt June Busts Out Roy (Alternate)
6m47 Someday Kiss
6m47 Someday Kiss (CD Version)
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John Powell / Bolt (2008)

Source: Recording Sessions

I posted this way back in April.

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Basil Poledouris & Hans Zimmer - White Fang (1991)

Source: Intrada liner notes

Main Title & Opening Credits (HZ: Opening Credits - Main Title) [1M1]
Golden Staircase [1M2]
The Place [2M1]
Jack Sees Wolves [2M2]
Black Wolf [2M3]
Fang Fed [2M5]
The Trek Continues [2M6]
Thin Ice [3M1]
Skunker's Death [3M2]
Full Moon Wolf Attack [3M3]
Morning Wolf Attack [3M3A]
Death Of Kiche (HZ: Kiche's Demise) [3M4]

Wolf Dance [4M1]
Slow Motion Wolves - Part A [4M1A]
Slow Motion Wolves - Part B [4M1B]
Puppy Things [4M2]
Fang On Sled [4M3]
Training White Fang [5M1]
Saloon Source [5M2]
Saloon Source #2 [5M4]
Seasons Pass [5M5]
The River [5M6]
Jack Re-Meets Fang [6M1]
The Wild [6M3]
Grizzly Trouble (HZ: The Bear) [6M4]

The Bear Attack [6M4A]
Jack Thanks Fang [6M5]
The Cabin (HZ: Safe Refuge) [6M6]

Mining Montage (HZ: The Mine) [7M1]

In The Stable [7M3]
White Fang Fights Satan [7M5]
Fight Montage [8M1]
Pit Fight [8M3]
Caring For Fang [8M4]
Jack Bit [9M1]
Bonding (HZ: Fang With Jack) [9M2]

Just Friends [9M3]
Through The Window [10M1]
No Shelter [10M2]
Gold Test (HZ: Testing The Gold) [10M3]

We're Rich [10M4]
Fang's Revenge (HZ: Vengeance Fulfilled) [10M6]

Sweet Betsy From Pike [11M1]
Jack And White Fang (HZ: Two Companions) [11M2]

Jack Forces Fang Away [11M3]
The Return (HZ: Home Again) [11M4]

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Stardust - Ilan Eshkeri (2007)

Source: Ilan Eshkeri's Stardust: A Film Score Guide by Ian Sapiro

1M1 Prologue

1M1A Gatekeeper

1M2 Through The Wall

1M3 Market

1M3A Market Smile

1M4[/6] Snowdrop

1M6A Tristan

1M7 Tristan's Failure

1M8 Victoria

2M10 Pcinic

2M10A To Stormhold

2M10AR To Stormhold

2M11 Secundus Enters

2M11 Alt Secundus Enters

2M13 Untitled

2M14A Pt 1 Necklace

2M14A Pt 2 Necklace

2M14B The Star Falls

2M15 Lamia's Youth

2M16A Gatekeeper 2

2M16 Fight With Guard

2M17 The Crater

2M17R The Crater

2M18 Una's Letter

2M18B Candle Journey

2M19 Tristan And Yvaine In Crater

3M20R Bishop's Chamber

3M21 Witches' Lair

3M22 Babylon Candle

3M23 Turned To A Goat

3M24 Pursuit Begins

3M25 Sal's Spell

3M26A Septimus At Ocean

3M26B Lamia Cliff

3M26B R Lamia Cliff

3M26B R Alt Lamia Cliff

3M26B RRR Lamia Cliff

3M27 Unicorn Rescues Yvaine

3M28 Killing The Croc

3M29 Creating The Inn

3M29B Unicorn Ride

3M30 Tristan's Dream

3M31 Coach Chase

3M31A Primus

4M32 Lamia's Inn Part 1

4M33 Lamia's Inn Part 2

4M34 Lamia's Inn Part 3

4M35 Lightning Harvest

4M36 Tied Up In The Hold

4M36R Tied Up In The Hold

4M36RR Tied Up In The Hold

4M37 Septimus At Inn

4M37R Septimus At Inn

4M38 Lamia In Coach

4M39 Hold Conversation

4M40 Magnificent Seven

4M41 Shakespeare (Falling Body)

5M43 Arrival At Ferdy's

5M44 Conversation

[5M45A] Pirate Montage For Demo

5M45A Pirate Montage

5M45B Pirate Waltz

5M45C Waltz

5M46 Boat Landing

5M47 Captain Whispers

5M48 Wot A Freak!

5M49 Hedge Love

5M50 The Can Can

5M51 Milestone

5M52 Wet Septimus

5M53 Turned To A Mouse

5M54 Septimus Milestone

5M55 Mouse Love

5M55 Alt Mouse Love

5M55 Alt R Mouse Love

6M56 Turned From A Mouse

6M57 The Kiss

6M59 Witches Warn Lamia

6M60 Walk To Wall

6M61 Tristan Returns

6M62 Tristan Runs To The Wall

6M62 Yvaine Runs To The Wall

6M63 Sal Killed

6M63A What Happened?

6M64 Lamia Rides

6M67 Outside Lamia Lair

7M68 Septimus Fights Witches [Elhai]

7M68 Septimus Fights Witches [Kershaw]

7M69 Voodoo Doll

7M70 Fat Witch Dies

7M71 Tristan Fights Lamia

7M72 Zombie Fight

7M72 Alt Zombie Fight

7M72A Chandeliers

7M72B Lamia Fight 2

7M72C Lamia Cries

7M73 Lamia Locks Doors

7M74 Shining [Toyne]

7M74 Shining [Elhai]

7M76-77 Coronation Pts 1&2

7M76-77R Coronation Pts 1&2

7M78 Coronation Part 3

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Does anyone have the Chain Reaction complete cue list, with BOTH the slate numbers and cue titles? I have the slate numbers, and I know there is a version of the recording sessions out there with each cue having a title, but I doubt these are the official titles (because some cues are titled "Unused", and... well, I doubt Goldsmith would have titled some cues "Unused" when composing them. ;))

I haven't seen an official list. Not sure if sheet music is out there. The version of sessions you speak of regarding tracks simply labeled "Unused"...that's the one I have as well.

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Marc Shaiman - Team America: World Police (2004)
Source: recording sessions

Puppet Show [M1]
Meet The Terrorists [M2]
Attack [M3]
Carson & Lisa [M6]
Times Square [M7]
Everyone Has AIDS [M8]
Backstage [M9]
Alley Cat [M10]
Valmorphanized [M11]
Have You Ever Seen A Man Eat His Own Head [M12]
Meet The Team [M13]
Gary Walks Away [M14]
Meet Kim Jong Il [M16]
Gary Returns [M17]
Face-Off [M18]
The Plan [M19]
Flying Down To Cairo [M21]
Let My People Go [M22]
Cowboy Derka [M23]
Cantina Bakala [M24]
Do You Think Gary Is Cute? [M25]
Derka Derk [M26]
Backroom Interrogation [M27]
South Eastern Bakalakadaka [M28]
This Is The World Police [M30]
I'm Putting A Jihad On You [M31]
Sarah, Plain And Tall [M32]
Lisa To The Rescue [M33]
We're Gonna What? [M34]
Surprise, Cock Fag [M35]
Uhh, yes [M42]
Sad Fuck Yeah [M44]
I'm So Ronery [M46]
Torture Chamber [M48]
Gun Battle Cats [M59]
Big Fight [M63]

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Source: http://www.usc.edu/libraries/finding_aids/records/finding_aid.php?fa=0075#ref8

Signs (2002) - James Newton Howard

1m1v2 Main Titles
1m1v4 Main Titles
1m2v6 First Crop Circles
1m2v6 First Crop Circles (Prerecord)
1m3v10 Death Of Houdini
1m3v10 Death Of Houdini (Prerecord)
1m4v3 Roof Intruder (missing 1st page)
2m1Av2 Recruiting Office
2m1v12 Crop Circles In India
2m1v12 Crop Circles In India (Prerecord)
2m1v14 Crop Circles In India
2m2v3 Pizza Parlour (Prerecord)
2m3v2 Baby Monitor
3m1v7 In The Corn Field
3m1v8 Alt Insert
3m2v5 Interesting Developments (w/Fix)
3m3v1 Through The Telescope
3m3v1 Through The Telescope (Prerecord)
4m2A v.5 Brazilian Video
4m2A v.5 Brazilian Video (Prerecord)
4m5v9 Throwing A Stone
4m5v9 Throwing A Stone (Prerecord)
5m1 v10 Boarding Up The House
5m2v14 Into The Basement
5m2v14 Into The Basement (Prerecord)
5m3v10 Asthma Attack
5m3v9 Asthma Attack (Prerecord)
6m1v43 The Hand Of Fate Part 1
6m1v43 The Hand Of Fate Part 1 (Prerecord)
Signs 15 Trailor
Signs End Fix
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David Kitay - Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)

Source: bootleg

Where's My Car [1M6]

It's Tania [1M16]

The Twins House [2M18]

Jumpsuit Chicks [2M26]

Tania Shows [2M27]

We Suck [3M39]

To Zoltans House [3M45]

Ostrich Farm 2 [4M52]

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Christophe Beck - Taxi (2004)

Source: bootleg


Titanium Supercharger [1M5]

Wild Things [1M7]



Washburn's Station [2M11]



























Hostage [5M44]




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Source: http://filmcues.blogspot.de/2012/09/edward-scissorhands.html

Edward Scissorhands (1990) - Danny Elfman

XM1A Intro A
XM1B Intro B
XM1C Intro C
1M1A Titles
1M1B Storytime
1M4 Castle
2M1 New World
2M2 Home
2M3 Housewives
2M3A Housewives Tag
2M4 Husbands
3M1 Ballet Suburbia
3M2 Esmerelda
3M2A Esmerelda 2
3M3 Factory
4M2 Etiquette
4M4 Paper Dolls
5M1 Le Boutique
5M2 Kim at the Mall
5M2R Kim at the Mall revised
5M4 Talk Show Shocker
5M4Alt Talk Show Shocker Alt
5M5 Talk Show Theme
6M2 Alt. Intro
6M2 Cloth World
6M2A Cloth World Intro
7M1 Heist
7M2 The Tide Changes
7M3 Apology
8M1 Rage
8M2 Kim Spies
8M2R Kim Spies Alt.
8M4A Ice Dance
8M4B Confrontation
8M4C ALT Alternate Wandering Ed
8M4C Wandering Ed
8M5 Rampage
8M7 Devil Bush
9M1 Paranoia
9M1R Paranoia Revised
9M1R Alt Paranoia Revised Alt
9M2X Dog
9M2A Stakeout
9M2B Death
9M3 The Plot Unfolds
10M1A The Mob
10M1B Farewell
10M2 Alt. Finale
10M2 Finale
10M2 Alt.
10M3 End Credits
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Source: http://filmcues.blogspot.de/2013/08/the-wolfman.html

The Wolfman (2010) - Danny Elfman

0m01a Wolf Suite I
0m01b Wolf Suite II
0m02 Wolf Wild
0m03 Man or Beast?
1m01-2 Prologue
1m03r Dear Mr. Talbot
2m03a Wake Up, Lawrence
2m03b Horrors of the Past
2m04alt The Funeral
2m04org Do You Believe?
2m05 Bad Moon Rising
3m01 It's Not Safe
3m02 Gypsy Massacre
3m04 The Healing Montage
3m08 Scotland Yard
4m02-3 You Must Go
4m04 Cursed
4m05 First Transformation
4m05alt Quite Dead
4m05b Terrible Things
4m07 Country Carnage
4m08 Be Strong
5m01 The Madhouse
5m04a In the Asylum
5m04b Lycanthropy
6m03 Reflection
6m04 The Antique Shop
6m04alt If I Can Help
6m05 The Traveling Montage
7m03 There Is No Cue
7m05a alt The Show Is Over
7m05a 2nd Transformation
7m06 The Finale
7m06alt1 Legend Lives On
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Pino Donaggio - Blow Out (1981)

Source: Intrada liner notes

Coed Frenzy Disco [M1]
Killing Of College Guard [M2]
Maniac Spies On Girls [M3]
Shower Scene [M4]
Jack Rescues Sally [M6]
Sally's Theme [M7]
Hospital To Motel [M8]
Replay Of Sounds [M9]
Burke Changes Tire [M10]
Jack Leaves Cutting Room [M11]
Jack To Karp's Studio [M13]
Photos Of Sally
Jack Cuts Out Pictures [M14]
Jack & Sally In Café 1 [M15]
Freddie Is Miked [M16]
Freddie And Mobsters [M17]
Jack & Sally In Café 2 [M18]
Manny's TV [M19]
Jack Discovers Gunshot [M20]
Burke In Phone Booth [M21]
Jack's Tapes [M22]
Burke & Manners [M23]
Jack Retrieves Tapes [M24]
Burke Kills Redhead [M26]
Sally Slugs Karp [M27]
Jack Copies Tapes [M28]
Jack On Phone To Donahue [M29]
Burke Calls Sally [M30]
Watch Wire [M31]
Burke To Phone Booth [M32]
Burke Kills Hooker [M33]
Sally Into Station [M34]
Burke Meets Sally [M35]
Jack Runs Through Station [M36]
Jack Runs After Sally [M37]
Car Through Glass Window [M38]
Burke Kills Sally [M39]
Jack Kills Burke [M40]
Theme From Blow Out (End Credits) [M41]
Karp's Hotel [M44]

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Mark Mothersbaugh - Sugar & Spice (2001)

Source: promo

One Way Mirror [1M1]
Start Interrogation [1M3]
Meet The Girls [1M4]
Hands In, Ladies [1M5]
Sitting On Behinds [1M6]
Ready To Rally [1M7]
Didn't See It Coming [1M9]
Jack Was Fine [1M10]
Talking Board [1M11]
Cool Swagger [1M12]
So Close, So Fast [1M14]
Clean It Up For Court [1M16]

Ready For The Dance [2M6]
A Flower From Dirt [2M7]
I Love John [2M8A]
Jiffy's New Baby [2M9A]
Papa Don't Preach [2M9B]
Likely Link Wray [2M10]
Di Gets An Idea [2M13]
The Note [2M14]

Ice Cream Tummy [3M2]
Getting Tired [3M3]
Point Break [3M5]
In It Together [3M6]
Discovering Twins [3M8]
She's A Specialist [3M9]
Prison Aunts [3M10]
Buzz [3M11]

I Got A Daughter [4M2]
Watch Her Now [4M7]
Lucy's Out [4M10]
Merry Xmess [4M11]

Ennioesque [5M1]
The Heist [5M3]
More Ennioesque [5M5]
Busted [5M9]
Diane Calls Lisa [5M10]
The Alibi [5M11]
Captain Lisa [5M12]
End Credits [5M14]

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On 12/24/2011 at 6:53 PM, Eblobulator said:

SOURCE: Music Documentary from DVD.

I just noticed that your cue list doesn't match the one found here (which was apparently also taken from the music documentary from the DVD): http://www.bluntinstrument.org.uk/elfman/archive/Spidy2cuesheets.htm

Does anyone know which list is the correct one?

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John Frizzell - Alien: Resurrection (1997)

Source: isolated Bluray score

Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare [1M0]

Alien Resurrection - Main Title [1M1]

Entering The Ship [1M1A] ("Main Title" from Alien by Jerry Goldsmith)

The Sak [1M2]

Make Us Proud [1M3]

Meat-By Product [2M1]

'Fiora 16' [2M2]

Inbred Motherfucker [2M5]

Docking [2M5A]

Life Forms On Ship [3M1A]

Face Huggers [3M2]

Basketball [3M3]

Foot Massage [3M4]

Fast Learner [4M1]

Call & Ripley Segues To [4M3]
Gun Fight [4M4]

Alien Escape [5M1]
Freeze [5M2]

Evacuation [5M2A]

Blood Drops [5M3]

Hose [6M0]

Elgyn's Death [6M1]

Ripley Believe It [6M1A]

Twelve [6M2]

Vriess Reappears [7M1]

Telling Vriess [7M1A]

Ripley Meets Clone [7M1B]

After The Tube Blow Up [7M2]

The Worker [8M1]
What's Inside [8M2]
Going Under [8M3]

Hillard Dies [9M1]
The Web [9M1A/1]
More Web [9M1A/2]
Christie Dies [9M1B]
Call Reveal [9M2]

Call's Fake [10M1]
The Chapel [10M2]
Mean Streak [10M3]

Carried Away [11M1]

Purvis Gives Birth [12M1]
Birth Of The Newborn [12M1A]
Ripley To The Betty [12M2]
Undocking [12M2A]
Call Meets The Newborn [12M2B]

Ripley And The Newborn [13M1]
Finale [13M2]
Alien March [13M3]

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I'm pretty sure that this has been answered here (but I'm not about ready to go digging around for it), but...

How does one go about assigning cue numbers in a film score?

And what do each of the cues mean (i.e. |Number| M |Number| )?

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5m4 = reel 5, music cue 4

Someone working on the film in the music department assigns them

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Yea. LLL Hook and TH:DOS are two recent examples that come to mind, and the TPM UE

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So with the advent and increased use of digital film production, how then does one go about assigning the reel number?

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Not all modern films use reel numbers. Now on some films they just do M1, M2, M3, etc.

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Danny Elfman - The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Source - 2011 Warner Set Liner Notes

M1 Overture
M2 Opening
M3 This is Halloween
M4 Post Party
M5 Jack's Lament
M6 Doctor Finklestein/In the Forest
M7 What's This?
M8 Sally's Lament/Wandering Jack
M9 Jack Returns
M10 Town Meeting Song Intro
M11 Town Meeting Song
M12 Jack and Sally Montage
M13 Jack's Obsession
M14 Work in Progress
M15 Kidnap the Sandy Claws
M16 Bunny
M17 Making Christmas Intro
M18 Making Christmas
M19 Nabbed
M20 Oogie Boogie's Song
M21 Big Send-Off
M22 Sally's Song
M23 Christmas Eve Montage
M24 Poor Jack
M25 To the Rescue
M26 Back to Business
M27 Finale/Reprise
M28 Closing
M29 End Title

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Er, this isn't a thread where people make up their own slate numbers and assign them to CD track titles. This is a thread where the composer's actual, original cue titles, and their corresponding actual slate numbers, are posted, when they are known.

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I don't appreciate you accusing me of making up slate numbers, as if you think that I'm using this thread as a sandbox for cue lists.

I see lists here derived from illegal sources (e.g. bootlegs and unlicensed scans), so why is it suddenly an issue when I use a legitimate source?

This was an honest and thought-out effort on my part. If you want to give me constructive criticism, that's an entirely different matter that I'd happy to meet you halfway for.

But this...

Er, this isn't a thread where people make up their own slate numbers and assign them to CD track titles. This is a thread where the composer's actual, original cue titles, and their corresponding actual slate numbers, are posted, when they are known.

That's not good enough.

PM me if you want to discuss this further.

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Well, you said:

(I don't know how to assign reel numbers yet).

So doesn't that imply you just made them up?

And then your list is simply the Burton/Elfman box-set CD track listing, with one additional "cue" added (Jack and Sally Talk).

Not sure exactly what you are trying to do here....

Everything else in this thread is the actual cue names the composer (or whoever) originally wrote on their sheet music (or listed on recording logs, or whatever), along with the actual slates used during the production of the film.

Again, you just took CD track titles from the Elfman/Burton box (down to even using "Singing Elf Mix"), and assigned your own completely made up slate numbers to them. I'm not sure why you went through the trouble?

Nobody knows what the actual slate numbers are for NBCM, nor what Elfman's original cue titles were. That information has never leaked, or been publicly posted, to my knowledge....

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