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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Aaron Zigman - John Q (2002)

Source: recording sessions, Agency promos

Main Title [1M1] - contains "Ave Maria" arranged by Aaron Zigman

Towing Car [1M2]

Breakfast [1M3]

In The Cornfield [1M5]

Heart Attack [1M8]

Insurance Policy [2M9]

Justice Of The Heart - Part 1 [2M12AS]

Justice Of The Heart - Part 2 [2M12BS]

Resources Gathering [2M13]

Do Something [2M14]

John Pulls A Gun [2M15]

Camera [3M16]

E.R. Roadway [3M17]

Ambulance Arrival [3M18]

Grimes Arrives At The Scene [3M19]

First Call [3M20]

Denise And Mike [3M22]

Monroe Arrives At The Scene [3M24]

Second Call [3M25]

Video Feed To E.R. [3M26]

Mitch Fights John [4M27]

John Releases Hostages [4M28]

Plan Of Attack [4M29]

Breaking News [4M30S/4M33S]

Flashback [4M31]

Grimes Questions Denise [4M32]

Interview With Jimmy [4M34]

Infiltration [4M35]

Crawling In The Vent [4M36]

Denise Calls John [5M37]

John Gets Shot [5M38A]

Helicopter Departs [5M38B]

The Crowd [5M39]

I'm Not Going To Bury My Son [5M40]

Mike Goes To E.R. [5M41]

Helicopter Arrives [5M45-47]

Donor Match [6M49]

Denise Runs To John [6M50]

Operation [6M52]

Montage [6M52A]

Guilty [6M54]

Leaving The Courtroom [6M55]

End Title

The Voice Inside My Heart [6M56S] - produced & arranged by Aaron Zigman

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Yeah.... That's not how this works.....

1M1 = Reel 1, Music cue 1   7M5 = Reel 7, Music cue 5   Etc

By "score" they're probably referring to the sheet music, not the recording sessions. I'm not aware of any session leaks for TLJ.

Alan Silvestri - Cat's Eye (1985)

Source: Intrada liner notes

Cat's Eye - Intro [M11]
Cat Walk [M11A]
Cat Chase (Main Title) [M12]
Help Me [M21]
The Cat Room [M23]
The First Cigarette [M31]
Closet Case [M32]
Delusion [M34]
Bumper To Bumper [M41]
First Smoke [M42]
Cat Escape [M43]
To Quitters Incorporated [M52]
Cat In Atlantic City [M53]
Television Message [M54A]
O.K. To Cross [M55]
The Decision [M61/71]
Bird Escort [M72]
The Walk Continues [M73]
You Have My Wife [M74]
Mr. Cressner Falls [M81]
A Visitor In Wilmington [M82]
Nighttime [M83]
In Amanda's Room [M91]
Mom Has A Plan [M101]
The Troll Arrives [M102]
Trying To Get To Amanda [M103/106]
Troll Fight [M110]
General's Love Of Amanda [M113]

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Jerry Goldsmith - Capricorn One (1977)
Source: Intrada liner notes

R1P1 Main Title
R1P2 Fanfare Source
R1P3 Abort 1
R1P3A Abort 2
2X Abort 3
R2P1 Capricorn Control
R2P1A Mars - Part 1
R2P2/R3P1 Mars - Part 2
R3P2 Docking
R4P1 Working Overtime
R4P2 We Have Landed
R5P1 Kay's Theme
R5P3 Elliot Is Missing
R6P1 The Letter
R6P2 We Are Dead
R7P1 Break Out - Part 1
R7P2 Break Out - Part 2
R7P3 Break Out - Part 3
R8P1 The Desert
R8P2/R9P1 Bedtime Story
R9P2 The Helicopters
R9P3 Hide And Seek
R10P1 No Water
R10P2 Flare No. 1
R10P3 The Long Climb
R11P1 Flare No. 2
R12P1 The Snake
R12P2 To Bru From Kay
R12P3/R13P1 The Station
R12P3/R13P1A The Station A
R12P3/R13P1B The Station B
R12P3/R13P1C The Station C
R12P3/R13P1DE The Station DE
R14P1 The Celebration
R14P2 End Title

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Christopher Young - Gods Behaving Badly (2013)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

1M1 Main Title
1M7 Apollo Gets Hit by Arrow
1M10 Kate On Couch
1M11 Gods House

2M13 Neil Makes French Toast For Kate
2M15 Ares
2M16 Apollo Seduces
2M17 Apollo Goes To Zeus

3M21 Bike Ride
3M25 Eros And Artemis Talk To Neil

4M33 Hades Pissed

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John Debney - Aliens In The Attic (2009)
Source: recording sessions

Opening [1M1]
Bethany Through Window [1M1A]
Main Title [1M5PT1]
Nate And Family Arrive [1M5PT2]
The Punisher [1M7]
In Camouflage / Punisher Attack On Ricky [1M10A/B]
Pods Hit Roof [1M11]

Aliens On The Roof [2M12]
Roof Fight [2M13]
Peace Is Not An Option [2M13A]
Ricky Hanging By A Threat [2M14]
Trellis To The Attic [2M15]
Weakness [2M15A]
Basement Recon [2M16]
Anti-Gravity [2M17]
Ricky Retardo [2M18]

Remote Control Ricky [3M19]
Aliens In The Vents [3M20]
Barbie Car In Vents [3M21]
Turned On Ricky [3M22]
Barbie For Lunch [3M23]
Leasing Gag Ricky [3M24]

Alien Smoke In The Vents [3M25]
Hannah Meets Sparks [3M26]
Kids Meet Sparks [3M28]
Interrogation [3M29]
Nana Barges In [3M30]

My Sister's Robot Dog [4M31]
Assassin Almost Gets Sheriff [4M32]
Jake After Assassin...Oops [4M33]
Tied Jake Down Stairs [4M34]
BBQ Lunch [4M35]
Ricky Grabs Backpack And Assassin [4M36]
Kung Foo Nana [4M37]
Parents See Mess [4M38]
Jake Sees Pod In Basement [4M39]
Let's Go Save The Planet [4M40]
Building Sizematron...I Have A Plan [4M41]

Mentos Attack [5M42]
Giant Skip [5M43]
Kids Swing Into Action [5M44]
Beacons...Fireworks [5M45]
Tom Shoots Skip [5M46]
Fight Of The Giants [5M47]
Sparks Says Goodbye [5M48]
Dad And Tom / Fishing [5M49]

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Main post updated.

Rebuild of Evangelion - Shiro Sagisu

Source: OST and Music From releases

Sorry to be a pain in the ass, but could you please edit this post so that it contains only cue list, then put the other two in separate posts? Thank you!

I tried that. The board merged the posts together. But I can try again, sure.

Evangelion 2.0 - You Can (Not) Advance

Source: OST and Music From releases

2EM01 - At The Very Beginning

2EM03 - L'Agresseur

2EM04 - Ambassadrice Rouge





2EM09 - Yamashita




2EM13 - EM20_Alterna

2EM14 - EM10C

2EM15 - Destiny

2EM16 - Fate

2EM17 - Instabilité- Piano Solo

2EM18 - Des Cordes- opus 2

2EM18 - Mellow 2009

2EM19 - Variations On A Theme Of Mozart

2EM20 - Robe des Champs


2EM22 - Instabilité- Orchestre

2EM25 - Tranquillité

2EM26 - EM05B

2EM28 - EM13

2EM29 - Les Bêtes

Today is the Time for Goodbye

2EM31 - In My Spirit

2EM32 - Keep Your Head Above The Mayhem

2EM33 - The Final Decision We Must All Take

2EM34 - Evanescence- moivement 1

2EM34 - Evanescence- moivement 2

2EM34 - Evanescence- moivement 3

2EM35 - Carnage

2EM36 - Sin From Genesis

Give Me Wings

Beautiful World (PlanitB Acoustica Mix)

2EM28 - EMF02

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Well, yeah, the thing is you gotta wait 2 hours (or is it 1?) if you want to make another post that won't be merged with your previous one. But hey, look, now you can posts all three cue lists! One by editing your post on the previous page, one by editing the post you just made right above mine, and one right below my post. Done deal!

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Evangelion 3.0 - You Can (Not) Redo
Source: OST and Music From releases

3EM01 - Bataille d'Espace (From Evangelion 1.0 EM20 "Bataille Décisive")
3EM02 - Gods Message (From Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water C-17B "Light Of Babel")
3EM03 - Quiproquo 131 (2 pianos)
3EM04 - Serenity Amongst The Turmoil (From Evangelion 1.0 EM10A "The Longest Day")
3EM05 - The Ultimate Soldier
3EM06 - Dark Defender (From Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water C-16 "Resuscitation")
3EM07 - The Anthem (From Nadia: The Secret Of Blue Water C-15 "Almighty Battleship New Nautilus")
3EM08 - Quelconque 103 (Piano)
3EM09 - Quiproquo 83 (2 pianos)
3EM10 - Out Of The Dark
3EM11 - Quatre Mains
3EM12 - L'Apôtre De La Lune (2 pianos)
3EM13 - Thème Q (Guitare)
3EM14 - Adlib
3EM15 - pre
3EM15 - Quatre Mains Fun 07 edit
3EM16 - Quatre Mains (A Quatre Mains)
3EM17 - Qui Veut Faire L'ange Fait La Bête (Piano Solo)
3EM18 - Quiproquo 140 (piano)
3EM19 - Trust
3EM20 - Long Slow Pain
3EM21 - Quelconque 56 Avec A4 (2 Pianos Plus)
3EM22 - L'Apôtre De La Lune (Orch. C.)
3EM23 - Return To Ash
3EM24 - It Will Mean Victory
3EM25 - Betrayal
3EM26 - Scarred And Battled
3EM27 - From Beethoven 9
3EM28 - The Wrath Of God In All Its Fur
3EM30A - Kindred Spirits (Thème Q)
3EM30B - Tout Est Perplexe (Thème Q)
3EM31 - Gods Gift
3EM32 - Peaceful Times Choer
Sakura Nagashi
Quatre Mains (Chambre Chords)
Quiproquo 131 (Orchestre)
ui veut faire l'ange fait la bête (piano capricieux)
Bande-annonce (Garçons)

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It's 2 hours. How has someone who's been posting for 8 years never noticed that?

Because I've never had the need to double post as far as I can remember, and I'm not savvy on IPBoard software changes.

I apologize for not breaking forum etiquette more regularly :P

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Marco Beltrami - The Watcher (2000)

Source: can't name it right now


Main Titles (Driven) [1M1]

Killer Profile [1M3]

Ghost Waltz [1M4]

Cambell's Home [1M5]

Keanuvision [1M8]

Tracking A Honda [1M10]


Queen Of Spaders [2M3]

Realization [2M4]

Lost In The Brothel [2M5]

Special Delivery [2M6]


Photo Shop [2M7]

Search Montage [2M8]


Blondie Patrol [3M2]

No Silence [3M4]

Crime Scene [3M5]

Hunting A Griffin [3M7]

In The Soup [3M8]

Going Up [3M9]

Big For The Shrink [3M10]

Eye On The Pie [3M11]

Griffin Observatory [3M12]


Booty Hunt [4M1]

Mo' Booty Hunt [4M3]

Gif Gets A Girl [4M5A]

Grif On The Go

Dis Goes Dis Way

Case Of Gas

Face Down

Panty Raid

The Package


Graveside Chat [5M1]

Luv In An Elevator [5M2]

Cop Chase [5M4]

Hot Tomei-to [5M5]

Put Away The Wet [5M6]

End Credits [5M7]

Turtle Luv


Driven To This //produced by Marco

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Christopher Lennertz - Marmaduke (2010)

Source: Recording Sessions


1m02 Davis Logo
1m03 Uncool for School
1m04 Meet The 2 Leggers
1m05 Bath
1m06 Puppy Flashback - Our Shot
1m08 Moving Day
1m10 Same Dog Different Floor
1m13 Dog Park
1m14 Intro to Jezebel
1m15 Meet the Mutts
2m16 The Pedigrees
2m17 Bee! - Interesting
2m20 Dad Attempt
2m21 Marmabye
2m24 Pedigree Crashers
2m26 Mad Dogged
2m27 Bosco's Right
2m28 Just Surfers - Genius Dane
2m30 Barkanova 101
3m31A Dog Trainer
3m31B Dental Hygiene
3m32 I Smell A Cat
3m33 Whatever
3m34 Cow-A-Bark-A
3m35 Keep A Secret
3m36 Hang 20
3m38 This Ends Here
3m39 Beach Talk
3m42 Junkyard Date
3m44 Jealous Mazie
4m49 Marmafake
4m50 Ex Top Dog
4m51 Uh Oh Daddy
4m52 Backyard vs. Couch
4m53 Peace Offering Returnez
4m55 Runs Away
4m56 Chupadogra
4m57 Where?s Marmaduke
4m58 Looking for Marmaduke
5m60 Saving Marmaduke
5m61 Firetruck Side Chat
5m62 Dogfrontation
5m64 Pretty In Pink
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Furthering this one that seems to be unlisted in the contents: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20819&view=findpost&p=787099

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Jerry Goldsmith, Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner

Source: LaLaLand Liner notes

R19P2 - Overture

R1P1 - Main Title

R1P2 - Klingon Battle

Sc. 28 - Total Logic

Sc. 38 - Floating Office

Sc. 40B - The Enterprise

Sc. 40BR - The Enterprise (Revised)

Sc. 77 - Malfunction

Sc. 85 - Goodbye Klingon

Sc. 92 - Goodbye Epsilon

Sc. 93 - Pre-Launch

Sc. 95 - Leaving Drydock

Sc. 95R - Leaving Drydock (Revised)

Sc. 121 - TV Theme

Sc. 125 - Warp Point Eight

Sc. 143 - No Goodbyes

Sc. 143R - No Goodbyes (Revised)

Sc. 144A - Spock Arrives

Sc. 144AR - Spock's Arrival (Revised)

Sc. 152 - TV Theme

Sc. 155 - Warp Point Nine

R7P1 - Meet V'Ger

R8P1 - The Cloud

R9P1 - V'Ger Flyover

R10P1 - The Force Field

Sc. 257 - Micro Exam

Sc. 257R - Micro Exam (Revised)

Sc. 268 - Games

Sc. 268R - Games

Sc. 273 - Spock Walk (Recorded as two parts)

R14P2 - System Inoperative

R14P3 - Hidden Information

Sc. 367 - Inner Workings

Sc. 367R - Inner Workings (Revised)

R17P2 - V'Ger Speaks

R16P2 - The Meld

R16P4 - A Good Start

R16P5 - End Title

Quite surprised this hasn't been posted in full yet.

I do wonder how those would translate into normal slates...

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Mark Mothersbaugh - Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (2009)

Source: cuesheets, promo

1m1 Introduction
1m2A Spray-On Shoes

1m2B Hard Times

1m2C Main Theme

1m3A Latest Invention Pt 1
1m3B Latest Invention Pt 2
1m5 Flint And Dad
1m14 Sam's Big Break
2m18A Sardine Land Presentation
2m18B Sardine Land Continued
2m20 Powering Up


2m22 Failure Again

2m24 A Meatier Shower
2m31 Activation
2m36 A Father's Love

2m38A Ice Cream Wonderland
2m38B Snowball!

3m39 The Mayor's Big Plan
3m40 Giant Jello Mold
3m46 Getting Together With Dad
3m48 Music To Grind Chum By
3m52 Sam Discovers The Problem
3m54 Solitary Chum
3m55A Spaghetti Twister Pt 1
3m55B Spaghetti Twister Pt 2
4m59 Dad Finds Flint
4m60A Time To Pay The Bill Pt 1
4m60B Time To Pay The Bill Pt 2
4m61 The Mission Begins
4m62A The Meatball Pt 1
4m62B The Meatball Pt 2
4m63A Earl Takes Charge
4m63B Rescuing Cal
5m64 Sentient Chickens
5m65A Worldwide Chaos
5m65B Anaphylactic Love
5m66A The Heart Of The Meatball
5m66B Sentient Machine
5m67 Spray-On Triumph
5m69 Flint Returns

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Randy Newman - The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Source: Handwritten Score*

1M2a/b Eudora’s Fairytale

1M2d Going Home

1M3 Gumbo

1M4 Frog

1M6 Kentucky Derby

1M7 Charlotte

1M8 [untitled]

2M1 Daddy’s Girl

2M4 Gentlemen

2M6 “Tango di Frogio”

2M7 Fanfare

2M8 Waltz No. 1

2M9 Your Background

2M10 Waltz No. 2

2M11 [untitled] (Waltz No. 3?)

2M14 I Know This Story

2M15 Two Frogs

2M17 Up and Away

3M1 Balloon Breaks

3M2 Leech

3M3 Logs

3M4r Another Morning

3M6 (Alternate)

3M9 Do Not Kiss Her

3M11 Louis’ Intro

3M13 LaBouff Proposes

3M14 Let’s Eat

3M15 Bug

3M15a Wild Tongues

3M16 Ray

3M18 Ray’s Cajun

3M19 Bayou Shimmer

3M21 Shadow Me

3M21a Shadows

3M22 Gator Down etc.

3M23 Hunters with Guns

4M1 Louis and Ray

4M2 Young Love

4M3 Dinner

4M3r Sad Prince Frog

4M4 Trouble

4M5 [untitled]

4M8 MamaOdie

4M9 Ju Ju

4M12 Gumbo

4M13 What About Me?

4M15 [untitled]

4M15a [untitled]

4M16 [untitled]

4M17 [untitled]

4M18 Hurry Up, Now

4M19 Back in Business

4M21 GOOD – I Ain’t Talkin’

4M23 [untitled]

5M1 Wedding

5M3 [untitled]

5M5 [untitled]

5M5r Bad Dream/Hand it Over

5M7 Church Clock

5M8 [untitled]

5M9 Ray is Hurtin’

5M9b [untitled]

5M10r Dead Again

5M11A [untitled]

5M11r Church and Swamp

*Does not include the musical numbers

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Elliot Goldenthal – Alien 3 (1992)

Source: Official Cue Sheets

1M1 Main Titles/Agnus Dei*

1M2 Survivor

2M1 They Didn’t Survive

2M2 The Wreckage

2M3 The Dog

2M4 In the Morgue/Autopsy*

3M1 Outbreak of Cholera

3M2 The Cremation/Dog Blow Up*

3M3 Girl From Ipanema/Year 2525*

3M4 Chow Down With The Boys

3M5 New Haircut… Love Theme

4M1 First Attack

4M2 Appreciative…

4M3 That’s His Boot

4M4 A Mark… A Burn

4M5 Door Sting/Light A Candle*

4M6 Clemens Reprimand

5M1 Droid/Rape*

5M2 Candles In The Wind

5M3 Golic Detained

5M4 Bishop Turned On

6M1 The Dragon

6M2 In An Insane…**

6M2 You’re Going To…

6M3 “Long Sad Story”

6M4 Clemens Dies

7M1 What Are We Going To Do Now?

7M2 The Explosion

8M1 The Aftermath

8M2 Permanently Denied (I Have To See…)

8M3 Golic Opens The Gates

9M1 I Have To Get To The Ship

9M2 The Beast Within

9M3 In the Basement

10M0 Alien’s Lair

10M1 It Won’t Kill Me

10M2 I’m Not One…

11MA This Was Her Idea

11M1 It’s Started

11M2 It’s Started (Part 2)

12M1 More Bait And Chase

12M2 Trap… & Dillion

12M3 Dillion’s Deliverance

12M4 Gotcha…

12M5 Hello I Must Be Going

13M1 Adagio Theme (Have Life…)

* Indicates a cue with an alternate title

**Indicates a cue that was either unused or cut

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David Arnold - Godzilla (1998)

Source: Lalaland Cd's Tags


1m1 The Beginning

1m3 Tanker Gets It

1m5/6 Chernobyl

2m1 Footprint

2m2 Footprints / New York / Audrey

2m3 Chewing Gum Nose

2m3a/4 Ship Reveal / Nick Discovers Fish / Flesh

2m5 The Boat Gets It

3m1 Dawn Of The Species

3m3/4 Joe Gets A Bite / Godzilla Arrives

3m5 Mayor's Speech

3m6 Caiman's Office

3m7 Animal's Camera

4m1 Military Command Center / New Jersey

4m2 Audrey's Idea

4m3 Evacuation

4m4 French Coffee

4m4 Subway Damage / Command Enters City

5m1 Fish

5m2 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

5m3/4 1st Helicopter Chase / Godzilla Swats A Chopper

6m1/1x We Fed Him / Audrey Sees Nick

6m2/3/4/7m1 Nick And Audrey / He's Pregnant /Audrey Takes The Tape / French Breakfast

7m2 He's Preparing To Feed

7m4/5/6/7/8m0 Nick Gets Fired / Nick Gets Abducted / Frenchie's Warehouse / Nick Joins The Foreign Legion

8m1 Chewing Gum

8m2 Rumble In The Tunnel

9m1/2/3/4/10m1 Godzilla O Park / Godzilla Takes A Dive / Godzilla Versus The Submarine / Egg Discovery

10m2 Baby 'Zillas Hatch

10m3 Nick Phones For Help

11m1 Eat The French

11m2 Phillip Shoots The Lock

11m3/12m1 Nick's Big Speech / The Garden Gets It

12m2/3 He's Back! / Taxi Chase & Clue

13m1 Big G Goes To Monster Heaven

14m1 The End


1m1 The Beginning (No Choir)

2m2a Footprints / New York / Audrey (Alternate)

2m5 The Boat Gets It (Alternate)

Gojira (Album Version)


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Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard - Batman Begins (2005)

Source: Recording Sessions

1m0 Batman Titles
1m1 Young Bruce Falls
1m2v2 3.28 Prison Nightmare
1m2v2 4.03 Prison Nightmare
1m3 Meeting Ducard
1m4 The Long Walk
1m5 4.01 Monastery
1m5 4.04 Monastery
1m6v9 3.29 Father To The Rescue*
1m6v9 4.04 Father To The Rescue*
1m7a Bruce's Discomfort
1m8a 4.01 Mugging (Part 1)
1m8a 4.04 Mugging (Part 1)
1m8b-9 3.29 Mugging (Part 2)
1m8b-9 4.04 Mugging (Part 2)
1m10 4.01 Training
1m10 4.04 Training
1m10 4.23 Training
2m11-12 4.02 Campfire*
2m11-12 4.05 Campfire*
2m11-12 4.23 Campfire*
2m13a 4.02 Your System Is Broken*
2m13a 4.05 Your System Is Broken*
2m13pt1 Courthouse (Part 1)
2m14v5 4.04 Meeting Falcone
2m14v5 4.05 Meeting Falcone
2m15v11 4.04 Decision
2m15v11 4.05 Decision
2m16 Hide In The Dark*
2m17v4 Initiation Into League*
2m18-19 Temple Fight*
3m20v3 Return To Gotham*
3m21b 4.09 Crane Warns Rachel*
3m21b 4.11 Crane Warns Rachel*
3m21m 4.07 Crane Warns Rachel*
3m21m 4.08 Crane Warns Rachel*
3m22v8.3 The Bat Cave*
3m23 4.09 Wayne Enterprises*
3m24v7 Prototypes*
3m25v3 4.09 Preparing Equipment
3m25v3 4.11 Preparing Equipment
4m26b-27 4.11 Why Bats?
4m26b-27 4.25 Why Bats?
4m27 Batman Visits Gordon*
4m28av8 Dockyard Ambush (Part 1)*
4m28b Dockyard Ambush (Part 2)
4m29 Rachel Attacked
4m32 Meeting Rachel*
4m33 Crane's Mask
4m34 Microwave Stolen*
5m35 Gordon At Home
5m37 4.14 Batman On Fire
5m37 4.24 Batman On Fire
5m38 Fox Is Fired*
5m39a Finders Keepers (Part 1)
5m39b Finders Keepers (Part 2)
5m40 4.16 Making Medicine
5m41 Fight In Crane's Lab
5m41a Fight In Crane's Lab
5m41e Fight In Crane's Lab
5m42 Backup
5m43 Batmobile Chase
6m46 Rachel In Bat Cave
6m46b Your Father's Name
6m49 Crane Interrogated
6m51 Ducard Appears
6m52 Ducard and Gotham's Fate
6m53-54 Bruce Left For Dead
6m55 Antidote
6m56-57 Batman Arrives
6m58-59 Rescues Rachel
7m60a Final Confrontation
7m60b Train Fight (Part 1)
7m60c Train Fight (Part 2)
7m61 Danger Over
7m62 Surveying The Ruins*
7m63 4.21 Gordon Says Thanks
7m63 4.24 Gordon Says Thanks
7m65 Batman End Credits
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Hans Zimmer / James Newton Howard / Lorne Balfe / Henry Jackman - The Dark Knight (2008)

1m0 Logo

1m1 Bank Robbery

1m2 Find The Batman

1m3 Buyer Beware

1m4 Dirty Cash*

1m5 The New DA*

1m6 Hostile Witness*

1m7 Bank Warrants / LSI Holdings*

2m9 Who Appointed Batman?*

2m9 Who Appointed Batman? (Alternate)*

2m10 Move The Money

2m11 Kill The Batman

2m12 Half Way To Hong Kong*

2m13 Trip To Hong Kong

2m14 Put A Smile On That Face

2m16 LSI Extraction

2m17 Mobsters Taken Into Justice*

2m18 Are You Up To It?*

3m20-21 A Hero With A Face*

3m22 Joker Crashes The Party**

3m23 Panic Room**

3m24-25 You're Gonna Love Me

3m26-27 Watch The World Burn

3m28 Loud Enough

3m30 Speech Ambush

3m32a Dent To Van*

3m32b Gordon Is Dead

4m34-35 Rachel Next*

4m37-38 Interrogating Schiff*

4m37-38 Interrogating Schiff (Alternate)*

4m39a Blood On My Hands*

4m39b The Outcast**

4m40 I Am The Batman*

4m41 Truck Convoy

4m42a Pod Deploy

4m42b Batman Down

4m43 We Gotcha*

4m44 Gordon Returns Home*

5m45 You Complete Me

5m46-47 Wired

5m48-49 Harvey Two-Face*

5m50 This Is My City

5m51-52a Hospital Bomb Scare (Part 1)

5m52b Hospital Bomb Scare (Part 2)

6m53 Explosion Aftermath

6m54a Dent Kills Wertz*

6m54b Sonar System

6m54c Unlucky Driver*

6m55 The Ferries***

6m56 Always A Catch

6m57 Storming Pruitt Building**

7m58 Give It To Me***

7m59 A Little Push

7m60a Eye For An Eye*

7m60b Dent Defeated

7m61 I'm Not A Hero

7m62 A Dark Knight

103BPM Action Ice Theme

Harvey Dent Suite*

New Batman Theme




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Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)
Source: Recording Sessions
1m0 Logo
1m1 Prologue
1m2 The Truth About Harvy Dent
1m3 Room Service
1m6 Uncrackable Safe
1m7 He Was The Batman
1m8 Nothing Out There For Me
2m9 Is He Coming Back?
2m10 Bar Shootout
2m11 Gordon Underground
2m12 Blake Visits Wayne Manor
2m13 Hospital Visit
2m14 Bruce Follows Selina
2m17 For Old Time's Sake
2m18 Risen From The Darkness
3m19 Stock Exchange
3m20 Batman Chased
3m21 Selina Finds Dagget
3m22a Rooftop Fight
3m22b Back To Batcave
4m23 Handing Over The Reactor
4m24 Do You Feel In Charge?
4m25 Batman Could Be Anybody / Selina Apartment
4m26 Miranda Visits Wayne
4m27 Take Me To Bane
4m28 The Shadow Betrays You
4m29 Airport Detainee
4m30 No True Despair Without Hope
5m31 Board Members Taken Hostage
5m32 A Child Born In This Hell
5m33 Cops Into Sewers / Core Separated
5m35 Instrument Of Your Liberation
5m36 Gotham Is Yours
6m37 Born In Darkness
6m38 This Is Bane's Prison
6m39 Many Forms Of Immortality
6m40 There's A Storm Going On
6m41a Not Meant To Die Here
6m41b No Ordinary Child
6m42 Special Forces Arrive
6m43 Someone Sold Us Out
6m44 Without The Rope
6m45 Gordon To Foley
6m46 Get Me To Fox / Gordon Arrested
6m47 Bagged Bruce Wayne
7m48 Remember Where You Parked It?
7m49 On Thin Ice / Batman Returns
7m50 Come With Me
7m51a All Out War (Part 1)
7m51b All Out War (Part 2)
7m52 Not An Ordinary Citizen
7m53 The Slow Knife
7m54a Imagine The Fire (Part 1)
7m54b Imagine The Fire (Part 2)
7m55 Chasing The Convoy East
8m56 A Hero Can Be Anyone
8m57 Sacrifice
8m58a It Was The Batman
8m58b No Stone Unturned
8m59 Fernet / Branca
8m60 End Credits

I do wonder how those would translate into normal slates...

Those might not be usual (nowadays), but they're pretty normal :)

I meant like as normal IE: 1m1, 1m2, etc...

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Trent, R7P1 = Reel 7 Part 1 = 7m1

That I know.

I think he was referring to the Sc.38, Sc.40, Sc.177, etc. stuff.

That is what I meant, yes.

They are scene numbers. I would expect them to match the shooting script.

Hmmm...ok. I still wonder how those particular ones would translate to slates though...

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Brian Tyler - The Truth

Source: Brian's Instagram

(Here's a larger version, not sure where its from)

1M1 Prelude
1M1 Prelude INSERT
1M2 60 Minutes
1M3 Humble Beginnings
1M5 Let's Start From The Beginning
1M8 The Team
2M9 Mikey Needs A Job
2M12 First Break
2M14 Closing In
2M15 The Documents
3M16 Duty and Honor
3M17 Asking Questions
3M18 Hodges Confirms
4M19/20 Three Hours
4M21 Transcendence
4M23 Satisfaction
4M24 Doubt
4M24 Doubt ALT
4M26 Disintegration of Credibility
4M27 FEA
4M28 Indiscretion
5M29 Cybersmear
5M31 You Have To Fight Now
5M32 Thou Shalt Protect
5M33 uncovering Lies
5M34 Public Apology
5M35 Mistakes and Misunderstandings
6M36 Richard Thornburg
6M37 Invasion of Privacy
6M38 Dan Faces The Panel
6M39 Mary's Father's Interview
6M40 That's What We Do
6M41 Cooperation
7M43 Surrender
7M44 I Am What I Am
8M45 Culmination
8M46 End Of An Era
Truth March
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Elia Cmiral - Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 (2011)

Source: partial bootleg (first two reels complete)

1M0 Logo

1M1 Main Title

1M2 John Galt Walks To Diner

1M3 Who Is John Galt?

1M3A Who's Asking?

1M4 Crash

1M4A Are You Accusing Me?

1M5 Never Felt Anything

1M6 Bracelet Of Steel

1M7 Danny Leaves

1M10 Someone Else Asks

2M12 Resignation

2M13 Partners

2M14 What Are You Selling Pal?

2M15 Limo Phone Chat

2M16 Seized In Mexico

2M17 Two Dinners Dates

2M20 Answer The Question Please

3M26 Making New Tracks

3M27 Construction Continues

3M28 My Metal Is Good


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Brian Tyler - The Truth

Do you know, what those marker's mean? HR1,HR2 and so on?

Appears to stand for 'hour', breaking down exactly what was recorded during the presumably three hour session. There are strict union rules governing the amount of music that can be recorded in a three hour session - eleven or twelve minutes if I remember correctly.

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John Debney - Snow Dogs (2002)
Source: recording sessions

1M2A More Than A Tickle
1M2B A Second Opinion
1M6 You're Adopted
1M7 I'm A Eskimo?
1M9 Air Tolkenta
1M10 Take Off
1M11 Dancing On Ice
1M11ALT Flight Of The Bumblebee
1M12 Tolketna

2M1 Thunder Jack
2M2 Jack Exits
2M3 To Lucy
2M4 Exploring The House
2M5 Where's The Dog
2M6 Let's Settle This
2M7 Dumb City Slicker
2M8 Slump Time
2M9 How Many Black Guys?
2M10 Ted Prepares To Leave
2M11 I Know Who Your Father Is
2M12 Should I Call You Father?

3M2 Up A Tree
3M3 Customers Only
3M4 Round 2
3M5 Mr. Fat Booty
3M6 Wanna Drag?
3M6A Demon Takes His Place
3M7 Finding The Car
3M9 Barb Walk The Mountain
3M9A Boy You Stink
3M10 Lucy's Diary
3M11 Fox Chase
3M12 Bear Chase

4M1 The Luge
4M2 Cracked Ice
4M3 On The Beach
4M5 Relax
4M6 Ted Leaves
4M6A It All Happened Here
4M7 Artic Challenge
4M8 He Lied To Me
4M9 Into The Storm
4M10 Olivier On Ice
4M11 Amelia Slips
4M12 Where's Ted?
4M13 Ted Finds Jack

5M2 Jack Tells The Truth
5M3 Carpe Demon
5M4 Over The Cliff
5M5 They're Coming In
5M7 Ted's New Practice

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Brian Tyler - The Truth

Do you know, what those marker's mean? HR1,HR2 and so on?

Appears to stand for 'hour', breaking down exactly what was recorded during the presumably three hour session. There are strict union rules governing the amount of music that can be recorded in a three hour session - eleven or twelve minutes if I remember correctly.


I was a little off - it's fifteen minutes.

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