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The Complete Cue Lists Thread


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Citizen Kane– Bernard Hermann (1941)

Source: Composer’s Handwritten Manuscript


R1M11            Prelude

R2M22            Susan in Night Club

R2MX              Thatcher Library


R3M30*           MSS Reading & Snow Picture

R3M31            Mother’s Sacrifice

R3M33            Charles Meets Thatcher

R3M37            Dissolve to Thatcher Reading Document


R4M40*          Second Manuscript

R4M40*          Thanks for the Use of the Hall

R4M41            Bernstein’s Reading

R4M47            Hornpipe Polka

R4M47*          New Hornpipe Polka**

R5M52            Carter’s Exit & Dawn

R6M64            Kane’s Return

R6M69            Collecting Statues


R7M70*           Valse Presentation

R7MX              Sunset Narrative (LeLand’s Narration)

R7M75            Themes & Variations (Breakfast Montages)

R7M78            Kane Meets Susan


R8M80*           Susan’s Room

R8M81            Mother Memory         

R9M90            The Trip & Susan (The Trip)

R9M94            Geddes Departure

R10M109        LeLand’s Dismissal

R11M1105      Susan in Night Club (New Dawn)

R11MX            Opera Montage

R12MX            Xanadu

R12M128        Jigsaw Puzzles


R13MX*           Second Xanadu

R13M131        Kane’s Picnic

R13M135        Susan Leaves

R13M136        El Rancho (Second Dawn Sequence)

R14M1400      The Glass Ball

R14M146        Finale


* Indicates that a cue is shared with the preceding cue (hence the blank space in front of a cue).

** Indicates that this cue was not incorporated into the final score.



  • “M” Numbers containing four digits are not typos. They are written on the manuscript.
  • Cues containing an “X” (e.g.  R2MX Thatcher Library) indicate that the number was not written on the manuscript and is therefore unknown beyond the Reel Number.



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Fahrenheit 451 – Bernard Hermann (1966)

Source: Composer’s Handwritten Manuscript


1M1          Prelude

1M3          Clarisse

1M4          Happiness

2M2          T.V. Signals

2M8          Bedtime

3M1          The Boys

3M2          Home

4M1          Pink & Gold Pills                   

4M2          Recovery

5M1          The Bedroom

5M2          The Monorail

5M3          The Novel (D.C.)

5M4          The Garden

6M1          The Bridge

6M2          The Gate

6M3          The Box

6M4          The Corridor

7M1          Montag’s Books

7M2          The Pole

7M3          Fire Alarm

7M4          The Books

9M1          The Basket

9M2          The Reading

9M3          The Nightmare

9M4          The Skylight

10M1        The Windows

10M3        The Photos

10M4        The File

10M5        Vertigo

10M6        Information

11M1        The Vase

11M2        The Mirror

11M3        Fire Engine

11M4        Farewell

12M1        Flamethrower

12M2        Flowers of Fire

12M3        The Captain’s Death

12M4        Freedom

12M5        The Railway

13M1        The Road

13M2        Finale



  • Reel 8 is unknown due to a number of missing pages from the manuscript.


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14 minutes ago, Florian said:

The link to The Village on page one links back to the first post.


The recent forum update sorta messed up the links to the posts...at least it has on my end.  It'll take me to the right page but I generally have to scroll to the right post that I want.

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Hovering over the link, it appears BloodBoal never actually made it link to the direct post.  Anyway, the Village is actually on the first page.

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Don't know if it's authentic, but this post on FFShrine contains the complete list of slates for The Empire Strikes Back:


1M1 Main Title
1M2 The Imperial Probe
1M2 New Start
1M2 Insert Bar 80
1M2 Insert #2 Bar 109
1M3/2M1 Luke’s Escape
2M2 Ben’s Instructions
2M3 Luke’s Rescue
2M4 The Probe Scanner
3M1 Drawing The Battle Lines
3M2 Leia’s Instructions
3M3 The Snow Battle
3M4/4M1 Luke’s First Crash
4M2 The Rebels Escape Again
4M3 The Asteroid Field
5M1 Crash Landing
5M2 Yoda Appears
5M3 Yoda’s Entrance
5M3 End Fix
5M4/6M1 Solo And The Princess
6M2 Yoda’s Teaching
6M3 This Is Not A Cave
6M4 Training A Jedi
6M5/7M1 The Magic Tree
7M2 Attack Position
7M3 Yoda Raises The Ship
7M4/8M1 Vader’s Command
8M2 City In The Clouds
8M3 Lando’s Palace
9M1 Luke To The Rescue
9M2 Vader Shows Up
9M3 Putting ThreePio Together
9M4 Trouble In Prison
9M6/10M1 Carbon Freeze
9M6/10M1 Insert Bar
10M2 Luke Pursues The Captives
10M3 Chewie Chokes Lando
11M1 Through The Window
12M1 Losing A Hand
12M2 To Hyper-Space
12M3 Finale
12M4 End Credits
12M4 End Credits Insert

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Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M1A Grenade Burst
1M1B The Kingsman Medallion
1M2/3 The Mountain Chalet
1M4A Merlin Debrief
1M4B Eggsy In The Mirror
1M5A Pub Munchers


2M5B Police Interrogation
2M6 Medal
2M7A Silver Spoons
2M7B Pub Fight
2M7C Pub Exit
2M9 Psycho Dean
2M10 To Become A Kingsman
2M11 Convincing The White House
2M12 Merlin’s First Test
2M13 Dead Recruit


3M14 Hamill Burst
3M15/16 Training - Part 1
3M17 Training - Part 2
3M18 The Swedes
3M19 Curious Scars And Implants
3M20 Skydiving
3M21 Drinks With Valentine
3M22 Shame We Had To Grow Up


4M24 Missing Princess
4M25 Train Tracks
4M26A Bonding With Harry
4M26B Briefcase Of Doom
4M28 Fitting Room Three
4M29 Valentine At The Tailor
4M30 Shoot The Dog
4M31 Welcome Lancelot


5M32-34 Mr. Pickle / Kentucky Christians
5M36A Death Of Galahad
5M36B Elegy For A Kingsman
5M37 Death Of Arthur


6M38/39 Suiting Up
6M40 Arriving At Valentine’s Lair
6M41 Altitude Problems / Race To Plane
6M42 Merging Satellites / Brolly Battle


7M44 Hand On The Machine
7M45/46 Disco And Chaos
7M47 Gazelle Gets Did
7M48 Valentine Gets Did
7M49 Eggsy Revisits Pub

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Michael Brook - Brooklyn (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

1M1 Opening Titles
1M3 Packing The Suitcase / Leaving
1M4 Seasick
1M5 Deck Discussion
1M6 Arriving At Customs / America

2M7 Eilis Goes To Work
2M9 Feeling Homesick
2M10 Letter From Home
2M11 Bookkeeping Class
2M13 Frankie's Song

3M17 Tony Invites Eilis Our
3M18 Letter Home
3M20 Tony Not There
3M21 Things Are Looking Up

4M22 Another Letter Home / Rose Dies
4M23 Mourning / Mother Is Alone
4M24 I'm Going Home / Marriage Proposal
4M25 Going To Get Married
4M27 Visiting Rose's Grave

5M29 Getting Sucked In
5M31 Tony's Letter To Eilis
5M32 Eilis Letter To Tony / Waivering

6M35 Confrontation
6M36 Goodbye Ellis
6M37 End Credits Compilation

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Daniel Pemberton - The Counselor (2013)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

1M0C Cautious Opening Title
1M1 The Lovers
1M2 Opening Titles
1M4 To Amsterdam
1M5 Rare Stone
1M6 Piano Proposal

2M6 Cautious Bolito
2M7 Driving Call
2M10 Cautious Vanishes

3M1 Ruthie In Jail
3M2 Ruthie Into Truck
3M3 Polo Confrontation
3M6 Wireman Conspiracy
3M9 Wireman Prepares

4M3 Wireman Beheading
4M4 Restarting The Truck
4M5 Headless Body Baffles Police
4M6 Ticking Snuff
4M8 Malkina Listens In

5M3 Reiner Escapes
5M4 Westray Leaves / Laura Taken
5M8 Waiting At The Hotel
5M9 Cautious Handshake
5M10 We’re All Done Here

6M1 Jefe
6M4 Westray In London
6M6B No Harm
6M8 Westray Bolito'ed

7M1 The Briefcase
7M3 The Disc
7M4 I Think You’re Quite Cruel
7M6 End Credits 2

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Christophe Beck - Let's Be Cops (2014)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M9 Awesome Night
1M10/11 Failure To Pitch
1M13 Ghostbuster
1M17 Touchdown O'Malley
1M19 Reality Bites


2M22 Muscle On Georgie
2M23 Stumble Into Trouble
2M26 Meet Mossi
2M34 Josie And Justin


3M39 Watchmen
3M41 East Perimeter
3M42 Segars Watches
3M46 Out Of Retirement
3M47 Enter Mossi
3M48 Show Us What You Got
3M49 To The Police
3M50 He's An Animal
3M51 Believe In Me
3M53 It's On


4M53A Couch Potato
4M54 Surveillance
4M55 I Know These Fools
4M56A Grabbing Pupa A
4M56B Grabbing Pupa B
4M58 Bagged
4M60 Make Up Artist Josie


5M69 You're A Loser Not A Loser
5M70 Attitude Adjustment
5M72 Face Off
5M73 I Want Them Here
5M76 Gunfire Is Terrifying - Part 1
5M76B Gunfire Is Terrifying - Part 2
5M79 Do The Math
5M80 You're Gonna Die Today
5M83 Back Up Plan


6M85 I Got Your Six
6M86 Segars To The Rescue
6M87 Into The Game
6M88 Showdown
6M95 End Credits Suite

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The Golden Compass - Alexandre Desplat (2007)

Source: Sheet music


1M1 Opening Titles
1M2 Lyra In The Fields Pt.1
1M2 Lyra In The Fields Pt.2
1M3 Retiring Room
1M5 Fra Pavel And The Poison
1M6 Photogram Presentation (Rev.)
1M7 Lyra Questions Asriel
1M8 Roger & Lyra On The Roof
1M8 Roger & Lyra On The Roof (Rev.)
1M9 Mrs. Coulter Dinner
2M10 Lyra Is Given The Alethiometer
2M11 Sky Ferry
2M12 Mrs. Coulter's London Montage
2M13 I Know About Dust
2M14-15-16 The Study - Runaway - Gyptians On Deck
2M17 Alethiometer On Ship
2M18-19 Letters From Bolvangar
3M20 Asriel Icescape Chase Pt.1 (Opt.2)
3M20 Asriel Icescape Chase Pt.1 (Opt.3)
3M20 Asriel Icescape Chase Pt.2
3M21 Gyptian Travels
3M22 Spy Flies Attack
3M23 Lord Faa At War
3M24 Serafina Pekkala
3M25 Lee Scoresby
3M26 Lyra Meets Iorek
3M27 Iorek's Armour
3M28-29-30 Lee Saves Iorek
3M31 Samoyed Territory
3M32 The Night Camp - Alethiometer
4M34 Lyra Rides Iorek
4M35 Billy's Shed
4M35 Billy's Shed (Rev.)
4M36 Billy Costa
4M37 Lyra Captured
4M38 Scoresby And Iorek
4M39 Ragnar's Palace (Rev. 9.21)
4M39 Ragnar's Palace (Rev. 9.25)
4M39 Ragnar's Palace (Rev. 9.27)
4M40 Combat (v.2)
4M41 Iorek's Victory (v.2)
4M41-42 Riding To Save Roger Pt.1
4M43 Pt.1 Ice Bridge To Bolvangar
4M43 Pt.2 Arrival At Bolvangar
5M44 Inside Bolvangar
5M45 Mrs. Coulter Arrives
5M47 The Mother
5M48-49 Spyfly For Mrs. C
6M50 Tartars Intro
6M51 The Tartar's Battle (Rev. 9.26)
6M51 The Tartar's Battle (Rev. 10.27)
6M52 Serafina & Scoresby (Rev.)

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The Croods – Alan Silvestri (2013)

Source: Sheet music


1m1v1 Prologue
1m1v2 Prologue
1m1v3 New Intro Prologue
1m2 Meet Eep
1m3 Meet Ugga and Sandy
1m4 Meet Thunk (A Tragic Figure)
1m5 Smash and Grab
1m5 Smash and Grab (Brass & Perc)
1m5 Smash and Grab (London + Saxes)
1m6 Fast Food
1m7 Two Knuckle Warning
1m8 Eep Reaches For the Light
1m10 BearOwl Escape
1m10A What Are We Doing This For?
1m10A What Are We Doing This For? (Alt)
1m11 The Krispy Bear Story
1m11Alt The Krispy Bear Story
1m11A Let's Pile Up
1m11A Let's Pile Up (Alt)
1m12 Magic Light in the Cave
2m1 Eep and Warthog
2m2 Grug Leaves Cave
2m3 Teaching Fire to Tiger Girl
2m4 Guy's Gift of a Shell
2m7 Kill Circle
2m7Alt Kill Circle
2m8 Apocalypse
2m9 New World - Lost World
2m10 Exploring New Dangers
2m11 Monkey Punch + Cat's Paw
2m12 LandWhale Shuts Trap
2m12A LandWhale Spouts Off
2m13 Piranha-Keets
2m13Alt Piranha-Keets
2m15 Intro Fire and Corn
2m15 Fire and Corn
2m16 We Need His Fire, Dummy
3m1 Guy In Log
3m2 Mission - A Family Trip
3m3 Trudging
3m4 Turkey Follies
3m5 The Trap-py Thing
3m6 Avalanche of Flavor
3m7 Grug's Story
3m8 Guy's Flying Tiger Story
3m9 Bedtime Threesome
3m10 Sleeping on the Edge
3m11 The Pointy Rocks
3m11A Ow Ow Ow!
3m12 Guy's Idea-Shoes
3m12A New Shoes
3m13Alt2 Going Guy's Way
3m14 Grug Sees Maze
4m1Alt1 Family Maze
4m2 Training Douglas
4m3S Shine Your Way - Cuba Libre
4m4 Ugga and Guy + Star Canopy
4m5 Grug Flips His Lid
4m6 Arrival at the Mountain
4m7 Big Words Scare Me
4m7A Guy
4m8 Guy's Family Tragedy
4m9 Building the Puppet
4m10s Belt Plays the Belt-O-Phone
4m13 Macawnivore Attack
4m14 Family Reunion
4m15 Planet Collapse
4m15B We'll Die If We Stay Here
4m15B We'll Die If We Stay Here (Alt Ending)
5m2 Cave Paintings
5m2A Cavemates
5m4 Grug's Big Idea
5m5 Grug Ex-Machina
5m5 Grug Ex-Machina (Alt Ending)
5m6 Epilogue

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Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian – Alan Silvestri (2009)

Source: Sheet music


1m4 Main Title
1m5 Power's Out
1m6 Infomercial Walk On
1m7 Closed For Renovations
1m7a Teddy Atmosphere Hologram
1m8 Night & Reunion
1m9 Glory of Rome
1m10 Final Stroll
1m11 This Nights Their Last
1m12 Key To Happiness/Truck Leave
1m13 Jed Calls Larry
1m13a In The Airport
1m14 To Washington
1m15 Where Are the Archives
2m15a Arrival At Gate
2m16 Getting Past Security
2m17 Finding Jed & The Others
2m17a I Have Come Back To Life
2m18 Hand It Over
2m19 I'm Not My Brother
2m19a Bugle Call/Charge
2m19b Take The Wheel
2m19c Larry's Cycle Chase
2m19d Charge of the 7th
2m20 Meet Amelia
2m21 Let's Ankle Skipper
2m27 Custer's Battle Plan
2m27 Custer's Battle Plan Part 2
3m22 Living Pictures
3m24 I Smell Adventure
3m25 Enlisting Ivan, Napoleon & Al
3m26 Bring Larry & The Tablet To Me
3m29 Captured By Napoleon
3m30 Ammenez-Le
3m31 Evil Army Shall Be Released
3m32a Squid Needs Water
3m32b Find Secret of Pharaoh's Tomb
3m32v2 He Does Have All Night
4m33 Octavius Attacks
4m33a L&A Hide in Lincoln Memorial
4m34v2 She Is A Degas
4m35 I Saw A Bunch of Einsteins
4m37a The Adventure Continues
4m39 He's Escaping With The Tablet
4m40 Lincoln Awakes
4m41 Entering Air & Space Museum
4m42 Zero Gravity
4m42b Thanks Albert
4m43v3 Your Made Of Good Stuff
4m44 Save Your Breath
5m45 Escape In Wright Flyer
5m45a Escape In Wright Flyer Cont.
5m46 Post Crash
5m47 Got The Combination
5m48 Gate To Underworld Opens
5m49 I Ride The Squirrel
5m50 The Big Rescue
5m51 Lincoln Kicks Bird Butt
5m52 Make Him Dead
5m53 The Battle
5m54 Rally Custer
5m55 Octavius Frees Jed
5m56 300 On Your Toes
5m58 Monkey Fighting
5m59 Divide The House
5m60 Larry & Kamenrah Battle
5m61 Victory Is Ours
6m62 Flight Back To NY
6m63 Amelia Says Goodbye
6m64 Secret To Happiness
6m65 Museum Open Late
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Alice in Wonderland – Danny Elfman (2010)

Source: Sheet music

1m1 Main Title - Opening
1m1alt Main Title - Opening
1m2 Little Alice
1m3 Alice & Mom
1m4 The Proposal
1m5 The Proposal - Rabbit Chase
1m6 Down the Hole
1m7 Doors
2m1 Drink Me
2m2 Into the Garden
3m1 Finding Absolem
3m2 Bandersnatched
3m3 The Cheshire Cat
3m4 Sniffing
3m5 Hatter Recital
3m6 Alice and Bayard's Journey
3m7 In Court
3m9 Bayard & White Queen
4m1A Castle Problem
4m1B Saving the Hatter
4m2-3 Liars - Vorpal Sword
4m4 Alice Revealed
4m5 Alice Escapes
4m6 The White Queen
4m7-8 The Dungeon
4m9 Execution
5m1 The Parapet
5m2 Only a Dream
5m3 Alice Under Pressure
5m5-6pt1 Alice Decides Pt. 1
5m5-6pt2 Alice Decides Pt. 2
5m5-6pt3 Alice Decides Pt. 3
5m8A Going to Battle Pt. 1 - Dragons & Swords
5m8B Going to Battle Pt. 2
5m8C Going to Battle Pt. 3
5m9 Futterwacken
5m9alt1 Futterwacken 1
5m9alt2 Futterwacken 2
5m9alt3 Futterwacken 3
5m9alt4 Futterwacken 
5m10 Blood of the Jabberwocky
6m1 Alice Returns
Alice's Theme
Alice's Theme (Alt.)
Alice's Theme (Demo 1)
Alice's Theme (Demo 2)
Alice's Theme (Demo 3)
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Bruce Broughton / Lost In Space (1998)

Source: Intrada Liner Notes


1m0 Prologue
1m1 Main title
1m2 Major Mayhem
1m3 Fanfare For Will
1m4a Hologram Gags
1m6 You'll Do
1m7 Meet Dr. Smith
1m8 Dog Tags, No. 1
1m9 Reprogram The Robot
2m1 The Launch
2m2 Bad Dream
2m3 The Robot Attack
2m4a Where's Judy?
2m4b Judy Is Dying
3m1 Can't Kill The Man
3m2 We're Lost
3m4 The Proteus
3m5 Boarding The Proteus (Part 1)
3m5a Boarding The Proteus (Part 2)
3m7 Spiders and Static
4m1a Spiders Attack (Part 1)
4m1b Spiders Attack (Part 2)
4m2 Jupiter Crash
4m3 A Strange New Place
4m4a Spider Scratch
5m1 Matt and Judy
5m2 Goodnights
5m3 Energy Bubbles
5m4 Dog Tags, No. 2
5m5 John and West Set Out
6m1 Will's Walk
6m2 Smith Persuades Will
6m3 Will and Smith Set Out
6m4a Decades Old (Part 1)
6m4b Decades Old (Part 2)
6m5 I'm Your Son
6m5b Time Machine
6m6 Never Trust Anyone
6m7 Smith Interrupts
6m8 Spider Smith
6m9 Friendship
6m10a We Have A Plan
6m10b Kill The Monster
6m11 Let's Go Major
6m12 The Portal
7m1 Through The Planet
7m2 Nice Work Fly Boy

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Alexandre Desplat - The Danish Girl (2015)



Opening (Focus) [1M1]

Copenhagen 1928 [1M2]

Watching Ulla [1M3]

These Are Good Gerda [1M6]

The Mirror [3M14]

Fonnesbech [5M33]

Life Apart [6M36]

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Marius Ruhland - Anatomie 2 (2003)

Source: album master


1M1 Prolog
1M3 Geheime Operation


2M4 Bei Lee
2M6 Victoria verführt Jo
2M7 Selbstversuche
2M8 Machen Sie sich mitschuldig!
2M13 Jo's erste OP
2M15 Sven warnt Jo


3M18 Dachszene und Inauguaration
3M21 Hagen am Fenster


4M26 Junkie Sex Szene / Jo und Paula
4M30 Der Kuss
4M31 Benni's Akte
4M32 Manni der Zombie
4M33 Jo bei Bamberg


5M35 Helfende Schwestern
5M36 Jo wacht auf
5M37 Gregor's Monolog / Showdown
5M39A Die zerstörten Leiber
5M39B Victoria's Monolog

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Jeff Beal - Ike: Countdown To D-Day (2004)
Source: promo


History Is Lived Forward [1MA]
One Supreme Commander [1M1]
I Have My Doubts [1M2]
Close Terms With God [1M4]
Absolutely [1M5]
Patton Pending [1M6]
We Know This Enemy [1M7]


Beached Soldiers [2M1]
What Can You Give Me In June [2M2]
June It Is [2M3]


Not Looking At Napoleon [3M2]
Dinner Piano [3M3]
Loose Lips [3M4]
One Of My CLosest Friends [3M5]
No Inner Circle [3M6]


Breakfast With Beatle [4M1]
Operation Overlord [4M2/3]
Fighting To Return Home [4M4]


June 5 Is A Go [5M1]
The Drop Zones [5M3]
No Glory In War [5M4]


Southwick [6M1]
I Know [6M2]
Another Dragon To Slay [6M3]
Count On In [6M4]


Je M'appelle Chuck [7M1]
Change In The Weather [7M3]


Let's Go [8M1]
Interested In The Personal [8M3]
Strike A Match [8M4]
Main Title [8M5]
End Credits [8M6]

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Jeff Beal - Monk: Pilot (2002)
Source: promo


Introducing Monk [1M1]
I Think I Smell Gas [1M2]
Main Title [1M3]
Monk And Pillows [1M4]
The Shooting [1M5]
You Want To Drive? [1M6]
Marital Problems [1M7]
Monk And Pins [1M8]
Zen Monk [2M1]
Keys In The Casket [2M2]
Leaving The Funeral [2M3]
Sherona Quits [3M5]
Monk's Flashback [4M1]
Counting Meters [4M3]
Monk Interrogates Gavin [5M1]
Chicago [5M2]
It's Me! [5M3]
He's Not The One [5M4]
Scuffed Up Shoes [5M5]
Monk Visits The Garage [6M1]
Restaging The Shooting [6M2A]
Over There? [6M2B]
Final Chase [7M1]
I'm Not Bluffing [7M1A]
Monk's A Hero [7M3]
Coda / End Credits [7M4]

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Jeff Beal - Nightmares & Dreamscapes S01E01 (2008)

Source: promo

Drive He Said [1M1A]
Ruthless Killing [1M1B]
Gum [1M2]
Airport [2M1]
Checkin' In [2M2]
Welcome Home [2M4]
The Package [2M5]
Move 'Em Out [2M6]
Thread The Needle [3M1]
What To Do [4M1]
Trash Compactor [4M2]
He Who Dies [4M2A]
Toy Coda [4M3]
End Credits [4M4]

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Marco Beltrami - True Story (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1m01 Waltz
1m02 Mike Finkel
1m03 The Other Mike Finkel
1m04 Fired
1m05 Don’t Make Me Beg
1m06 Google


2m07 First Visit
2m07a Access Granted
2m07b Second Chance
2m07c Wrong Turn
2m07d MJ Flashback
2m08a Crime Scene
2m09 Did You Do It


3m10 Ominous Sketch
3m11 Like The Ocean
3m12 True Story
3m13 Guilty
3m14 Good Friend
3m15 Not Cooperating


4m16 Fingering
4m17 Prosecution
4m18 The Bridge
4m19a How She Died
4m19b Teddy Bear
4m20 Double Negative
4m21 Credibility


5m22 Verdict
5m23a Wink
5m23b I Hated Him
5m24 Last Visit
5m25 Liar
5m26 The End
5m27 End Credits
5m27b End Credits Pt.2
5m27c End Credits Pt.3

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Alexandre Desplat - Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Source: Complete Score

Not sure if it's legitimate. Can someone confirm?


ADES.ZD30_1m5 2TFoldown Mix.01

ADES.ZD30_2m10 2TFoldown Mix.02

ADES.ZD30_2m11 2TFoldown Mix.03

ADES.ZD30_2m13 2TFoldown Mix.04

ADES.ZD30_3m14 2TFoldown Mix.27

ADES.ZD30_3m15 2TFoldown Mix.05

ADES.ZD30_3m18 2TFoldown Mix.10

ADES.ZD30_3m20 2TFoldown Mix.06

ADES.ZD30_3m21 2TFoldown Mix.07

ADES.ZD30_4m24_25 2TFoldown Mix.08

ADES.ZD30_4m27 2TFoldown Mix.11

ADES.ZD30_4m29 2TFoldown Mix.28

ADES.ZD30_5m34 2TFoldown Mix.09

ADES.ZD30_5m36 2TFoldown Mix.12

ADES.ZD30_5m38 2TFoldown Mix.13

ADES.ZD30_5m41 2TFoldown Mix.14

ADES.ZD30_5m42 2TFoldown Mix.15

ADES.ZD30_5m43 2TFoldown Mix.29

ADES.ZD30_6m46 2TFoldown Mix.16

ADES.ZD30_6m48 2TFoldown Mix.17

ADES.ZD30_6m49 2TFoldown Mix.19

ADES.ZD30_6m50 2TFoldown Mix.20

ADES.ZD30_6m52 2TFoldown Mix.21

ADES.ZD30_7m53 2TFoldown Mix.22

ADES.ZD30_8m62 2TFoldown Mix.23

ADES.ZD30_8m64 2TFoldown Mix.24

ADES.ZD30_8m65 2TFoldown Mix.25

ADES.ZD30_9m63 2TFoldown Mix.26

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Here's a cleaned up version



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Marco Beltrami - True Story (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

1M1 Waltz
1M2 Mike Finkel
1M3 The Other Mike Finkel
1M4 Fired
1M5 Don’t Make Me Beg
1M6 Google

2M7 First Visit
2M7A Access Granted
2M7B Second Chance
2M7C Wrong Turn
2M7D MJ Flashback
2M8A Crime Scene
2M9 Did You Do It

3M10 Ominous Sketch
3M11 Like The Ocean
3M12 True Story
3M13 Guilty
3M14 Good Friend
3M15 Not Cooperating

4M16 Fingering
4M17 Prosecution
4M18 The Bridge
4M19A How She Died
4M19B Teddy Bear
4M20 Double Negative
4M21 Credibility

5M22 Verdict
5M23A Wink
5M23B I Hated Him
5M24 Last Visit
5M25 Liar
5M26 The End
5M27 End Credits
5M27B End Credits - Part 2
5M27C End Credits - Part 3

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Craig Armstrong - Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov

1M1 Opening
1M2 Proposal
1M3 Farmer Oak Loses Sheep

2M1 Oak Returns Keys
2M2 Smoke
2M3 Corn Exchange

3M1 Boldwood Opens Valentine
3M3 The Great Mis-Understanding
3M4 Sheep Dip
3M5 Boldwood Proposal
3M6 Dismissal
3M7 Oak Returns

4M4 Night Hollow
4M5 Bathsheba Meets Troy
4M6 Never Been Kissed
4M8 Hollow In The Ferns
4M9 Bathsheba And Troy Wedding

5M4 Storm
5M5 Boldwood Open Up To Oak
5M6 Fanny And Troy
5M7 Troy Rides To Meet Fanny
5M8 Fanny Had A Sweetheart
5m9 Bathsheba Open Coffin

6M1 Troy Swims Out
6M2 The Window
6M3 Troy Roams
6M3B Troy Searches
6M4 Boldwood Xmas Party
6M7 Bathsheba And Oak Dancing
6M9 Troy's Return

7M0 Aftermath
7M1 Times Moves On
7M2 Oak Tells Bath He's Leaving
7M3 Oak Leaves
7M4A You Must Not Go
7M4B Bathsheba And Oak Unite
7M5 End Credits

XM2 Love Theme
XM3 Boldwood Variation

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I Am Sam - John Powell (2001)

Source: bootleg

1M0/1M1 Titles
1M3 Groceries
1M5 Sam's Friends
1M7.5 The Park

2M8 Shoes
2M10 Reading
2M11 Sam Is Busted
2M12 Lucy Won't Read
2M13 Not If You Can't
2M15 Lucy Runs


3M16/17/18 Rita
3M20 Sam Visits Lucy
3M21 Rita Drives Sam
3M22 Answering Machine
3M23 Up The Stairs

4M24 Good Witness
4M26 All Rise
4M27 Your Son O D'd
4M28 It Matters To Me
4M29 Lucy Escapes
4M31 It Was My Idea
4M32 Tell The Truth

5M33 Annie's Father
5M35 Time For Bed
5M36 Doesn't Want To Play
5M37 Tying A Tie
5M38 Making Coffee

6M39 Versus Kramer
6M40 Sam Loses
6M41 Torn Away
6M42 Painting
6M42.5 Origami

7M43 Lucy, Calm Down
7M44 Leave Your Husband
7M47 Nighttime Visits
7M48 Nighttime Snacks
7M49 More From This

8M50 Randi
8M51 Soccer Game

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Marco Beltrami - Gods Of Egypt (2016)

Source: recording sessions


1M1 Prologue
1M2 Market Chase
1M2S Market Source
1M3 Bek And Zaya
1M4 Hangover

1M4S Oh Horus
1M5 Coronation
1M5S Horny Guys
1M6 Osiri's Speech
1M7 Set Arrives
1M7S Source
1M8 All Quiet On Set
1M9 Set Vs. Horus
1M10 Egypt According To Set

2M12 Set's Love Nest
2M13A The Eye
2M13B Bek Steals Eye
2M14 Shot Through The Heart / Urshu's To Blame
2M15 Eye See You
2M16 Underdog
2M17 Let's Make A Deal
2M18 Red Army
2M19 Urshu Gets Grilled

3M20 Wing And A Prayer
3M21 Ra Fights Apophis
3M22 Ripe For The Picking
3M23 Wingin' It
3M25 Fall From Grace
3M26 Bulls On Parade
3M27 Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls
3M28 Very Well Bek
3M29A Set Plots
3M29B Hathor Reveals Horus

4M30 Inna Gadda Davidda
4M31 Snakes On A Plain
4M32A Temple Collapse
4M32B Hathor Tames The Snake
4M33A Let's Go
4M33B Swamp Chat
4M33C Thoth's Library
4M34 Desert Chat
4M35 Channeling Zaya

5M36 Pyramania
5M37 Sphinxter
5M38 Brians
5M39 Return Of The Mistress Of The West
5M40 Hall Of Two Truths / Sharifa
5M41 Bek Visits Zaya
5M42 All Sets

6M44 Daddy Issues
6M45 Chaos
6M46 Elevator Music
6M47/48 Obelisk Battle

7M49 Ra Reboot
7M50 Bek On The Giver
7M50B End Titles
7M51 End Credits

8M1 Bek & Zaya Love Theme
8M2 Hathor's Theme

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Marco Beltrami - Dracula 2000 (2000)

Source: recording sessions


Lifeboat [1M1]
Canned Heat [1M2]
L2K [1M3]
Crossbow [1M4]
Breakin' In [1M5]
Vault Vixen [1M7]
Helsing Tunes Up [1M8]


Coffin Blood [2M1]
Helsing Alarmed [2M2]
Strangers In The Night [2M3]
Simple Simon [2M5]
That 70's Vamp [2M6]
Moveable Feast [2M7]
Come To Daddy [2M8]


Mardi Gras In Toronto [3M1]
Riverdance [3M2]
Town Hall Meeting [3M4A]
Cat Out Of The Bag [3M4B]
Lookin' Sharp [3M4C]
Pussywhipped [3M4D]
Vamps 101 [3M5]
Judas Priest [3M6]
Vamp On A G String [3M8]


Drac Takes A Vitamin [4M1]
Drac Hits A High C [4M2]
Blakula Gives Head [4M5]
Old Blood [4M6]
At Home With Creeps [4M7]
Old Man And The C [4M8A]
Goodnight Moon [4M8B]
Car Ride [4M8C]
Car Ride [4M9]
Bible Thumper [4M11]
Trimmin' The Bush [4M12]


Gang Fang [5M3]
Brotherly Love [5M4]
Tickle Me Elmo [5M5]
Mary Contrary [5M6]
Shears Tossing [5M7]
Sun Also Rises [5M8]


Mary's Theme [6M2]

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Terminator Genisys (2015) - Lorne Balfe

Source: leaked sessions


1m01 Better Days
1m02 Meet John Connor
1m03 Work Camp Speech
1m05 I Volunteer
1m06 Reese Going Back
2m09 Reese Arrives
2m10 Griffith Park
2m11 Alley Confrontation
2m12A Meet Sarah Connor
2m12B Meet Pops
2m12C Flashback #2
2m14 T1000 On The Prowl
2m14B Old Not Obsolete
3m16 1997 or 2017
3m17 Alcove
3m18 Sarah-Reese Into TDD
3m20 Sarah-Reese Drop In
3m21 Sarah's Story
4m22A Hospital Room
4m22B Time Travelers
4m23 John Shows Up
4m24 Guardian Shows Up
4m25 It's Really Me
4m26 Family-Pops Shoots
4m27 I Am More
4m28 Hospital Fight
5m29 Cyberdyne
5m30 Memories
5m31B Hatching The Plan
5m32 If You Love Me You Die
6m33 Bus Ride
6m34 Guardian On The Move
6m35 Golden Gate
6m37 Interrogation
6m38 Helicopter Chase
6m39 Cyberdyne Lobby
6m40 Come With Me
7m41 Come With Me Pt.2
7m42 Fight
7m43 Sacrifice
7m44 What If I Can't
7m45 End Credits
8m46 System Online


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Wolfram De Marco - Die Bluthochzeit (The Wedding Party) (2005)

Source: recording sessions


Main Title [1M1]
The Hunt [1M2]

Berger [2M4]
Walzer [2M5]
Bicycle [2M7A]
Let's Wait [2M7B]
Brother In Law [2M7B.ALT]
Opa [2M9]


Opa's March [3M11]
First Grenade [3M12]
On The Gate [3M14]
Mother's Secret [3M15]
Kathrin And Freddy [3M16]
Walzer Thinks [3M17]
Night Fear [3M18]
Night Fear B [3M18B]


Pregnant [4M20]
The Attack [4M21]
Dog [4M22]
Mother's Breakdown [4M23]
Get Mike [4M24]
Crying [4M25]
Andi Shot [4M26]
Walzer Grief [4M27]
Crash The Gate [4M28]


Final Battle [5M29]
Father And Son [5M30]
The End [5M31]

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Mark Isham - In Her Shoes (2005)
Source: bootleg


Scott Free Logo [1M0]
Rose Fetches Maggie [1M2]
Hunnybun Theme [1M3]
Shoe Montage [1M4]
MTV [1M5]


Maggie's Work Research [2M8]
Maggie Snoops / Finds Letters [2M9]
Dog Wash [2M10]
Maggie Buys Tickets [2M12]

Meets Ella [2M13]


Maggie Gets Busted [4M16]
Rose And Simon Kiss [4M16A]
Rose's Rocky Run [4M17]
Maggie Reads Poem [4M18]
Smart Girl [4M19]


Maggie On Her Mind [5M20]
Shopping For Mrs. L. [5M21]


Rose Reads Letter [6M24]
Ella Makes An Appointment [6M25]

Rose Arrives [6M26]
Maggie Gives Rose The Tour [6M27]

The Photo Album [6M28]


Mr. Sofield Is Dead [7M29]
Wedding Poem [7M34]

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Mark Thomas - Flicka 2 (2010)

Source: sessions, cocatalog.loc.gov

M01 Opening
M02 Grandma In The Street
M03 Sad Grandma
M04 Main Title
M05 Carrie Meets Flicka
M06 Snake Bite
M07 Carrie Tends To Flicka
M08 Night At The Ranch
M09 Flicka Recovers
M10 Chores
M11 Saddle Up

M12 Chores - Part 2

M13 Diary
M14A Wolves
M14 Stampede
M15 Carrie And Flicka
M16 Bonfire
M17 You Guys Have Fun?
M18 Wild Mustangs
M19 Police Car
M20 Flicka Taken Away
M21 Carrie Reads To Flicka
M22 Flicka Runs Away
M23 Searching For Flicka
M24 See You In Court
M24A Fanfare For Show
M25 The Show
M25A Carrie Runs Down Flicka
M26 Slaughterhouse
M27 There’s Nothing I Can Do
M27A Carrie Reads Journal
M28 Carrie Goes To Flicka
M28C Carrie Rescues Flicka
M29 Hank In Storm
M30 Get Everybody Up
M31 Night Search
M32 Use Some Help
M33 Setting Flicka Free
M34 Skateboard Lessons
M35 Flicka Returns


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Mark Thomas - Flicka 3: Country Pride (2012)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


M01 Opening
M02 Frisky Bus
M03 Born To Jump
M04 Twittery
M05 Unhitch The Trailer
M06 Picasso
M07 Pictures Of Dad
M08 You Can Do It Amber
M09 It Hurts
M10 PC Man
M11 Friendly Sack Of Snakes
M12 Not The Same Without Him
M13 In Formation
M14 Have Fun Girl
M15 You Might Have To Sell
M17 Put Today Behind Us
M18 Show Jump Silhouette
M19 That's Big
M20 Forgotten It All
M21 New Rider
M22 Not Equals
M23 Dance Invite
M27 After The Dance
M28 You're Late
M29 We Used To Be Friends
M30 Disloyalty On Paper
M32 Challenge
M33 Isn't That Sad?
M34 They're All Leaving
M35 I Can't Face Her
M36 Polo Player
M37 Picking The Team
M39 Horse Ballet Huh?
M40 A Bunch Of Cowboys
M42 Timed Event
M43 Training Montage
M44 New Day Alternate Version
M45 Here's To Cherry Creek
M46 Coming To Visit
M47 The Event
M48 I Kinda Miss The Cowboy Hat
M49 Welcome
M50 Dressage
M52 Cross Country
M54 Sit This One Out
M55 Water Jump
M56 Next Up Kelly Jenkins
M57 Men From The Boys
M58 Next Up Stephanie Myers
M59 Kelly's Round
M60 Amazing
M62 You Know I Will

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I do not suppose that anyone has the cue lists for Michael Kamen's Die Hard or Die Hard 2 at all? He always had great titles for some of his cues on his other scores, and I would be most interested in seeing the ones for these two.


It's a shot in the dark, I know, but there's no harm in asking. Thank you, guys.

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The track titles differ between the original releases and the re-releases (although the track titles on Varese's Die Hard 2 would appear to be most accurate/Kamen-esque). Also, neither LLL's Die Hard or Varese's deluxe edition of Die Hard 2 include cue lists in their booklets a la Intrada.

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David Lawrence - 12 Men of Christmas (2009)
Source: cocatalog.loc.gov


1M2 Surprise For Cindy
1M6 Noah Cheats
1M7 Easier For EJ
1M10 Alone On New Years / Auld Lang Sang
1M11 No Job For EJ
1M12 EJ Afraid To Leave
1M14 Meeting Mayor Baker
1M15 Assistant And Office
1M16 Week From Sunday


2M16A Will Visits Post Office

2M17 EJ Stays Home
2M17A TV News Sting
2M19 Poking Fun Of EJ
2M21 Meeting Will
2M22 Making Will Blush
2M23 EJ Has An Idea


3M24 Leap Of Faith
3M25 EJ Recruits
3M25A EJ Keeps Trying
3M25B Running Off With Henry
3M26 EJ Hooks A Fish


4M29 Max Agrees To Shoot
4M30 A Little Pale
4M30A Movie Date With Jason
4M32 Jason Cancels
4M33 Couple Abseils
4M34 Dying To Abseil
4M35 Will Rescues EJ


5M36 Feelings For EJ
5M38 Mr. December


6M41 Will Kisses EJ
6M42 Marcy Shocked
6M43 Calendars Arrive


7M51 Hit The Ground Running


8M52 Calendar A Success
8M54 EJ Runs To Will

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