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The Complete Cue Lists Thread

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Jerry Goldsmith - The Sum Of All Fears (2002)

Source: Fred Karlin's Book "On The Track: A Guide to Contemporary Film Scoring"


1M1 The Mission
1M1A Exercise
1M2 Do It!
1M3 I'll Go
1M4 The Bomb
1M5 14 Months


2M1 The Deal
2M2 Thanks A Lot
2M3 That Went Well
2M4 The Shipment


3M1 Moscow Time
3M2 Nice Going
3M3 The Docks
3M4 Mrs. Spassky
3M5 The Lab


4M1 The Reservoir
4M2 Night Landing
4M3 Deserted Lab
4M4 Shoot Him
4M5 Changes
4M8 Clear The Stadium
4M9 Not The Russians
4M10 Man Your Aircraft


5M1 Further Aggression
5M2 State Of War
5M3 Supplies
5M4 To The Docks
5M5 Real Time
5M6 Cabot Is Dead
5M7 His Name Is Olson
5M9 Snap Count
5M10 Maximum Readiness


6M1 Get A Doctor
6M2 How Close?
6M3 Nessun Dorma
6M4 The Same Air

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Jeff Beal - The Water Is Wide (2006)
Source: promo


1M1 Main Title
1M2 Boat Ride - Part 1
1M3 Boat Ride - Part 2
1M4 Conroy Approaches
1M5 Straps & Switches
1M6 One Teacher To Another
1M7 1st Assignment
1M8 Ready, Set, Go
1M9 The Atlantic


2M1 Their Own Basketball
2M3 Jazz Source
2M4 Your Job Is To Make Them
2M5 Audio Visual Age
2M7 Rules And I
2M8 Answer The Conundrum


3M1 Take The Wheel
3M6 Helping Out Saul
3M7 We're Still In Class
3M8 This Is All Yours
3M9 Starting To Grow On Me


4M1 Edna & Conroy's World
4M3 Late For Work
4M4 I Hear You
4M5 Colleague To Colleague


5M2 Pat The Rat
5M3A On The Road
5M3B Washington
5M4 Mrs Brown Faces Facts


6M1 Too Good For Them
6M2 Mrs. Brown Stands Up
6M3 Rally Round The Flag
6M4 Remembering The Kids
6M5 So Long, New Beginning
6M6 End Credits

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Michael Giacchino - Sky High (2005)
Source: Intrada liner notes


1M0 Sky High Opening
1M5 Trouble Downtown
1M7 Bus Away*
1M8 Next Stop... Sky High
2M2 Round-Up
2M4-5_EDIT Welcome To Sky High
2M6 Power Placement (Brandon Christy, Michael Giacchino)
2M6 Power Placement – Coda* (Brandon Christy, Michael Giacchino)
2M7 Starting With You
2M9 Still Looking
2M12 Stare Down
2M14 Lollipopless
2M15-16 The Secret Sanctum
3M1 Medulla All Blown-Uppa
3m3-5 I’m A Sidekick
3M6 Vat’s An Idea!
3M7 Respect The Hat
3M8-10_EDIT Cafeteria Brawl
3M12 Proud Papa
3M13 Movin’ On Up
3M15 A Friendly Wave
3M15_ALT A Friendly Wave
4M1 Sidekicked Out
4M2 Save The Citizen (Michael Giacchino, Kevin Riepl, Chris Tilton)
4M3 Private Tutor
4M8 Kiss Of Death
4M9 Homecoming News
5M4 Makeout Sanctum
5M6 Keeping Promises
5M8 She’s Totally Into You
5M10-11 Gotta Get To Sky High
5M13-14_EDIT Pacified
5M15_EDIT Fighting Back
6M1-2 Royal Pain Is Monologuing
6M3_EDIT That Could’ve Been Messy
6M4 You Saved Sky High
6M7 Sky High End Credits


* Not Featured In Film


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Angels & Demons - Hans Zimmer (2009)

Source: Recording Sessions


1M0 Logos

1M1 Smashing the Ring

1M3-4 CERN

1M5 Illuminati

1M6 Hunt Them Down and Kill Them

1M7 Sistine Chapel

1M9 A Certain Zealotry

2M10 God Particle

2M11 Access Granted

2M12 Follow the Path

2M12 Follow The Path [Insert]

2M13 Seal the Doors

2M14 Mr. Grey Taunts the Cardinals

3M15 No Time

3M16 Cock Block

3M16B Pantheon

3M17A Wrong

3M17B Earth

3M18 Black Smoke A

3M19 Air

4M20 Black Smoke B

4M23-24 Hypoxia

4M25A Black Tongue A

5M27 Fire

5M28A Strauss Eligible

5M28B Langdon Rescued

5M29 Cross Rome

5M30 Water

5M31A Castle Opus v1

5M31A Castle Opus v2

5M31B Castle Sant'Angelo

6M33 Save Camerlengo

6M34 Necropolis

6M38 God Save Us

6M41 Election By Adoration

7M42 Bad Camerlengo

7M43 Immolation

7M44 Science and Religon

7M45 Lux Aeterna

7M46 End Title


160 BPM End Credit Suite Version

160 BPM Full Suite

Camerlengo Suite

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On 5/6/2017 at 7:48 AM, BloodBoal said:



As most of you already knew, the forum update that happened around the middle of last year fucked up all the links that were in the main post. It has now been fixed. Redid the list from scratch, went through all 24 pages of this thread, and linked to each and every cue list in this thread (total count: exactly 450 cue lists).



You're a hero BB, thank you.

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Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire - Patrick Doyle (2005)

Source: Recording Sessions


1M1 The Story Continues

1M1R The Story Continues

1M2 Frank Dies

1M3 Encounter With Cedric And His Father

1M4 Portkey

1M5SA Quidditch World Cup Irish Theme

1M5SB Quidditch World Cup Durmstrang Theme

1M5SC Quidditch World Cup (Duduk)

1M5SC Quidditch World Cup (Ney Fit)

1M5SD Quidditch World Cup Theme

1M5SE Quidditch World Cup Theme

1M6-7 Quidditch World Cup Part 1 (The Tent)

1M8S Quidditch World Cup Part 2

1M8R Quidditch World Cup Irish Theme


1M10 The Dark Mark Part 1

1M11 The Dark Mark Part 2

1M12R Foreign Visitors Arrive

2M1 Presenting Beaux Bâtons

2M2 Presenting Durmstrang

2M3 Alastor Mad-Eye Enters

2M4 The Goblet Of Fire


2M6 Alastor Teaches

2M7 Imperious

2M8 Crucio

2M9 Avada Kedavra

2M10 Rain - Entering The Name

2M11 Fred & George Fight - Victor Krum

2M12 The Goblet Of Fire

2M12bR The Goblet Of Fire

2M13 The Fourth Champion

3M1 Rita Skeeter

3M1R Rita Skeeter

3M2 Sirius' Letter

3M3 Sirius Fire

3M3 Sirius Fire (Album)

3M4 Sirius Disappears

3M5 Harry Joins Hagrid

3M6 Harry Sees Dragons


3M8 Punishment

3M8R Punishment


3M10 Alastor Advices Harry

4M1 The Golden Egg Part 1

4M1 The Golden Egg Part 1 (Album)

4M2 Choosing The Dragon

4M3 The Golden Egg Part 2

4M3 The Golden Egg Part 2 (Album)

4M4 The Golden Egg Part 3 - Dragon's Chase

4M4R The Golden Egg Part 3 - Dragon's Chase

4M5 In The Bedroom

4M6B The Mail

4M7S Neville's Waltz

4M7S Neville's Waltz Alt (ext)

5M1 Harry In Winter

5M2 Harry & Cho



5M4F Entering The Great Hall

5M4F Entering The Great Hall (Album)

5M4 Hermione


5M5S Potter's Waltz

5M5 Potter's Waltz (Album)

5M10 On The Bridge


5M11 The Bathroom

5M12 Underwater Secrets Part 1

5M13S Underwater Secrets Part 2

5M14 Underwater Secrets Part 3

6M1 The Gillyweed

6M1 The Gillyweed (Album)

6M2 Transformation

6M2R Transformation

6M4 The Black Lake

6M4 The Black Lake

6M5 Harry & Crouch

6M6 The Black Lake (Insert)

6M7 Crouch's Corpse

6M8 The Pensieve

6M9 Karkaroff Appears


7M1 "Allez Beaux Bâtons"

7M1S Hogwart's March

7M1 Hogwart's March (Album)

7M2 Warning

7M3S Hogwart's March

7M4 The Maze

7M5 Voldemort

7M6S Hogwart's March

7M7 Cedric's Death

7M7 Cedric's Death (Album)

8M2 Cedric's Funeral

8M3 Another Year Ends

End Title Hymn

Cho In Winter



Note: the slate number and cue title in italics (1M2 Frank Dies) were added by me, as this cue does not appear on the sessions leak, but is on the OST. This cue's title is most likely the same as the track it is found in, as most of the other track titles on the OST match the cues' titles. I also changed the slate number of the cue Another Year Ends: it appears as 8M13 on the recording sessions leak, but to me, it seems clear it is a typo and is meant to be 8M3.



To @Muldoon: I noticed there's some stuff missing/slightly incorrect in the Order Of The Phoenix cue list you posted here. Here's what needs to be changed/added:


- 2M3 Trial

- 6M3 Occlumency is actually 6M3A Occlumency

- 6M4 Fireworks

- 6M5 Sirius

- 8M3B Possession (yes, there are two 8M3B cues, as weird as it may seem)

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Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone - John Williams (2001)

Source: Recording Sessions and Bill Wrobel's Score Rundown

Thread discussing the cue list


1M1 The Prologue

1M2 Potter Logo Lead-In Version 1

1M2 Potter Logo Lead-In Version 2

1M3 The Friendly Reptile

1M4 Don't Burn My Letter

1M5 Mail Delivery

2M1 The Beach And The Arrival Of Hagrid

2M2 You're a Wizard, Harry

2M3 The Wizard's Pub

2M4 Diagon Alley

2M4 Rev. Diagon Alley

2M5 Harry Gets His Wand

3M1 Hagrid's Flashback

3M2 Platform Nine And Three Quarters

3M3 Escaping Frog

3M4 Arrival at Hogwarts

3M5 Entry Into the Great Hall

3M6 House Selection

4M1 The Banquet

4M2 Lonely First Night

4M3 Mail Drop

4M4 Mr. Longbottom Flies

4M5 The Moving Stairs

4M6 Rev. It's Guarding Something

4M7 Introduction to Quidditch

5M1 Hermione's Feather

5M1X Troll in the Dungeon

5M2 Fighting the Troll

5M3 Nimbus 2000

5M4 Part 1 - Let the Games Begin

5M4 Part 2 - The Scoring Begins

5M4 Part 3 - Slytherin Scores

5M4 Part 4 - Harry's Great Victory

6M1 Hagrid's Christmas Tree

6M1A Christmas Music Box

6M1A Alt. Cast a Christmas Spell

6M2 Christmas Morning

6M2A The Library Scene

6M3 Dumbledore's Advice

6M4 Owl's Flight

6M4 Alt. Hedwig's Time Transition

6M5 Rev. Hermione's Reading

6M6 The Norwegian Ridgeback

7M1 Filch's Fond Remembrance

7M2 The Blue Forest

7M3 Three Note Loop

7M3A Hagrid Plays the Flute

7M4 Running to McGonagall

7M6 Fluffy's Harp

7M7 In the Vinesnakes

7M8 The Flying Keys

8M1 The Chess Board

8M2 The Game Begins

8M3 Checkmate

8M4 The Mirror Scene

8M5 Love, Harry

9M1 Gryffindor Wins

9M2 Leaving Hogwarts

End Credits Part 1

Hedwig's Theme (With Inserts)


Hedwig Tries A Coke



The Children's Suite:


I. Hedwig's Flight

II. Hogwarts Forever

III. Voldemort

IV. Nimbus 2000

V. Fluffy And His Harp

VI. Quidditch

VII. Family Portrait

VIII. Diagon Alley

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1 hour ago, BloodBoal said:

To @Muldoon: I noticed there's some stuff missing/slightly incorrect in the Order Of The Phoenix cue list you posted here. Here's what needs to be changed/added:


- 2M3 Trial

- 6M3 Occlumency is actually 6M3A Occlumency

- 6M4 Fireworks

- 6M5 Sirius

- 8M3B Possession (yes, there are two 8M3B cues, as weird as it may seem)


Updated! Placed 8m3B Possession after the other 8m3B and made a note that I'm unsure of the chronology.

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No need for that note. It's definitely meant to go after 8M3B Glass (should have mentioned that), as it is heard after Dumbledore stops all the shards of glass Voldemort directed towards Harry.


Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets - John Williams (2002)

Source: Recording Sessions, Bill Wrobel's Score Rundown and Summary Sheet

Thread discussing the cue list


1M1 Prologue: Book I
1M3A Vernon Gathers Family
1M3 Introducing Dobby
1M4 Dobby Warns Harry
1M5 Unsent Letters / Cake
1M7 Escape From Dursley's
1M8 Magical Household
1M9 Letters from Hogwarts
1M10 Borgin And Burkes
1M11-2M0 Knockturn Alley / Diagon Alley
2M1A Flourish And Blotts
2M1B Harry Meets Lucius
2M2 The Train Station
2M3 The Flying Car
2M4 Whomping Willow
2M4A Car Escapes
2M5 Filches Warning
2M6 Boys Receive Detention
2M8-8A Introducing Colin / Mail
2M10 Gildery Lockhart
2M11A Cornish Pixies
2M11B - 3MA Flying Pixies
3M1 Eat Slugs
3M2 Hermione & Hagrid
3M3 The Writing On The Wall
3M4-3M5 Dumbledore's Caution
3M6CD Transformation Class
3M7 Library
4M1 Part 1 - Quidditch Stadium
4M1 Part 2 - Bludger Attack
4M1 Part 3 - Chasing The Snitch
4M1 Part 4 - Harry Chases The Snitch
4M2 Petrified Colin
4M3 Moaning Myrtle
4M4-5MA Dueling Club
5M4 Petrified Justin
5M4A Introduction Of Fawkes
5M5 Fawkes Is Reborn
5M6-5M7 Christmas Break
5M8 Cakes For Crabbe & Goyle
5M9 Polyjuice Potion
5M10A-6MA Worse Than Dumbledore
6M2 The Diary
6M4B Meeting Tom Riddle
6M6 Petrified Hermionie
6M7-7MA Time To Get Dad's Cloak
7M1 Hagrid's Arrest
7M2 The Spiders I
7M3 Aragog
7M4 The Spiders II
7M5A-B Car Drives Off / Basilisk
7M6-8MA Ginny Gets Snatched
8M2 Myrtles Tale (1:32)
8M2B Part 1 - Pit Of Bones
8M2B Part 2 - Harry Goes To Find Ginny
8M3 Fawkes Delivers The Hat
8M5 Harry Battles Basilisk
8M7-9M1 Fawkes Heals Harry
9M2 Harry Talks With Dumbledore
9M3 Lucius Visits Dumbledore / Dobby Is Freed
9M4 A Reunion Of Friends
10M1X Fawkes The Phoenix (Album)
10M3X The Chamber Of Secrets
10M4X Dobby


Note: There are a few discrepancies between the various sources here. For example, 1M3A is titled Vernon Gathers Family in the recording sessions and summary sheet, but Gather Around in Bill Wrobel's rundown. Another example: 3M2 is titled Hermione And The Mudbloods in the recording sessions but Hermione & Hagrid in the summary sheet. And yet another example: 9M3 is titled Lucius And Dumbledore / Dobby Is Freed in the recording sessions, Lucius Visits Dumbledore in the summary sheet and Lucius Visits Dumbledore / Dobby Is Freed in Bill Wrobel's rundown... Decided to follow the summary sheet for that list (while occasionally keeping the titles found in other sources when it made sense to me).

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Here's what GoodMusician suggested a while back:

On 14/09/2010 at 8:03 AM, GoodMusician said:

The album presents this with the center section edited out and instead something that is known as "Hedwig tries a cookie" according to that PDF. I'm gonna argue that the PDF writer misread it or thought williams had misspelled something. The other name for this cue is "Coke Ad 60s" which stands for "60 second coke ad." If my guess is correct, it SHOULD be "Hedwig tries a Coke-ey" which i'm guessing is slang for the drink in the UK (although i know plenty of people here who say things that way all the time " Chickey" for Chik-Fil-A, Cokey, for Coke, swipey for swiping your card, etc ) and that williams wrote it "cokie" and the PDF author misread it as "cookie" or assumed williams had misspelled the word.

On 14/09/2010 at 8:03 AM, GoodMusician said:

This cue is known as "Coke Ad 60s" meaning "60 second Coke Ad." The title "Hedwig tries a Cookie" i believe is a misrepresentation of what williams had written which may have simply been "Hedwig tries a Coke-ey" but spelled "Cokie" as Williams has a thing for spelling words with "ie" instead of "y"

Which is a reasonable guess, but until the sheet music leaks, we gotta stick to the title as it is known!

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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Source: Sheet music leak


1m2 Main Title
1m3 The Arrival
1m4 Gas Leak
1m4a Droid Fight
1m5 Queen Amidala
1m6 The Droid Invasion
1m7 Introducing Jar Jar
1m8 Bubble World
1m9 Gone Fishin'
2m1 Darth Sidious
2m1a Tentacles
2m2 Theed Palace Arrival
2m3 You're Under Arrest
2m3a Escape from Naboo
2m4 Intro Darth Maul
2m5 Arrival at Tatooine
2m7 I'm A Pilot You Know
2m10 Stealing Food
2m11 Through The Slave Quarters
3m1 Running Out of Time
3m2 Are You A Jedi?
3m3 Watto's Deal
3m4 Kids at Play
3m5 It's Working
3m6 The Sith Spacecraft
3m8 Watto's Big Deal
3m9 Flag Parade
3m10 Start Your Engines
3m11 The Race Begins
4m2 Anakin Defeats Sebulba
4m3 Anakin's Great Victory
4m5 Anakin Is Free
4m6 Darth and Qui-Gon
4m7-8 Coruscant Arrival
4m9 Queen and Palpatine
5m1 High Council Meeting
5m2 The Senate
5m3 Anakin's Test
5m4-5 The Chosen One
5m6 More Nute And Rune
5m7 Moving Forward
5m8 The Gungans
5m9 Promoting Jar Jar
6m1 The Armies Face Off
6m1N The Armies Face Off
6M1 PT2 The Armies Face Off
6m1X Forest Mist
6m2 Lazer Fight
6m2 PT2 Lazer Fight
6m3 Take To Your Ships
6m3N Take To Your Ships
6m4 The Big Army
6m4a The Fight Begins
6m5 The Droid Battle
6m6 Up the Wire
6m7 The Great Duel
6m7 PT2 The Great Duel
6m8-9 Qui-Gon's Noble End
6m10 Blowups And The Death Of Darth Maul
6m11 NEW The End of Darth Maul
7m1 Afer The Victory
7m1 N-N After The Victory
7m1A Qui-Gon's Funeral
7m2 Joe/Randy
7m2 Joe/Randy 1
7m2 Source (Brass)
7m2 Source (Perc)
7m2 Source (Randy)
7m2 The Big Parade
7m3 End Credits
7m3 End Credits Insert
7m3 Throne Room
Anakin's Theme
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
String Cluster
Throne Room (End Credits)

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Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban - John Williams (2004)

Source: http://filmcues.blogspot.fr/2012/10/harry-potter-and-prisoner-of-azkaban.html and http://repertoire.bmi.com/StartPage.aspx


Thread discussing the cue list


1M1 Opening III
1M3A That's a Lie
1M4X Aunt Marge Points the Finger
1M5 Parents Portrait
1MC The Empty Playground
1MD The Knight Bus
1M8 The Knight Bus Ride "Concerto For Hub Caps"
1M9 Newspaper Headliner
1M9A Squeeze Play
1M9B Second Collision
2M1 The Book Attacks
2M2A Discussing Black
2M3 The Train to Hogwarts Version I
2M3 The Train to Hogwarts Version II
2M4 The Dementor Appears
2M5 Something Wicked Intro
2M6 Dumbledore's Warning
2M8 Double Trouble March
2M9-10 Rainy Nights, Dementors, And Birds
2M10 You Have The Grim
3M1-2 Double Trouble On The Hill
3MC Befriending The Hippogriff
3MCA Riding The Hippogriff
3M5-5A Bonding With Hippogriff And Sir Cadogan Again
3M6 Snape Dresses Up
3M6A The Spider
3M6B The Snake
3M7X New Beginning
3M7A Clown Out Of The Cupboard
3M9 Revealing the Bridge
3M10 Remembering Mother
3M10 Alt. Remembering Mother Alternate
3M11 The Portrait Scene
3ME The Great Hall Ceiling
3M12 Rev. The Great Hall Ceiling
3M13 Sir Cadogan (For Dufay Ensemble & Percussion)
4M2 Quidditch 2004
4M2XV Choral Overlay
4M3-4 Enter Winter
4M3-4 New Woods Walk And Birds Flight
4M5 Map To Snow Scene
4MC Snow Fight
4M10 Brief Snow Scene
4M11 Explore Your Past
4M13 Harry and Voices
4M14 Dueling the Dementor
4M14 Insert for Patronus Light
5M1 Buckbeak's Sentence
5M2 Reading The Map
5M2A Reveal Your Secret
5M3 The Mention Of Pettigrew
5M5 The Crystal Ball
5M6 The Executioner
5M7 The Walk to Buckbeak
5M8 Buckbeak is Sentenced
5M9 Scabbers Runs
5M10 The Whomping Willow
6M2 The Confrontation Scene
6M4 Sirius And Harry
6M5 Werewolf Scene
6M5 Pt. II
6M5AN First Frozen Lake
6M7 Reviewing The Recent Past
7M1 Viewing The Recent Past
7M1A Saving Buckbeak
7M1B Bats Extension
7M2 My Dad Conjured the Patronus
7M2A String Overlay
7M3 Buckbeak Saves the Day
7M4 Watching the Past
7M5 The Rescue of Sirius
7M6 Sirius Final Scene
7M6A Turning Time Back
7M7 Ext. Whomping Willow
7M7 Rev. Whomping Willow Revisited
7M9 Lupin's Departure
7M11 A New Broomstick
7M12 End Credits
Harry Potter III Trailer



Cue titles found on the BMI catalog (slate numbers unknown):


Aunt Marge's Waltz (1m4?)

Shawm (music for when Ron shows Harry the picture of the Weasleys in Egypt; 2m2?)

Sir Cadogan Again (I think this is material all tracked from 3m13, used right after the first Buckbeak scene)

Page 394 (alternate, film-version opening for the Quidditch match cue?)

Candy Box (source music for the candy shop Harry slips through)

Source (it's called just that; it might be the music coming from the bar which Harry sneaks into)

Opening the Trunk (cue for when Lupin first unleashes the Dementor-Boggart; 4m12?)

Recorder Solo (source cue; when Ron whines about Scabbers being dead, they pass a kid playing a recorder)

Entering the Shrieking Shack (6m1?)



Thanks to skelly for finding this additional information!

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There are a few other cues for PoA that weren't in that list (which got all its info from the leaked sheets).

Other cues (which can be found listed in the BMI catalog) include:


Aunt Marge's Waltz (1m4?)

Shawm (music for when Ron shows Harry the picture of the Weasleys in Egypt; 2m2?)

Sir Cadogan Again (I think this is material all tracked from 3m13, used right after the first Buckbeak scene)

Page 394 (alternate, film-version opening for the Quidditch match cue?)

Candy Box (source music for the candy shop Harry slips through)

Source (it's called just that; it might be the music coming from the bar which Harry sneaks into)

Opening the Trunk (cue for when Lupin first unleashes the Dementor-Boggart; 4m12?)

Recorder Solo (source cue; when Ron whines about Scabbers being dead, they pass a kid playing a recorder)

Entering the Shrieking Shack (6m1?)

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Jeff Beal - The Russell Girl (2008)
Source: promo


1M1 In Chicago
1M4 First Flash
1M6 Driving
1M7 Good
1M8 Dirt
1M9 Bri
1M10 Lorraine


2M2 Who Would
2M5 Help To


3M1 What Happened
3M4 We Live
3M5 Therapist


4M1 In Denial
4M2 Car Repair
4M3 It Is My Fault


5M1 89 Cents


6M1 What We Deserve
6M2 I Have Leukemia
6M3 She'll Be Back
6M4 Sarah's Song
6M5 End Credits

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Benjamin Wallfisch - Breaking The Mould (2009)
Source: ascap.com, sgae.es


M1 Opening
M2 Main Title
M3 Chain Plays Solo
M5 Chain Reads
M6 War Declared
M7 Racial Tuberculosis
M8 Letter To Mellanby
M9 Transition To Lab
M10 Heatley's Solution
M11 First Experiments
M12 Dunkirk
M13 Isolation Ward
M14 In The Lab
M15 Albert
M16 Albert Treatment
M17 Chain Plays Jig
M18 Albert And Fiancee
M19 Final Dose
M20 Albert Dying
M21 Florey Reflects
N22 Johnny Montage
M23 Johnny Dead
M24 Goodbyes
M25 Increasing Output
M26 Ethel The Doctor
M27 Glaxo Says No
M29 Florey Helps Fleming
M30 Round The Table
M31 Fleming Takes The Credit
M32 Chain Goes Home
M33 Ending Credits

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Edward Shearmur - Reg (2016)
Source: bmi.com


1M1 Iraq Flashback 1
1M3 Iraq Flashback 2
1M6 Waiting To See Tom
1M7 Opening The Coffin
IM8 Iraq Flashback 3
1M9 Tom's Picture
1M10 50 Rounds
1M11 Richard Returns To Base
1M13 Visiting No 10
1M13A Leaving The Wreath
1M14 Fuming
1M16 Take On Blair
1M17 Could You Beat Him
1M18 Campaigning
1M20 Routine
1M21 Negative Feedback
1M22 Fire Alarm
1M23 Drive To Hospital
1M24 Balloons
1M26 Counting The Ballots
1M27 TV Coverage
1M28 Blair Arrives
1M30 Lessons To Be Learned

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Mark Mothersbaugh - Fanboys (2009)
Source: bmi.com


1M0 Opening Crawl
1M1B Just Got Awesome
1M4S Bottler Cars
1M5 Tanning Tuesdays
1M7 Sick Bastard
1M9 To Be True
1M11AS Sweater Yams
1M11CS Outta Here
1M11D Got Here
1M11E For Linus
1M12 Check This Out


2M15 Consider It Done
2M16 Out Of It


Nobody Calls
2M18S Pressed Ham

Humpen Your Leg
2M23 With It Man


3M26 I'm Windows
3M26C A Warm Up
3M27 Scruffy Nerf Herder
3M28 Pork Rine
3M29 Oh Shit
3M29B The Bench
3M29CS Feel Something
3M31S Stargate Source
3M34 Almost Eight O'Clock

Let's Go


4M36S Yummy
4M37A The Nerf Herder
4M38 Most Important

We're Escorts
4M38C Greetings And Salutations
4M42 What's Going On
4M43A One Two Fuck
4M45 Steal That Sign
4M46B One Two Fuck

Head On

Elevator Source


5M49 Up You Are
5M50 In On Us
5M51/52 Would Be Pussy's

You Here That
5M55 If You Are

Cues without slates:
Top Gun (Reel 1)

Hunky Dory (Reel 4)

Oh Geez (Reel 4)

We Running (Reel 4)
Maybe It Is (Reel 4)

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Teddy Castellucci - Big Daddy (1999)
Source: Sony leak

1M6 Julian Arrives
1M7 Columbus Day
1M8 To The Park
1M9 Wipe Out
1M12A Night Light
1M12B Night Light (cont)


2M3 Harder Than It Looks
2M6A Going To Vanessa's
2M6B Going To Vanessa's (cont)
2M8 Vanessa Dumps Sonny
2M9 Social Services
2M10 Bogus Dad


3M1 Let's Eat
3M6 Story Time
3M7 Going To School
3M8 I'm Going To Miss Yo
3M10 Sonny Is Lonely


4M3 Welcome Parents
4M6A Scuba Sam
4M6B Sam's Exit
4M10 Brooks Takes Julian


5M2 Julian Takes The Stand
5M3 He Taught Me
5M4A I Love You Dad
5M4B I Love You Dad (Cont)
5M6 Always Be Your Friend
5M7 New Dad

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The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn - John Williams (2011)

Source: Sheet Music


Tinker Tin
Tinker Tin (Rev.)
1S4A Carousel
1S4B Sur Le Boulevard
1M5 The Unicorn
1M6 Empty Drawers
1M6A Snowy And The Cat
The Library Scene
1M7 The Ship Is Gone
1M8 Entering The Mansion
1M9A The Missing Scroll
1M9B Introducing The Pattersons
1M9B New Intro
The Pickpocket Scene
1M11 You Mean, The Poem?
1M12 Introducing Haddock
1M12A Pop That Cork
1M13 Tub...Tub
1M14 The Radio Room
Escape In The Small Boat
1M16 Rowing To Bagdar
1M16Alt The Captain Takes The Oars
1M19A Thom Thompsons
1M19B This is the Desert
1M20A Sailing with Sir Francis
1M20B Desert Rescue
1M21A A Sober Haddock
1M21B Old Enemies Meet
1M21C At Sword Point
2M22 Dueling Pirates
4M22A Working The Puzzle And Into The Desert
4M22B Tin And Emir Exchange Legends
4M22C That's My Ship
4M23A We're Being Followed
4M23B The Milanese Nightingale
4S23D Cavatina (Rossini)
4M24A Yes Or Gu-No
4M24B The Falcon And The Flood
Bike Ride On A Clothes Line
5M25A Haddock's Nobility
5M25B Raising The Rolls
5M26B Crane Fight
5M26C Sac Versus The Captain
5M28 Marlinspike Hall
5M31 To Be Continued
TinTin And Snowy

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Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018) - Kevin Kiner, Matthew St. Laurent, David Glen Russell, Jared Forman, Takeshi Furukawa, Sean Kiner, Dean Kiner, Reuven Herman & Julian Cisneros.

Source: Composer's site, Rebel Strike game, & various repertoires




Machine in the Ghost

Recap [Kevin Kiner]
Fix Comm Control [Kevin Kiner]
Flying Better [Kevin Kiner]
Art Attack

Recap 2 [Kevin Kiner]
SWR101b-1m2 Sabine Runs [Kevin Kiner]
SWR101b-1m3 Twinklish Colors [Kevin Kiner]


SWR101C-1m1 Zeb is Indy Jones [Kevin Kiner]

More Zeb Hijinks [Kevin Kiner]

Zeb Wins [Kevin Kiner]

Property of Ezra Bridger

Crash Landed [Kevin Kiner]

SWR101D-1m1 Ezra Steals [Kevin Kiner]

That's Impossible! [Kevin Kiner]

That Was Fun [Kevin Kiner]


Season 1


Spark of Rebellion
Vader Talks to Inquisitor [Kevin Kiner]
Star Destroyer! [Kevin Kiner]
Ezra Looking for Trouble [Kevin Kiner]

Speederbike Chase [Kevin Kiner]
Escape on Speederbikes [Kevin Kiner]
Space Fight [Kevin Kiner]
Pull Your Weight [Kevin Kiner]

Kallus [Kevin Kiner]
Ezra's Discovery [Kevin Kiner]
Storm the Ship [Kevin Kiner]

SWR103-0m1 Board Imperial Ship [Kevin Kiner]

You Can Do This [Kevin Kiner]
SWR103-1m1 We're Out of Here [David Glen Russell]
Holocron [Matthew St. Laurent]
What!? [Takeshi Furukawa]
Somewhere Else to Be [David Glen Russell]
Kessel [David Glen Russell]
SWR103-2m3b Twenty-two Pickup [Kevin Kiner]
Karabast! [Matthew St. Laurent]
Inspired the Kid [Takeshi Furukawa]
Reunited [Kevin Kiner]

Passed the Test [Kevin Kiner]
SWR103-3m4 What's the Force? [David Glen Russell]

The Inquisitor [Kevin Kiner]
Droids in Distress
That's Not What He Said [Matthew St. Laurent]
R2-D2 and C-3PO [David Glen Russell]
Imperial Regulations [David Glen Russell]

Ever Any Doubt [David Glen Russell]
Thieves Like...You... [Matthew St. Laurent]

Only a Few [David Glen Russell]
AT-DP's Attack [David Glen Russell]
Face Me [David Glen Russell]
Wasn't Me [David Glen Russell]
Fighter Flight
You Know What He's Like [Kevin Kiner]
Hands Up [Kevin Kiner]
We're Even [Kevin Kiner]
I'll Have You Out Soon [Kevin Kiner]
SWR105-3m2b All for Fruit [Jared Forman]
Rise of the Old Masters

Focus [Jared Forman]

Not Focusing [David Glen Russell]

Falling to my Death [David Glen Russell]

Luminara [Kevin Kiner]

We're Gonna Need a Miracle [Kevin Kiner]

Nice and Quiet [Kevin Kiner]

Luminara's Cell [David Glen Russell]
Her Bones Still Serve The Empire [Takeshi Furukawa]
Have You Taught Him Nothing? [Matthew St. Laurent]
SWR106-3m4 Ready to Die [David Glen Russell]
Escape [Matthew St. Laurent]
Stuck With Me [Matthew St. Laurent]
Breaking Ranks
Assessment [David Glen Russell]
Podracer Parts [Matthew St. Laurent]
Out of Darkness

Not Ready [David Glen Russell]
SWR108-3m2 Wave 5 [David Glen Russell]
Empire Day
Empire Day [David Glen Russell]
Tseebo? [David Glen Russell]
Glory of the Empire (Radio) [David Glen Russell]
Glory of the Empire (Full) [David Glen Russell]

Diversion, Escape [Matthew St. Laurent]

You'll Want to See This [David Glen Russell]
Gathering Forces

Tseebo Lucid [Matthew St. Laurent]

TIE Fighter Pursuit [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

I'll Never Forgive You [Kevin Kiner]

Tseebo Fixes the Ship [David Glen Russell]

Sabine and Ezra Talk [David Glen Russell]

Back to the Clone Base [David Glen Russell]

I'm Sorry  [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra and Kanan Spring Their Trap [David Glen Russell]

Ezra's Dark Side [Kevin Kiner]

I Didn't Prepare You [David Glen Russell]
Path of the Jedi
No Ezra's in Here [Kevin Kiner]

Ready for What? [Kevin Kiner]

As You Say, Master [Kevin Kiner]

Kanan and Ezra Depart [Matthew St. Laurent]
Ezra Meditates on the Test's Location [Kevin Kiner]
Arrival at the Temple [David Glen Russell]
Kanan and Ezra Open the Temple [David Glen Russell]
Entering the Temple [David Glen Russell]

Inquisitor Appears [Matthew St. Laurent]

Kanan and Inquisitor Duel [Matthew St. Laurent]

Inquisitor Victorious [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Eavesdrops [David Glen Russell]
Inquisitor in the Ghost [David Glen Russell]
Abandoned Again [David Glen Russell]

I'm Not Afraid [David Glen Russell]
A Guide [David Glen Russell]
Because of Who I am [Matthew St. Laurent]

Must Be a Jedi [Kevin Kiner]
Feel [Matthew St. Laurent]
Big Step [Matthew St. Laurent]
It's Different [Matthew St. Laurent]
Idiot's Array

Sabacc [Kevin Kiner]

Name's Calrissian [David Glen Russell]
Kanan and Zeb Try to Explain [Matthew St. Laurent]

Lando's Pig on the Loose [David Glen Russell]

Gun on Zeb
Chopper Was Playing Lando
Vision of Hope
Ezra's Revelation into Rebels Tag [Kevin Kiner]
Team Doubts Ezra's Vision [Matthew St. Laurent]

Team Escapes [Matthew St. Laurent]

Meeting Trayvis [Kevin Kiner]

SWR113-3m3 [Released as Sewer Chase] [David Glen Russell]

Trayvis Betrayal [Matthew St. Laurent]

Call to Action
Enter Grand Moff Tarkin
Tarkin into Rebels Tag
Kanan Has a Plan [Kevin Kiner]

Tarkin Interviews Grint and Aresko [Sean Kiner]

Inquisitor Executes Tarkin's New Policy [Sean Kiner/David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Team Scouts Out Tower [Sean Kiner]

Tarkin Sets His Plan in Motion [Sean Kiner]

Kanan Comforts Ezra [David Glen Russell]
Bad Guys Close In
Kanan at the Gate [David Glen Russell]
What it Takes
Rebel Resolve
No Info on Kanan
Gang Disobeys Hera
Deal with the Devil
Vizago's Information

Involves Chopper [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

For Kanan [Matthew St. Laurent]

Fire Across the Galaxy

SWR116-0m1 Sabine's Chase [Kevin Kiner]

Some of Sabine's Best Work [David Glen Russell]
Inquisitor's Manipulations [David Glen Russell]

Rendezvous with a Star Destroyer [Matthew St. Laurent]
Team Sneaks the TIE Fighter [Matthew St. Laurent]
Reinforcements Incoming [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Seals the Door [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Frees Kanan [Matthew St. Laurent]

Inquisitor Duel [Kevin Kiner]

Hera and Sabine's Escape Plan [David Glen Russell]
Ezra Wakes Up [Matthew St. Laurent]
Inquisitor Falls [Matthew St. Laurent]

Escape the Destroyer [David Glen Russell]
An Old Friend [Kevin Kiner]
Enter Vader


Season 2


Siege of Lothal

Incoming Destroyers [Matthew St. Laurent]
Vader is in Control
Tua Being Tracked
Off to Lothal [David Glen Russell]

Team Gets in Position

Shuttle Shot Down [Matthew St. Laurent]
Plan is Going Poorly
Vader Shuts Down the Spaceport [David Glen Russell]

Ezra's House Bombed [Matthew St. Laurent]

No Going Home [David Glen Russell]

Team Inside the Base [Matthew St. Laurent]

The Cold
Your Master Has Deceived You [David Glen Russell]
Imperial Title Tag
Trying to Survive
Team Flees in Shuttle
A Lousy Sabine Plan
Team Has Been Tracked
Ghost Team Joins the Fray
Vader Contacts the Emperor
The Lost Commanders
2m03/04 Worm Loves Lasats [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Was Saved by a Clone - [Takeshi Furukawa/Kevin Kiner/Matthew St. Laurent]
Relics of the Old Republic

Storm Coming [Matthew St. Laurent]

Star Destroyer Arrives [David Glen Russell]

Hera Powers Down [David Glen Russell]

TIE Fighters Attack [David Glen Russell]

Rex's General [Matthew St. Laurent]

Zeb Hears the Walkers [Matthew St. Laurent]

AT-AT Pursuit [Kevin Kiner]
Ezra Shoots the Walker
The Phantom Returns

New Inquisitor [Sean Kiner]
Always Two There Are

Two Inquisitors [David Glen Russell/Sean Kiner]

Zeb and Sabine Caught in the Blast [David Glen Russell]

Zeb Attacked [David Glen Russell]

Ezra and Inquisitor Talk [Sean Kiner]

They Think Zeb is Dead [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Saves Sabine [Matthew St. Laurent]

Escaping from the Medical Station [Matthew St. Laurent]

Kanan Learns About the Inquisitors
Brothers of the Broken Horn

Horn Abandoned [Sean Kiner]

Bollywood Source [Matthew St. Laurent]

Empire Shows Up [Matthew St. Laurent]

Striking a Deal with Hondo [David Glen Russell]

Landing on the Station [Sean Kiner]

Escaping from Azmorigan [Kevin Kiner]

Escaping from Azmorigan Part 3 [David Glen Russell]

Hondo Knows What Ezra Is [Matthew St. Laurent]

Vizago is in the Brig [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Frustrated [Matthew St. Laurent]

Hondo and Vizago Fight [Jared Forman]

Returning to the Ghost [Matthew St. Laurent]
Wings of the Master

Retreat Into Lightspeed [Sean Kiner]

Just Falling [Sean Kiner]

Hera Arrives [David Glen Russell]
Blood Sisters

Ketsu and Sabine Standoff [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Sabine and Ketsu [Matthew St. Laurent]

Giving the Gonk to R2-D2
Stealth Strike
Pulled Out of Hyperspace [Kevin Kiner]

Sneaking Onto the Interdictor [Sean Kiner]

Admiral Underestimates Ezra [Matthew St. Laurent]

Shoot Like a Stormtrooper [Sean Kiner]

Interdictor is Destroyed [David Glen Russell]
Kanan Salutes [Kevin Kiner]
The Future of the Force

Empire Boards the Transport (Logo Hit) [Kevin Kiner]

Ithorian Planet [Sean Kiner]

Ahsoka Finds the Derelict Ship [Sean Kiner]

Red Blades Want Children [Sean Kiner]

Ahsoka's Showdown Part 1 [Sean Kiner]

Ahsoka's Showdown Part 2 [Kevin Kiner]
Ahsoka Escapes [Kevin Kiner]
Babies Are Safe
Inquisitors Know Where the Rebels Are [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra's Dream [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Saw His Parents [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Describes His Dream [Kevin Kiner]

Old Jedi Trick [David Glen Russell]

Sabine Realizes What the Empire is Doing [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Pushed to the Brink [Sean Kiner]

Rebel Fleet Launches [Sean Kiner]

Kanan and Ezra Leave [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Rebels Escape [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Arrival on Lothal

Chasing Lothcats Again [Matthew St. Laurent]

Put a Tracker on the Cat [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ryder [David Glen Russell]

Truth About Ezra's Parents [Kevin Kiner]
A Princess on Lothal
Leia Organa [Kevin Kiner]

Have to Save the Governor [Sean Kiner]
Kanan's a Likeable Guy

Taking Leia Prisoner [Sean Kiner]
Ezra and Leia [Kevin Kiner]
Planning to Steal the Cruisers
Team Gets into Place
Kanan Takes Out a Walker [Sean Kiner]

Leia Says Goodbye
Governor Joins the Cause

The Protector of Concord Dawn

What Do We Do!? [Kevin Kiner]

Sabine Caught [Jared Forman/Kevin Kiner/Matthew St. Laurent]

House Vizsla [Jared Forman]

Legends of the Lasat

Hondo and the Lasats [Matthew St. Laurent]

Stormtroopers Catch Up to the Team [Matthew St. Laurent]

Fate of the Three [Sean Kiner]

Ritual Begins [Sean Kiner]
Imploded Star Cluster [Kevin Kiner]
The Call

Modified TIE Fighters [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Team Hatches a Plan to Land [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Has Reinforcements [David Glen Russell]

Eaten by a Purrgil [David Glen Russell]
Purrgil Can Travel in Hyperspace [David Glen Russell]


Hera Needs to Talk [Matthew St. Laurent]

Kanan Meets Hera's Father [Kevin Kiner]

Kanan and Cham Hit It Off [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Convinces Cham [Kevin Kiner]

Fending Off the Bombers [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Pushing the Bomber Out [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

The Honorable Ones

Agent Kallus Ambush Part 1 [Matthew St. Laurent]

Monsters Attack [Sean Kiner]

Shroud of Darkness

Inquisitors vs. Jedi Part 2 [David Glen Russell]
Arrival at the Lothal Temple [David Glen Russell]
Meditating in the Temple

Entering the New Door [Matthew St. Laurent]
Temple Guard [David Glen Russell]

Chopper Flees the Inquisitors [Matthew St. Laurent]
Ahsoka Remembers Yoda [David Glen Russell]
Ahsoka Sees Anakin [Kevin Kiner]
Yoda and Fear [David Glen Russell]

Kanan Can't Protect Ezra Forever [Matthew St. Laurent]
Kanan Knighted [Matthew St. Laurent]
Ahsoka Sees Yoda [Sean Kiner]
Escaping the Temple [Sean Kiner]
It Will Be Their Undoing [Kevin Kiner]

The Forgotten Droid

Ghost Singled Out [Matthew St. Laurent]

Getting Fuel to the Fleet [Sean Kiner/David Glen Russell]

The Mystery of Chopper Base
Never Turn Your Back [Matthew St. Laurent]

Looking for Zeb [Matthew St. Laurent]

Zeb Rock [Kevin Kiner]

Investigating the North Face [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Monsters Attack [Sean Kiner]

Into the Ghost [David Glen Russell]

Flying Away [Takeshi Furukawa]

Bonding with the Spider [David Glen Russell]
Twilight of the Apprentice

Voices Call to Ezra [David Glen Russell]

Sith Temple [David Glen Russell]

Swell to Sith Temple [David Glen Russell]

Here to Find Knowledge [Sean Kiner]

Old Master [Dean Kiner]

Chasing An Inquisitor [Matthew St. Laurent]

Old Master's Story [Dean Kiner]

Chopper Steals a TIE [David Glen Russell]

How Many [Matthew St. Laurent]

Sith Key [Kevin Kiner]
Three Inquisitors [David Glen Russell]

What Fun [Sean Kiner]
Louder Than Words [Matthew St. Laurent]

The End Game [Sean Kiner]

Enemy of My Enemy [Dean Kiner]

These Two Are a Set [Matthew St. Laurent]

Saved by Maul [Dean Kiner]

Because You Trained Him [Sean Kiner]

Inquisitor Ambush [David Glen Russell]

Strike Her Down [Sean Kiner]

Ezra and Maul Split Up [Kevin Kiner]

Inquisitors Fall [Sean Kiner]

Holocron Hovers [Jared Forman]

Other Approaches [Kevin Kiner]

Braver Than Most [Kevin Kiner]

I Am No Jedi [David Glen Russell]

Ahsoka Defeated [Matthew St. Laurent]

Grab the Holocron [David Glen Russell]

SWR221.2MOW-5m5 [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra Opens the Holocron [Kevin Kiner]


Season 3


Steps Into Shadow

Hondo is Grateful [Kevin Kiner]
Ezra Controls the Walker [Kevin Kiner]

Consulting the Holocron [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra Doesn't Need Kanan [Sean Kiner]
Kanan Meets the Giant [David Glen Russell]

Bendu [Sean Kiner]
Grand Admiral Thrawn [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Calls Ezra [Matthew St. Laurent]

Hondo Escapes [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Suspended
The Holocrons of Fate

Blockade Runner in Hyperspace

Maul's Message [Sean Kiner]

Following Ezra Into the Tunnels [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Apologizes [Sean Kiner]

Combining the Holocrons [Sean Kiner]

Consulting the Holocron [Kevin Kiner]
Maul Escapes [David Glen Russell]

The Antilles Extraction

Rebellion Needs Pilots [David Glen Russell]

Simulation Complete [Sean Kiner]

Pryce and Kallus Arrive [Matthew St. Laurent]

My Real Name is Sabine [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Worries About Sabine [Matthew St. Laurent]

Trying to Escape

Sabine Subdues Pryce [David Glen Russell]

Escaping the Prison [David Glen Russell]

Hera's Heroes
Chopper's Y-Wing [David Glen Russell]
Thrawn's Deductions [Sean Kiner]
Prisoner Exchange [David Glen Russell]

Earned Their Victory

The Last Battle

Send in the Destroyers [Sean Kiner]

Imperials Are Here to Win

Imperial Super Commandos

Blockade Runner Intro [Matthew St. Laurent]

Rau Escapes [Sean Kiner]

Mandalorian Traitors [Matthew St. Laurent]

Jetpack Chase [Sean Kiner]

Rau Returns [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Iron Squadron

Sato Has Contacts [Kevin Kiner]

Sato's Memory [Kevin Kiner]

Konstantine Arrives

Mart Stays Behind

Sato Arrives [Reuvan Herman]

Sato and Thrawn [David Glen Russell]

Sato and Mart Reunited [Kevin Kiner]
The Wynkathu Job

Hondo and Azmorigan [Kevin Kiner]

Treasure Room [David Glen Russell]

Attaching the Transfer Lines [Julian Cisneros]

Ezra Disappointed [Dean Kiner]

Azmorigan the Hero [Dean Kiner]

Hondo and Azmorigan Escape [Dean Kiner]

Zeb and Ezra Work Together [David Glen Russell]

Hondo's Treasure [Kevin Kiner]

Not Worried [Kevin Kiner]
An Inside Man
Vocal Tag [David Glen Russell]

Hitting 190 [Reuvan Herman]

Chopper Sabotages the Walker [Reuvan Herman]

Kallus Knows the Passphrase [Kevin Kiner]

Kanan Was Going to Do It [Kevin Kiner]

In the Walker [Kevin Kiner]
Visions and Voices

Ezra's Hallucinations [Dean Kiner]

Ezra Chases Maul [Kevin Kiner]

Visiting Bendu [Sean Kiner/David Glen Russell]

Maul is Here to Speak [Dean/Kevin/Sean Kiner]

Maul and Ezra Arrive on Dathomir [Matthew St. Laurent]
Ezra Questions Maul [Dean Kiner]

Satine's Shrine [Sean Kiner]

Drink This Potion [Reuvan Herman]

Ends Where It Began [Reuvan Herman]

SWR310-2m7 Witches Attack [David Glen Russell]

SWR310-3m1 Sabine and Kanan Possessed [David Glen Russell]
Fighting Sister Sabine [Dean Kiner]
SWR310-3m3 Fighting Possessed Kanan [David Glen Russell]

Sabine Takes the Darksaber [Kevin Kiner]
Ghosts of Geonosis

What We Didn't Find [Kevin Kiner]

Landing the Ghost on Geonosis [Sean Kiner]

SWR312-2m3 Had to Be a Bug! [David Glen Russell]

Have to Warn Sabine and Zeb [Dean Kiner]

Walking Past the Droids [Dean Kiner]

Leap Across the Chasm [Sean Kiner]

Klik Klak [Dean Kiner]

Geonosians Built Those Gunships [Sean Kiner]

Imperials Detect Life [Dean Kiner]

Last Queen's Egg [David Glen Russell]

Desert Fighter Battle [Reuvan Herman]

Ghost Picks Up Saw and Team [David Glen Russell]

Holocall with Senator Organa [Reuvan Herman]


Empire Spreads Probes [Kevin Kiner]

Grab the Droid [David Glen Russell]

Hera and Team Come Back to Base [Kevin Kiner]

Thrawn's Search Narrows [Sean Kiner]

Trials of the Darksaber
Legend of the Darksaber [David Glen Russell]
Sabine Leading It [David Glen Russell]

Convincing Sabine

Hera and Kanan Discuss Sabine [Reuven Herman]

Legacy of Mandalore

Approaching Sabine's Homeworld [Reuven Herman]

Jammed by the Mandalorians [Reuven Herman]

Sabine Has the Darksaber [David Glen Russell]

Saxon's Betrayal [Sean Kiner]

Clan Warfare Part 1 [Matthew St. Laurent]

Duel for the Darksaber [Sean Kiner]

Will Not Yield
Sabine Remains [David Glen Russell]

Through Imperial Eyes

Ezra's Here for Kallus [Reuven Herman]

Thrawn Knows [Sean Kiner]

Secret Cargo
Dogfighting Skerris [Reuven Herman]

Going in Close to the Star [Reuven Herman]

Mon Mothma's Speech [David Glen Russell]

Double Agent Droid

Imperial Tech Cyborgs [Sean Kiner]

AP-5 Downloads the Codes [Reuven Herman]

Chopper Acting Strange [Reuven Herman]

AP-5 in Space [Sean Kiner]

It's Beautiful to See [Sean Kiner]
Twin Suns

Maul Realizes [Dean Kiner]

Obi Wan's Recording [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Appeals to Ezra [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Steals an A-Wing [Matthew St. Laurent]

Ezra Arrives on Tatooine [Matthew St. Laurent]

Show Me Something [Kevin Kiner]

Tusken Raiders [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

Ship is Trashed [Sean Kiner]

Lost in the Desert [Sean Kiner]

Maul Appears [Sean Kiner]

Something or Someone [Sean Kiner]

Maul's Ship Docks [David Glen Russell]

Binary Sunrise [David Glen Russell]
Zero hour

Mouse Droid Spy [Sean Kiner]

Thrawn and Tarkin [Reuven Herman]

Rebel Fleet Assembles

Thrawn Interrupts Kallus [Dean Kiner]

Ezra is Going Alone

Thrawn Warns Konstantine

Rebels Fly Into the Blockade [David Glen Russell]

Kanan Brought War [David Glen Russell]

Kanan Implores Bendu [Dean Kiner]

Thrawn in Control [Sean Kiner]

Orbital Bombardment [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Arrives with the Mandalorians [Reuven Herman]

Landing on the Interdictor [Jared Forman]

Running from Bendu [Kevin Kiner]

Aftermath of the Attack [Kevin Kiner]
3M2 [Title Unknown]


Season 4


Heroes of Mandalore

Scoping Out the Tower Prison [David Glen Russell]

Tower Prison Tag [David Glen Russell]

Assaulting the Prison Tower [Reuven Herman]

Fending Off the Defenders [David Glen Russell]

Bo Katan [Kevin Kiner]

Ursa Appears [Dean Kiner]

Surveying the Canyon [Dean Kiner]

Kanan and Hera Flirt [Dean Kiner]

Spotted the Convoy [Dean Kiner]

Painting the Windshield [Reuven Herman]

Kanan Joins the Fray [David Glen Russell]

Freeing the Father [David Glen Russell]

Escaping the Falling Transport [Dean Kiner]

Sabine Reunited [Sean Kiner]

Sabine End Credits [Sean Kiner]

In the Ashes [David Glen Russell]

Clan Saxon Attacks [David Glen Russell]

Mandalorians Are Weapons [Dean Kiner]

Thrawn Analyzes the Weapon [Sean Kiner]

Armor Has History [Sean Kiner]

Sabine's Speech [Sean Kiner]

Bo-Katan is Impressed with Sabine [Sean Kiner]

Sabine Incapacitated [Dean/Kevin Kiner/David Glen Russell]

Shocking His Own Troops [David Glen Russell]

Sabine's in Trouble [David Glen Russell]

Sabine Uses the Weapon [Reuven Herman]

Destroying the Weapon [David Glen Russell]

Escape the Factory [Dean Kiner]

Passing the Sword [David Glen Russell]

In the Name of the Rebellion

Arrival on Yavin [David Glen Russell]

Hera Crashing [David Glen Russell]

Family is Back [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Speaks for Lothal [Kevin Kiner]

Saw's Holo [Kevin Kiner]

Planning the Data Spike Insertion [Dean Kiner]

Diving Onto the Relay [Dean Kiner]

Hacking the Dish [David Glen Russell]

Planting the Detonators [David Glen Russell]

Kanan Sees in the Fog [Sean Kiner]

Saw Saves the Day [Sean Kiner]

Saw Absconds with the Kids [Matthew St. Laurent]

Onboard with Saw [Kevin Kiner]

Civilian Cargo Facility [Dean Kiner]

Sneaking Into the Cargo [Kevin Kiner]

Sneaking Past the Stormtroopers [Dean Kiner]

Surprise Attack for the Troopers [Dean Kiner]

Prisoners in Cargo [Sean Kiner]

Saw Stuns the Troopers [Kevin Kiner]

Death Troopers On Board [Reuven Herman]

Purging the Escape Pods [David Glen Russell]

Retaken Hold 6 [Sean Kiner]

Saw's Friend Arrives [David Glen Russell]

Saw is Turning it Into a Bomb [David Glen Russell]

Saw Escapes [David Glen Russell]

Chopper's Ruse [Dean/Kevin Kiner/David Glen Russell]

Comandeering the Shuttle [David Glen Russell]

Ghost Saves Ezra and Sabine [Sean Kiner]

The Occupation

Ezra Asleep [Dean Kiner]

Ezra Worried About Lothal [Dean Kiner]

When Do We Leave [David Glen Russell]

Visago Has Legitimate Business [David Glen Russell]

New Outfits [Sean Kiner]

Descent onto Lothal [Sean Kiner]

Escaping from the Boarding Crew [Reuvan Herman]

Lothal on Lockdown [Dean Kiner]

Pride of the Empire [David Glen Russell]

Empire Owns the Bar [Kevin Kiner]

An Old Friend of Ezra's [Kevin Kiner]

Cut Off [David Glen Russell]

Pursued in the Sewers [David Glen Russell]

Splitting the Party [David Glen Russell]

Cornered in the Sewer [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

No Help Coming [Sean Kiner]

Flight of the Defender

TIE Defender Test [David Glen Russell]

Discussing the TIE Defender Plans [Dean Kiner]

Little Loth Friends [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Sees the Wolf for the First Time [Sean Kiner]

Fighting in the Airbase [David Glen Russell]

Flying Escape [David Glen Russell/Matthew St. Laurent]

TIE Defender Elite Against Fighters [David Glen Russell]

Remote Shutdown [David Glen Russell]

Hera Hears About the Crash [Reuvan Herman]

Imperials Search for Sabine and Ezra [Dean Kiner]

The White Loth-Wolf [Kevin Kiner]


Connection to Lothal [Sean Kiner]

Pryce Briefs Thrawn [Dean Kiner]

Meeting Rukh [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Tries to Lie [Dean Kiner]

Rukh Pursuit [David Glen Russell]

Kanan and Hera Interrupted [David Glen Russell]

Tanks on the Horizon [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Charges the Blockade [David Glen Russell]

Communing with the Wolves [Kevin Kiner]

Into the Tunnel [Sean Kiner]

Kanan's Past [Kevin Kiner]

Crawler Commandeers

Ore Crawler Tag [Sean Kiner]

Discussing a Lothal Attack [Sean Kiner]

Lizard Shuts Down the Crawler [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra Impersonates Lizard [Reuvan Herman]

Finding Visago [Dean Kiner]

Locking Away the Lizard [Sean Kiner]

Brawling with the Bruiser [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Implores the Alliance [David Glen Russell]

Empire Approaches [Dean Kiner]

Stormtroopers Board [Kevin Kiner]

Lizard Disappeared [David Glen Russell]

Fighting the Lizard [David Glen Russell]

Alliance Agreed to Help [David Glen Russell]

You Can Count on Us Tag [David Glen Russell]

Rebel Assault

Rebel Squadron Begins Attack Tag [Sean Kiner]

Planting the Charges [Dean Kiner]

Hera Arrives Too Late [Takeshi Furukawa/Matthew St. Laurent/Kevin Kiner]

Hera Outmaneuvers Skerris [David Glen Russell]

Fleet Falling from the Sky [Sean Kiner]

Rukh Released and Kanan Worried

Searching for Hera [David Glen Russell]

Pryce Wants Hera [Kevin Kiner]

Hera Finds Mart [David Glen Russell]

Rukh Senses Hera [Reuven Herman]

Rukh Chases Down Hera and Mart [Dean Kiner]

Kanan Revisited by Wolves [David Glen Russell]

Hera and Mart Fight to Escape [Kevin Kiner]

Kanan Wolf Mystery Out [Kevin Kiner]

Wolf Credits [Kevin Kiner]

Jedi Night

Kanan Introspective [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra Takes the Lead Tag [Kevin Kiner]

Prepping for Rescue

Rukh Smells the Rebels
Kanan Rescues Hera [David Glen Russell]
Ezra and Sabine Hitch a Ride [Reuvan Herman]

Rukh Catches Up to Kanan [Dean Kiner/Kevin Kiner/David Glen Russell]

Kiss and a Rescue [Kevin Kiner]

Kanan and the Fire [Kevin Kiner]


Empire and Us Aren't Even Yet [Reuvan Herman]
I Am Dume [David Glen Russell]
Paintbomb on Rukh [David Glen Russell]
Gift to the Empire [Reuvan Herman]

Wolves and a Door

To the Jedi Temple Tag [Sean Kiner]

Sealed Jedi Temple [Kevin Kiner]

Secrets of the Temple

Emperor Gets Involved [Reuvan Herman]

Remember Why We Came [Kevin Kiner]

Clues from the Hologram [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Unlocks the Temple [David Glen Russell]

Mural Moving [Sean Kiner]

Sabine Arrested [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Disappears into the Gateway [Kevin Kiner]

A World Between Worlds

Ezra Into the Temple Tag [Dean Kiner]

Sabine vs the Counselor [David Glen Russell]

Owl is in the Temple [Kevin Kiner]

Uncooperative Sabine [Reuvan Herman]

You Missed a Lot [Kevin Kiner]

Emperor in the Temple [David Glen Russell]

Sorry About the Mess [David Glen Russell]

Escaping from the Temple [David Glen Russell]

To Seal the Portal [David Glen Russell]

Goodbye Kanan

Kanan End Credits [Sean Kiner]

A Fool's Hope

Anything for Ezra Tag [Kevin Kiner]

Ezra Needs to Talk to Hera [Kevin Kiner]

Ryder's Misgivings [Dean Kiner]

Imperial Assault [Dean Kiner]

Cargo Ship Arrives [David Glen Russell]

Target the Crawler [David Glen Russell]

Crawler Down [David Glen Russell]

Hera's Arrival [David Glen Russell]

Where is Your Arny Now [Dean Kiner]

Wolves to the Rescue [Kevin Kiner]

Ghost Pursued [David Glen Russell]

Wolves Maul the Stormtroopers [Kevin Kiner]

Pryce Cuffed [Kevin Kiner]

Family Reunion - and Farewell

Ezra Reflecting [Sean Kiner]

Thrawn and Ezra's Standoff [Sean Kiner]

Ezra Disappears [Sean Kiner]

Ezra and Thrawn

Shootout in the Shield Generator [David Glen Russell]

Ezra Makes His Choice [Kevin Kiner]

From the Rubble [Sean Kiner]

Ezra's Backup [David Glen Russell]

SWR416-5m1 Purrgil Arrive [David Glen Russell]

Detonate the Dome [David Glen Russell]


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Mark Isham - Miracle (2004)
Source: Soundcloud


1M1 Main Title
1M7 Herb Got The Job
1M8 Ice Tryouts

1M9 The Names


2M11 OC Attacks Rob

2M15A The Photograph

2M15B Herb And Patty
2M16 Hard Workout Montage


3M18 Punishment Montage
3M21 Watching The Russians
3M22 Hard Workout 2


4M23C Jimmy And Dad
4M27 New Player
4M28 We're A Family
4M28A Carter Speech


5M24 Lake Placid
5M29 Cox Is Cut
5M31A Pre Madison
5M32 The Russian Rout
5M33 Herb Moves On Jimmy
5M36 Herb Keeps OC
5M38 Unprotected Goal Win


6M41 Game / Press Conference
6M42 Ice Rink Conversation
6M43A Locker Room
6M43B Russian Game Speech
6M44 Russian Game Start
6M45 The Russian Score
6M46 First Period Tie


7M47 Jimmy Goes Down
7M48 Final Pep Talk
7M49 Ruzzo Scores
7M50 The Countdown

7M51 Finale


Herb Riles Rob

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David Newman - Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (2009)
Source: cocatalog.gov


1M3 Hospital Bed Chaos
1M7 Airport Arrival
1M8 Aunt Jackie Vs Stairs
1M9 Toby In Drivers Seat
1M13 Dave Phones Home
1M14 Theodore Has Nightmare


2M15 Off To School
2M17 School Hallway Chaos
2M18 Hello Ladies! / Chipettes FedEx
2M18B Ian To FedEx Chipettes
2M19 Ian's Penthouse Office
2M21 Charming The Girls
2M22 Bullies
2M24 Schmancy Loft Hallway
2M25 Ian's New Pad
2M27A Taco Reveal


3M30 Popular Montage
3M32 Ian Gets Paper
3M38 Fire In The Hole
3M39 Alvin Warns Brittany
3M42A Transition To School
3M43 Simon The Litter Monitor
3M44 Messing With Simon
3M45A Sad Theodore
3M45B Theodore And Eleanor


4M50 Alvin Wins Game
4M53 Toby Can't Find Alvin
4M54A Chipmunks Lose Competition
4M55 Theodore Runs Away
4M57A Brittany Refuses To Perform Alone
4M59 Eagle Eye Sting / Ian's Phone Call / Pick


5M59 Pick Lock / Alvin To The Rescue
5M65 Limo Escape
5M67 Ian Pursuit Continues
5M69 No Show Chipmunks
5M71 Alvin And Chipettes Arrive

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Jeff Beal - Love Rules! (2004)
Source: promo


1M1 Main Title
1M2 I'm Sorry
1M4 No Bachelor Party?
1M5 Breaking The News To Mom
1M6 Absolutely
1M7 Brian Drops The Bomb
1M9 The Perfect Divorce
1M10 Grandma's Dress
1M12 The Rules
1M13 What Am I Doing?
1M14 The Ring

2M1 Ring Pressure
2M2 Guest List
2M4 Sit Down

3M2 Brian's Wish
3M4 Magic In A Pencil Drawing

4M1 The Bike Shop
4M2S White Wedding
4M3 Watch This
4M4 1st Dates
4M6 Nice To Meet You Too
4M8 Transition
4M9 Someone To Take Care Of You
4M10 Ruin The Day For Grandma Betty
4M12 Satellite Dish

5M1 Let The Games Begin
5M2 Things To Come
5M4 Brian Shows Up
5M5 He Backed Out

6M1 Proposal Headaches
6M2 Eloquent Thoughts
6M3 Wedding Is Back On

7M2 Hanging On To Love
7M4 Unconventional
7M5 Calling It Off

8M1 Rehearsal Dinner
8M2A/B/C The Toast - Part 1/2/3
8M3 The Night Before
8M4S White Wedding (String Quartet)
8M6 Objections
8M7 The Beginning

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Marco Beltrami & Buck Sanders - 3:10 To Yuma (2007)
Source: recording sessions


1M1 For A Few Pounds Less
1M2 Barn Burn
1M3 Just Shoot Him
1M4 Ben Takes The Stage
1M4B Coach Crash
1M5 Charlie Prince
1M6 Where's The Doughbro?
1M7 Wading Into Bisby


2M1 Saving McElroy
2M2 Bisbigliando
2M3 One For The Road
2M4 Ben There, Done That
2M5 Grab A Gun
2M6 Ben Arrested
2M7 Flight Of The Princess


3M1 Baiting Charlie
3M2 Spook Shootin'
3M3 Go Ask Alice
3M4 William Escapes
3M5 Campfire Song


4M1 Trial By Fire
4M2 Injun Grounds
4M3 Fonda Toss
4M4 Three Little Indians
4M5 Forget It Ben, It's Chinatown
4M6 Gotten By The Boles
4M7 Chinese Democracy


5M1 Hotel
5M2 Stormclouds
5M3 Gang Arrives
5M4 Fistful Of Dollars
5M5 Bad To The Bone
5M6 One Man Left


6M2 Bible Study
6M3 Firefight Chat
6M4 Who Let The Cows Out?
6M5 3:10 To Yuma

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Marco Beltrami - The Giver (2014)
Source: recording sessions


1M1 Main Titles
1M2 The Triangle
1M3A The Ceremony Intro
1M3B The Ceremony
1M3C Jonas Gets The Gig


2M3D Rules
2M4 Arriving At The Giver's
2M4A First Memory Intro
2M5 First Memory OST05
2M5A Memory Afterglow
2M6 The Giver
2M7 Gabriel Arrives
2M8 Color
2M8A Rainbow
2M9/10 Tray Ride
2M11 Remember Her Name
2M12 The Map


3M13 The Wedding
3M13A Chief Elder Visits
3M14 Happiness & Pain
3M15 Gabe's Elephant Memory
3M16 The Dream
3M17A What Is Love? Intro
3M17B What Is Love?
3M18 War
3M18A Skipping Injection
3M19 Jonas Returns
3M21 Rosemary's Story


4M22 Release To Triangle
4M23 The Kiss OST12
4M24 Jonas Runs Away
4M25 Accelerated Training
4M26 Getting Gabriel / Kissed Again
4M27 Escape From The Nursery
4M28 Desert Ride


5M29 Loose Him
5M30 The Drone
5M30A The Desert
5M31 The Mountain
5M32 Fiona's Release
5M33 The Sled
5M35 End Credits

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Marco Beltrami - Red Eye (2005)
Source: Intrada liner notes


1M0 Main Title Sequence
1M1A Arriving At The Airport - Part 1
1M1B Arriving At The Airport - Part 2
1M2 A Friendly Gesture
1M3 Lisa Looks At Scar
1M4 Waiting For The Flight


2M1 Takeoff
2M2 Changing Focus
2M3 Jack Reveals His Plan
2M4 A Collision Course


3M1 No Back-Up Plan
3M2 Things That Go Bump In The Night
3M4 Lisa's Secret
3M5 Bathroom Interlude
3M6 A Stolen Pen


4M1 Lisa Makes The Call
4M2 The Keefes Arrive
4M3 Landing
4M4A The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword - Part 1
4M4B The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword - Part 2
4M5 Rocket Fishing


5M1 Arriving At Home
5M2 Jack's Back
5M3A Cat And Mouse In House
5M3B It's Over
5M4 Aftermath

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Marco Beltrami - The November Man (2014)

Source: recording sessions


1M1    Take Orders
1M2 or 1M3    She Asked For You
1M4    Natalia
1M5    Code 42


2M3 or 2M4    Natalia Dies
2M5    It Was Deveraux
2M5B    Cab Ride
2M6    Hanley Destroys Computer
2M7    Alexa
2M8    Terminate Deveraux
2M9    You're Very Welcome


3M2    Race To Find Deveraux
3M3/4    Run From Mason
3M5    Discuss Mira
3M6    Club Source
3M7    Who Done It


4M2    Mason Goes Through Files
4M3    Someone Will Find Her
4M4    Don't Put Your Faith In Me
4M8    Mason Scores
4M9    Leg Cut
4M10    Alexa Meets Federov
4M11    Alexa Kills Reporter


5M1    Mason Finds Lucy
5M2    Harvey Did It
5M3    Mira Mira On The Wall
5M4    Confession
5M5    Mason Jarred
5M6    Your New Boss


6M2    The Boy Did Good
6M3    Deveraux Meets W/ Hanley
6M4    The November Man
6M5    Mason Saves Lucy
6M6    Reunited
6M7    End Credits
6M8    It Was Deveraux

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Jeff Beal - Blackfish (2013)

Source: issuu.com/scoresondemand/docs/blackfish_live


01. Trouble At Shamu Stadium
02. Meet The Trainers
03. Making The Team
04. Dawn Brancheau
05. OSHA
06. The Hunt
07. Illegal Hunting
08. Tilikum's Dungeon
09. Keltie Byrne
10. Tilikum's Progeny
11. Deep Sea Killer
12. In The Wild
13. Orca Brain
14. Blackfish
15. Isolation
16. Tilikum's Head
17. Taming The Beast
18. Kalina Taken Away
19. Floppy Fins
20. A Month Before
21. More Trainer Accidents
22. Ken Underwater
23. Wrong Pool
24. Canary Islands
25. Need To Be Careful
26. Best Trainer
27. Tilikum Kills
28. Cover Up
29. Time To Stop / End Titles

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Star Wars (1977) - John Williams
Source: score sheets

R1-P3 The War (Imperial Attack PT II)
R1/2 Pt 4/1 The Escape Hatch (Imperial Attack)
R1/2 Pt 5/1 Desert Song (The Desert)
R2 Part 2 The Little People
R2 Pt 3 NEW The Little People
R2 Pt 3 More Little People
R2 Pt 3 REVISED More Little People
R2 P5 REVISED The Little People Work
R2 Pt 4 (R2-P6?) R-2
R3 Pt 1 The Princess Appears
R3 Pt 1 REVISED The Princess Appears
R3 Pt 1 REVISED Princess Leia's Theme
R3 Pt 2 Lost R2
R3 Pt 2 NEW
R3 Part 2 REVISED Lost R2
R3 Part 2 REVISED Lost R-2
R3 Part 3 The Sand Speeder
R3 Part 3 REVISED The Land of the Sand People
R3/4 Part 4/1 The Sand Man Attacks
R3/4 Part 4/1 REVISED Land of the Sand People PT II
R4-P2 Obi-Wan-Kenobi
R4-P2 Land of the Sand People PT III
R4 Pt 2A The Force
R4 Part 3 The Princess Reappears
R4 Part 4 A Home Destroyed
R4 Part 4 REVISED The Return Home
R5 Part 1 A Hive of Villainy
R5 Pt 6 The Inner City
R5 Part 6 REVISED The Inner City
R6 Part 1 Blasting Away
R6 Part 5 NEW The Destruction of Alderon
R7 Part 1 The Hatch Opens
R7 P1 NEW Is It a Bird?
R7 Part 2 The Hatch Opens
R7-P2 The Mouse Robot
R8 Part 2 NEW More Rescue
R8 Part 2 REVISED New Introduction to The Rescue
R8 Part 2 The Rescue
R8 Part 3 REVISED The Water Snake
R8 Part 4 The Walls Converge
R9 Part 1 Ben Creeps Around
R9-P2 The Swashbucklers
R9/3 PT 10/1 Ben's Death
R10 Part 2 Here They Come (The Fighters Attack)
R10/3 Part 11/1 Stand By (Standing By)
R11-P2 Approaching the Target
R11-P2 REVISED The Last Battle PT II
R12 Part 2 End Titles (The Throne Room and End Titles)
The Princess Theme

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Nicholas Pike - Virginia's Run (2002)
Source: promo


1M1A Stormy Born
1M1B Main Titles
1M2 A Way With Horses
1M3 Race #1
1M6 Still Don't Understand


2M1 Night Ride
2M2 Wild Stormy
2M4 Stormy Sold
2M5 Bronwen
2M7 Riding With Jesse


3M1 Ride To The House
3M3 Hospital
3M5 The Gift


4M1 Stormy Home
4M5 Boot Camp
4M6 The Train
4M7 Nightmare
4M8 Stormy Stolen
4M9 Caroline


5M1/3/5/7 Barn Door
5M9 In The Race


6M1 Splashing
6M2 Final Race
6M2 Race End
6M5 Ending

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Max Steiner - The Caine Mutiny (1954)
Source: Intrada liner notes


R1P1    Main Title (Full Steam Ahead)
R1P2    Graduation
R1P3A    Meet Mother
R1P3B    I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
R1P4    I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
R1P6    Keith Meets Navy


R2P1    Top To Bottom


R3P1    Seagulls
R3P2    Lost Paravane
R3P3    Lost Pants
R3P4    Meet Queeg


R4P1    Bos'n Whistle
R4P2    De Vriess Leaves
R4P3    Off To Target
R4P4    Shirt Tail


R5P1    To The Barn
R5P2    Mother Meets May
R5P3    Love In The Valley
R5P4    More Love
R5P5    News Of Queeg


R6P1    Escort Jacob
R6P2    Queeg's Order
R6P3    Yellow Streak
R6P4    Dye Marker


R7P1    The Plaque
R7P2    Mental Disorders
R7P3    Agitato For Western
R7P4    Morale Law
R7P5    Queeg Rants
R7P6    Situation Quiet


R8P1    Berries, Anyone?
R8P2    On The Bible
R8P3    See Halsey #1
R8P4    See Halsey #2
R8P5    See Halsey #3


R9P1    Storm Warning


R10P1    Phone May


R11P1    Greenwald Takes Case


R14P1    He's A Jolly Good Fellow
R14P2    End Title

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The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007-2011)  - Sam & Dan Watts

Source: Composers sites, BMI Repertoire & MusicSalesCreative


Invasion of the Bane


SJM1 [Sam Watts]
SJM3 [Sam Watts]
SJM4 [Sam Watts]
SJM5 [Sam Watts]
SJM6 PT 1 [Sam Watts]
SJM6 PT 2 [Sam Watts]
SJM8 [Dan Watts]
SJM10A [Sam Watts]
SJM10B [Sam Watts]
SJM11 [Sam Watts]
SJM12 Mrs Wormwood's Office [Sam Watts]
SJM13 [Sam Watts]
SJM14A [Sam Watts]
SJM14B [Sam Watts]
SJM16A [Sam Watts]
SJM16B [Sam Watts]
SJM17A [Sam Watts]
SJM17B [Sam Watts]
SJM18 [Sam Watts]
SJM19 [Sam Watts]
SJM20 [Sam Watts]
SJM21 [Sam Watts]
SJM22 [Sam Watts]
SJM23 [Sam Watts]
SJM24A [Sam Watts]
SJM24B [Sam Watts]
SJM25 [Sam Watts]
SJM26 [Sam Watts]
SJM27 [Sam Watts]
SJM28 [Sam Watts]
SJM29 [Sam Watts]
SJM30 [Sam Watts]
SJM31 [Sam Watts]
SJM32A [Sam Watts]
SJM33 [Sam Watts]
SJM34 [Sam Watts]
SJM35 [Sam Watts]
SJM36 [Sam Watts]
SJM36A [Sam Watts]
SJM36B [Sam Watts]
SJM36C "Until Next Time Miss Smith" [Sam Watts]
Bubble Shock Ad [Dan Watts]
Bubble Shock Bus [Dan Watts]


Series 1


New Opening Titles [Murray Gold]
Title Sting [Sam Watts]

Revenge of the Slitheen, Part 1
Summer Montage [Sam Watts]
First Day [Sam Watts]
Capacitor Room [Sam Watts]
Bye Bye Tim [Sam Watts]
Jeffrey to Stage [Sam Watts]
Smells of Batteries [Sam Watts]
Off Food [Sam Watts]
Take Care of the Caretaker [Sam Watts] [Unused]
Bannerman Road and Newspaper [Sam Watts]
Synchronise the Mega Wattage [Sam Watts]
Social Mistakes [Sam Watts]
Lights Out [Sam Watts]
Power Cut [Sam Watts]
New Day [Sam Watts]
Sarah Jane Investigates [Sam Watts]
Jeffrey's Look [Sam Watts]
CCTV [Sam Watts]
Rendezvous [Sam Watts]
Equation [Sam Watts]
Coldfire Construction [Sam Watts]
Searching New Block [Sam Watts]
Slitheen Revealed [Sam Watts]
First Hunt [Sam Watts]
Science Project [Sam Watts]
Carl Slitheen [Sam Watts]
Ep1 End Trail [Sam Watts]

Revenge of the Slitheen, Part 2
Recap of Ep1 [Sam Watts]
Slitheen Chase [Sam Watts]
Tonight's the Night [Sam Watts]
First Things First [Sam Watts]
Clyde in the Attic [Sam Watts]
Mr Smith and Maps [Sam Watts]
Is Everybody Ready? [Sam Watts]
Underground Railways [Sam Watts]
It Works [Sam Watts]
Waiting [Sam Watts]
End of the World [Sam Watts]
Vinegar [Sam Watts]
For Our Children [Sam Watts]
Sun Goes Out [Sam Watts]
Blakeman Unzips and Explodes [Sam Watts]
Little Heroes [Sam Watts]
Flying Lipstick [Sam Watts]
Only a Child [Sam Watts]
Back on Bannerman [Sam Watts]

Back on Bannerman Alternative [Sam Watts]
Maria and Chrissie [Sam Watts]
Sarah Jane, Clyde and The Doctor [Sam Watts]
You Were Amazing [Sam Watts]

Ep 3 Trail [Sam Watts]
Eye of the Gorgon, Part 1
Lavender Lawns [Sam Watts]
Mrs Randall [Sam Watts]
At the Window [Sam Watts]
Mrs Randall Part 2 [Sam Watts]
Like Old Times [Sam Watts]
Mrs Gribbins at the Window [Sam Watts]
Get Out [Sam Watts]
Sister Helena [Sam Watts]
Bit of Paper [Sam Watts]
Mrs Gribbins to the Abbey [Sam Watts]
Another Mr Smith Moment [Sam Watts]
Ghosts and the Talisman [Sam Watts]
Dirty Old Laundry [Sam Watts]
The Abbess Turns Mrs Gribbins to Stone [Sam Watts]

The Abbess Turns Mrs Gribbins to Stone Alternative [Sam Watts]
Bea's Room [Sam Watts]
Sister Helena on Bannerman Road [Sam Watts]
The Hurse [Sam Watts]
They Mustn't Find It [Sam Watts]
Gorgon Mythology [Sam Watts]
Sister Sinister [Sam Watts]
Nabbed by a Nun [Sam Watts]
Abbey Library [Sam Watts]

Abbey Library Alternative [Sam Watts]
Useless Old Fossil [Sam Watts]

Ep 4 Trail [Sam Watts]

Eye of the Gorgon, Part 2
After 3000 Years [Sam Watts]
Secret Passageway [Sam Watts]
We Have the Key [Sam Watts]
A Little Young [Sam Watts]
Serve the Gorgon [Sam Watts]

Serve the Gorgon Alternative [Sam Watts]
Deadlock Seal [Sam Watts]
We Had Adventures Once [Sam Watts]
Chrissie Sneaks [Sam Watts]
Talking to a Statue [Sam Watts]
New Portal [Sam Watts]
Trapped in the Cellar [Sam Watts]
Maria Gives Up [Sam Watts]
Bea and the Gorgon [Sam Watts]
A New Host [Sam Watts]
Maria to Abbey [Sam Watts]
Embrace Your Destiny [Sam Watts]
Closing the Portal [Sam Watts]
Turning Alan Back [Sam Watts]
Alan Wakes Up [Sam Watts]
Back to Normal [Sam Watts]

Back to Normal Alternative [Sam Watts]

We Have to Try [Sam Watts]
Edgar [Sam Watts]
Viszeran Royal Fleet [Sam Watts]

Viszeran Royal Fleet Alternative [Sam Watts]

Ep 5 Trail [Sam Watts]
Warriors of Kudlak, Part 1
Combat 3000 [Sam Watts]
Waiting in the Tunnel [Sam Watts]

Kudlak [Sam Watts]
Do You Think You're Man Enough? [Sam Watts]
Lance's Mum [Sam Watts]
Killed in Iraq [Sam Watts]
Frightening [Sam Watts]
Luke and Clyde [Sam Watts]

Luke and Clyde Alternative [Sam Watts]
Machine Making [Sam Watts]
Mistress is Worried [Sam Watts]
Rain Making [Sam Watts]
5M11 Warriors of the Future [Dan Watts]
5M12 Warrior Blood [Sam Watts]
Soldier 7 [Sam Watts]
Level 2 [Sam Watts]
5M15 Battle Zone [Dan Watts]
Intruders [Sam Watts]
Grantham Confrontation [Sam Watts]
Move [Sam Watts]

Move Alternative [Sam Watts]

Ep 6 Trail [Sam Watts]

Warriors of Kudlak, Part 2
Recap Ep. 5 [Sam Watts]
Over the Top [Sam Watts]
Bring Me More [Sam Watts]
Short Mr. Smith [Sam Watts]
Trapped in a Box [Sam Watts]
6M4 Space Crate [Dan Watts]
Pretty Girl in a Box [Sam Watts]
Human Lowlife [Sam Watts]
6M7A How Did We Get Here? [Dan Watts]
Someone's Coming [Sam Watts]
The Mistress [Sam Watts]
A Man Like You [Sam Watts]
6M13 This Isn't Our Fight [Dan Watts]
What Did You Say? [Sam Watts]
You're Never Coming Back [Sam Watts]
Stay Calm [Sam Watts]
Planet Earth [Sam Watts]
Get a Move On [Sam Watts]
Explosion [Sam Watts]
You're All Going to Die [Sam Watts]
My War [Sam Watts]
Peace Does Not Compute [Sam Watts]
Kudlak's Promise [Sam Watts]
Tell Me About Girls [Sam Watts]

Ep 7 Trail [Sam Watts]
Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part 1
SJ Shivers [Sam Watts]
Hurry Up [Sam Watts]
A Word in Private [Sam Watts]
The Trickster [Sam Watts]
Memory Box Dies [Sam Watts]
Who the Fuck Are You? [Sam Watts]
Is Luke There? [Sam Watts]
Bad Apple [Sam Watts]
Andrea's House [Sam Watts]
Photo Album [Sam Watts]
Poem for Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]
Andrea Yates [Sam Watts]

Andrea Yates Alternative [Sam Watts]
Maria's Eyes [Sam Watts]
Forget [Sam Watts]
Andrea Remembers [Sam Watts]
SJ in Mirror [Sam Watts]
Graske [Sam Watts]
Alan and the Box [Sam Watts]
Graske Catches Maria [Sam Watts]
Psychedelic Alan [Sam Watts]
There is No Maria [Sam Watts]
Young Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

Ep 8 Trail [Sam Watts]

Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part 2
Recap Ep. 7 [Sam Watts]
1964 [Sam Watts]
Graske in Limbo [Sam Watts]
Limbo [Sam Watts]
Alan Worries [Sam Watts]
Remembering Andrea [Sam Watts]
Sarah and the Trickster [Sam Watts]
Andrea's Eyes [Sam Watts]
The Meteor's Coming [Sam Watts]
Are You Serious? [Sam Watts]
My Maria [Sam Watts]
Andrea's Story Part 1 [Sam Watts]
Andrea's Story Part 2 [Sam Watts]
8M12b Andrea's Story Part 3 [Sam Watts]
The Gift [Sam Watts]
I Had to Survive [Sam Watts]
Angry Graske [Sam Watts]
Missiles Failed [Sam Watts]
A Graske in Bondage [Sam Watts] [Unused]
It Can't Be [Sam Watts]
Return of the Maria [Sam Watts]
Bring Back Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]
Do it Again [Sam Watts]
Meteor Headed to Earth [Sam Watts]
Meant to Die [Sam Watts]
Remember Me [Sam Watts]
She Did It [Sam Watts]

Ep 9 Trail [Sam Watts]

The Lost Boy, Part 1
Explanations [Sam Watts]
Slitheen Flashback [Sam Watts]
You're 14 [Sam Watts]
Gorgon Flashback [Sam Watts]
Hang on a Minute [Sam Watts]
Talking Alan Round [Sam Watts]
Lost Boy [Sam Watts]
Mr. Smith I Need You [Sam Watts]
Bane Flashback [Sam Watts]
Genetic Match [Sam Watts]
Saying Goodbye [Sam Watts]
Meet the Parents [Sam Watts]
A New Home [Sam Watts]
Xylok [Sam Watts]
I Told You [Sam Watts]
Door Sting [Sam Watts]
Forget About School [Sam Watts]
Why Don't We Find Out [Sam Watts]
Pharos Institute [Sam Watts]
Telekinetic Energy [Sam Watts]
We'll See About That [Sam Watts]
9M20 Clyde and Ashley's Mum [Dan Watts]
9M21 Hunt for a Ruler [Dan Watts]
9M22 Photos Can Be Faked [Dan Watts]
Great Assistance [Sam Watts]
This is My Mission [Sam Watts]
Don't You Recognise Me? [Sam Watts]
Clyde Misses Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]
Evil Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

Ep 10 Trail [Sam Watts]

The Lost Boy, Part 2
Recap Ep9 [Sam Watts]
Pharos at Night [Sam Watts]

10M3 Pharos at Night Alternative [Sam Watts]
Escape from Pharos [Dan Watts]
Inside Mr Smith [Sam Watts]
No You Don't [Sam Watts]
Back of the Van [Sam Watts]
No Way in No Way Out [Sam Watts]
Not Luke's Parents [Sam Watts]

Not Luke's Parents Alternative [Sam Watts]
It's Clyde [Sam Watts]
Alan Runs [Sam Watts]
10M11 Mr Smith's Gone Bad [Dan Watts]
Terminal [Sam Watts]
The Story of Mr. Smith [Sam Watts]
Luke Will Die [Sam Watts]
We Want it All [Sam Watts]
Luke Escapes [Sam Watts]
Chip Shop [Sam Watts]
Nathan Chases Luke [Sam Watts]
Jay Wakes Up [Sam Watts]
You Killed My Father [Sam Watts]
Up Here Luke [Sam Watts]
I Don't Care [Sam Watts]
Destroyer of Worlds [Sam Watts]
Now We Can Begin [Sam Watts]
Off the Scale [Sam Watts]
Luke and the Moon [Sam Watts]
Chrissie at Car [Sam Watts]
Dead Phone [Sam Watts]
SJ Teleports to Attic [Sam Watts]
K9 Saves the Day [Sam Watts]
I Have a Purpose [Sam Watts]
Affirmative K9 [Sam Watts]
Family [Sam Watts]


Series 2


The Last Sontaran, Part 1
1M1 What's Out There? [Sam Watts]
1M2 Light in the Sky [Sam Watts]
1M3 Lucy Into Woods [Sam Watts]
1M4-5 This is Incredible [Sam Watts]
1M6 Tycho Project [Sam Watts]
1M7 There's Something in the Woods [Sam Watts]
1M8 Have You Seen My Dad? [Sam Watts]
1M9 Don't Go Into the Woods [Sam Watts]
1M10 Kaagh's Binoculars [Sam Watts]
1M11 Maria Tell's Sarah Jane About America [Sam Watts]
1M11 NEW Maria Tell's Sarah Jane About America [Sam Watts]
1M12/13/14 Kaagh Chase Mark 1 [Dan Watts]
1M15 Something Cloaked [Sam Watts]
1M16 There's Nothing in the Woods [Sam Watts]
1M17 Zombie Professor [Sam Watts]
1M18 Decloaking the Pod [Dan Watts]
1M19 Kaagh the Slayer [Sam Watts]
1M20 Resistance Will Be Crushed [Sam Watts]
1M21 Where's Lucy? [Sam Watts]
1M22 First Law of the Battlefield [Sam Watts]
1M23 We Were Tricked [Sam Watts]
1M24 Kaagh Crashes to Earth [Sam Watts]
1M25 Lone Survivor [Sam Watts]
1M26/27 Could This Be the End for Sarah Jane?

The Last Sontaran, Part 2

My Prize [Sam Watts]
See Ya, Spud! [Sam Watts]
Stuck Door [Sam Watts]
Mr H's Toad in the Hole [Sam Watts]
Reluctant Mr Smith [Sam Watts]
It's That Sort of a Day [Sam Watts]
2M7 Leopard Skin Sleuth [Dan Watts]
I Don't Believe You Alan [Sam Watts]
2M11 Chrissie to the Rescue [Dan Watts]
Breaking Into the Pod [Sam Watts]
Tripping the Alarm [Sam Watts]
Saying Goodbye to Luke [Sam Watts]
Hey, Bilbo! Over Here! [Sam Watts]
2M16 Hacking the Main Frame [Dan Watts]
Running from the Sontaran Drones [Sam Watts]
Saved from the Drones [Sam Watts]
Lucy Fails [Sam Watts]
Maria Finds the Transponder [Sam Watts]
The Operating System Remains Fully Functional [Sam Watts]
Luke Cracks It [Sam Watts]
Worthy Sacrifice to the Empire [Sam Watts]
Sleeper Agent [Sam Watts]
2M26 Download Unsuccessful [Dan Watts]
Go Back to Sleep Mum [Sam Watts]
Kaagh Returns Home? [Sam Watts]
Chrissie Wakes Up...Again [Sam Watts]
Maria Says Goodbye to Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]
The Family Loses a Daughter [Sam Watts]
That Cue That Sam Forgot

The Day of the Clown, Part 1

3M1 Something in the Woods

3M2 Maria's Email [Sam Watts]

3M3 It's Not Maria [Sam Watts]

3M4A Rani Chandra

3M4 Did You See That?

3M5 A New Headmaster [Sam Watts]

3M6 Odd Bob at Window [Sam Watts]

3M7 I'm Into Weird [Dan Watts]

3M8 Dave Disappears [Sam Watts]

3M9 Chasing Odd Bob [Sam Watts]

3M10 Clyde and the Headmaster [Dan Watts]

What About the Clown? [Sam Watts]
Clyde Saw a Clown [Sam Watts]
Clowns, Clowns Everywhere [Sam Watts]
Free Tickets [Sam Watts]
3M15 Spellman's Museum [Dan Watts]
Spellman [Sam Watts]
The Pied Piper [Sam Watts]
3M18 Clowny - Wowny Lifey -Wifey
All That You Fear [Sam Watts]

The Day of the Clown, Part 2

Fear Me [Sam Watts]
It Won't Last [Sam Watts]
Tell Her Everything [Sam Watts]
How Cool is This? [Sam Watts]
The History of Hamelin [Sam Watts]
It's All Real [Sam Watts]
A Puppet Clown [Sam Watts]
Red Balloon [Sam Watts]
Return to Pharos [Sam Watts]
Weserbergland Meteor [Sam Watts]
Bone Gnawing Fear [Sam Watts]
It Took the Children [Sam Watts]
4M12 I Will Show You Fear [Dan Watts]
4M13/14 Hall of Mirrors
Tastes Like Fear to Me [Sam Watts]
Fight Fear with Comedy [Sam Watts]
4M17 Spellman Vanquished [Dan Watts]
4M18 The Universe is Surprising

Secrets of the Stars, Part 1

Martin Trueman [Sam Watts]
At the Theatre [Sam Watts]
Cheryl [Sam Watts]
Cheryl and Stuart [Sam Watts]
Trueman's Show [Sam Watts]
Up, Down, Up, Down [Sam Watts]
5M8/9 Rani, the Doctor and Sarah's Secrets
Trueman is Human [Sam Watts]
Unfortunate Accident [Sam Watts]
Mr Smith Helps Again [Sam Watts]
The Power of the Stars [Sam Watts]
I Wasn't Born [Sam Watts]
5M15 Luke, Mr Smith and the Cosmos [Dan Watts]
At Trueman's House [Sam Watts]
I've Got Things to Do [Sam Watts]
Keep Away From Us [Sam Watts]
We Need to Talk [Sam Watts]
5M19 The Famous Lost Cue [Dan Watts]
One of the Lucky Ones [Sam Watts]
One Last Performance [Sam Watts]
Paranormal Planet Sting [Sam Watts]
You've Served Your Purpose [Sam Watts]
Evil Clyde [Sam Watts]

Secrets of the Stars, Part 2

Nothing is Happening [Sam Watts]

Calling All Geminis [Sam Watts]

We Are a Gang [Sam Watts]

6M4 Not You Too?

6M5 When Clyde's Attack [Dan Watts]

The Gathering Hoards [Sam Watts]

La Situation et Trés Confuse [Dan Watts]

The Inner Circle [Sam Watts]

Chocolate Astrology [Sam Watts]

Join Me Capricorn [Sam Watts]

Mr Trueman Would Like to See You [Sam Watts]

6M13 You Know What I Can Do [Dan Watts]

6M14 I Am Unique

6M15 The Ancient Lights Are Shining [Sam Watts]

He Said We're Going to Lose [Sam Watts]

6M17 Luke and Rani UnplugLuke and Rani Unplug [Sam Watts]

6M18 You Flicked a Switch

Nothing Can Stop It Now [Sam Watts]

Astrology Doesn't Work On Me [Sam Watts]

The Ancient Lights Leave [Sam Watts]

6M22 Even at the End He Wouldn't Let It Go [Dan Watts]

6M22 Rani Alone

Haresh Brings Gita Home [Sam Watts]

Luke Gets a Birthday [Sam Watts]

The Mark of the Berserker, Part 1

Detention [Sam Watts]

Jacob Goes All Veiny [Sam Watts]

7M3 Make It Stop! [Sam Watts]

Flee From School [Sam Watts]

Rani Finds the Pendant [Sam Watts]

Jacob Lurks [Sam Watts]

Carla and Clyde [Sam Watts]

Haresh Under Rani's Control [Sam Watts]

You Want Me to Die? [Sam Watts]

7M9 Jacob and Rani [Dan Watts]

7M10 Rani Goes for Help

7M11 Rani and the Pendant [Dan Watts]

7M12A Night to Day [Dan Watts]

7M12B She Looks Like Nora Batty [Dan Watts]

7M13 Call of the Pendant [Dan Watts]

7M14/15 Rani the Investigator [Sam Watts]

Don't Forget Your Mum [Sam Watts]

Dad I Save the World! [Sam Watts]

Luke and Rani Search for Clues [Sam Watts]

7M19 Paul in the Attic [Dan Watts]

Paul Steals the Pendant [Sam Watts]

7M20B Busted! [Dan Watts]

Clyde Forgets Rani and Luke [Sam Watts]

The Mark of the Berserker, Part 2

8M2 Don't Worry About It [Dan Watts]

You Don't Need to Call Your Mum [Sam Watts]

Travast Polong [Sam Watts]

8M5 Mr Jackson to the Rescue [Dan Watts]

Dealership Muzak [Sam Watts]

A Free Car [Sam Watts]

8M7 Berserker Revealed [Dan Watts]

Paul's Evil Refection [Sam Watts]

History of the Berserkers [Sam Watts]

8M9B Can I Show You the World? [Dan Watts]

Lock and Load [Sam Watts]

Forget It All [Sam Watts]

Forget Your Mum [Sam Watts]

8M14 It's Just Us from Now On [Dan Watts]

Paul the Berserker [Sam Watts]

8M16 How Does Everyone Know My Name? [Dan Watts]

Monster [Sam Watts]
Sarah Jane's Subtle Return [Sam Watts]
Who Are These People? [Sam Watts]
Remember Who You Are [Sam Watts]
Exorcising the Berserker [Sam Watts]
Let's Go Home [Sam Watts]
Together Again, But Still Broken [Sam Watts]
The Photo [Sam Watts]

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, Part 1

Taking Oscar Home [Sam Watts]

Not Even When Steve Wright Came on the Radio [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane Shows Luke the Photo [Sam Watts]

The Story of Sarah Jane's Parents [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane Sneaks Out [Dan Watts]

The Dangers of Time Travel [Sam Watts]

Arriving in 1951 [Sam Watts]

Clyde Finds Nobody Home [Sam Watts]

My Clydey-Sense is Tingling [Sam Watts]

There Are No Signs of Alien Activity [Sam Watts]

Rani, Clyde and the Memory Box [Sam Watts]

Foxgrove Village Fete [Sam Watts]

Barbara's Theme [Sam Watts]

Eddie Smith [Sam Watts]

Luke Finds the Newspaper [Sam Watts]

Miss Wilson, Will You Be Mrs Smith? [Sam Watts]

Memory Box Glows Red [Sam Watts]

There Must Be Something For Me [Sam Watts]

The Weather Turns [Sam Watts]

Oscar Transforms [Sam Watts]

Rani and Clyde Chased by Graske [Sam Watts]

Psychedelic Clyde and Rani [Sam Watts]

London Destroyed [Sam Watts]

The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, Part 2

It's Not Natural [Sam Watts]

In Need of the Doctor [Sam Watts]

TARDIS In the Wall [Sam Watts]

Not the Doctor [Sam Watts]

Gita the Slave [Sam Watts]

Mum, I'll Save You! [Sam Watts]

Graske Stupid [Sam Watts]

The Graske Agrees to Help [Sam Watts]

Rani Goes to 1951 [Dan Watts]

Can That Really Be the Fashion in the Punjab? [Sam Watts]

The Trickster in the Abbot's Gateway [Sam Watts]

There's Something Wrong With Us [Sam Watts]

Barbara Works It Out [Sam Watts]

10M25 The Ultimate Sacrifice [Sam Watts]

The Trickster Dissolves [Sam Watts]

We've Got to Leave Her [Sam Watts]

London Returns [Sam Watts]

Clyde Frees the Graske [Sam Watts]

Goodbye Foxgrove [Sam Watts]
Enemy of the Bane, Part 1

Gita's Shop [Sam Watts]

Return of the Wormwood [Sam Watts]

I'll Do What I Can [Sam Watts]

Bloomin' Lovely Investigation [Sam Watts]

Mr Smith Scans the Cheque [Sam Watts]

Bane Mother Flashback [Sam Watts]

Abandoned Warehouse [Sam Watts]

Gita in a Trance, Again [Sam Watts]

Bane on Bane Action [Sam Watts]

Mrs Wormwood Saves Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

I Despise Flowers [Sam Watts]

Mrs Wormwood at No 13 [Sam Watts]

They Eat Their Enemies [Sam Watts]

Tunguska Scroll [Sam Watts]

Clyde Acts a Total UNIT [Dan Watts]

The Brig [Sam Watts]

The Brig and Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

Not a Social Call [Sam Watts]

Luke and Mrs Wormwood in the Attic [Sam Watts]

Outside the Black Archive [Sam Watts]

Major Kilburn Confronts the Brig [Sam Watts]

It's Huge [Sam Watts]

Inside the Black Archive [Sam Watts]

Finding the Scroll [Sam Watts]

Old Lady Bane [Sam Watts]

Squiddy Things [Sam Watts]

Security Breech [Dan Watts]

Such Perfect Timing [Sam Watts]

Enemy of the Bane, Part 2

Bane Munchies [Sam Watts]

Luke and Clyde Get a Good Thing Gooing [Sam Watts]

Haven't You Got Any Spawn? [Sam Watts]

Mrs Wormwood Alone [Sam Watts]

Battle of the Costume Jewellery [Sam Watts]

Enter Kaagh [Sam Watts]

The Much Bigger Picture [Sam Watts]

Brave Boy [Sam Watts]

Mrs Wormwood Abducts Luke [Sam Watts]

Squalid Wasteland [Sam Watts]

Activating the Scroll [Sam Watts]

Not So Much as a Map as a Satnav [Sam Watts]

My Prince [Sam Watts]

Defiance Will Be Eliminated [Sam Watts]

Idiot Sontaran! [Sam Watts]

Kaagh Trips Luke [Sam Watts]

Re-Establishing Contact with Horath [Sam Watts]

Clyde Langer, Super-Spy [Dan Watts]

Sitting Down on the Job [Sam Watts]

I Meant My World, Not Yours [Sam Watts]

The Brig Shoots Kilburn [Sam Watts]

The Resting Place of Horath [Sam Watts]

Waking Horath [Sam Watts]

Come to Your Mother [Sam Watts]

You Don't Understand Love [Sam Watts]

Saved by a Sontaran [Sam Watts]


Series 3


Prisoner of the Judoon, Part 1

Through Sarah Jane's Eye [Sam Watts]

Kicked Out of Gen Tech [Sam Watts]

Cool Meteor [Sam Watts]

Mr Smith Strikes Again [Sam Watts]

Judoon Escape Pod [Sam Watts]

The Call for Help [Dan Watts]

Gita Scouts for Business [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane Palms Gita Off [Sam Watts]

Captain Tybo

Rhino Rozzer's Lost His Prisoner [Sam Watts]

To the Shop [Dan Watts]

Tybo Injured


Little Girl Lost

Keep Him Occupied [Sam Watts]

I Hunt [Dan Watts]

Girl Gets Up

Androvax Slips Into Sarah Jane

You Lie [Dan Watts]

Searching the Hall

Comatose Clyde

He Just Slipped Into Her

Androvax in the Attic

Commanding Your Vehicle [Dan Watts]

Maybe We Can Get Started

I Is Down Wid Da Kids, Innit [Source] [Dan Watts]

Mind That Cheese Plant [Sam Watts]

Guerilla Floristry [Sam Watts]

Hello Again, Mr York

Mr Smith Will Self Destruct [Sam Watts]

Prisoner of the Judoon, Part 2

Fucked Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

Luke Disarms Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

Build Me a Spaceship

You're Talking About Roswell [Sam Watts]

My Army of the Infinitesimal

Gita and Haresh Under Arrest [Sam Watts]

Pay and Display [Dan Watts]

There Has to Be Some Way Out [Sam Watts]

You've Outgrown Your Usefulness

Parents Compromise Mission [Sam Watts]

Judoon Teleport

Judon Are On the Way

Soon My Ship Will Be Complete

2M14 [Sam Watts]

Incarcerating Tybo [Dan Watts]

Don't You Want to Give Me a Hug?

Androvax Fools Luke

Such a Useful Accessory

Nano Munchies [Dan Watts]

Enjoy Your Nap? [Sam Watts]

Androvax's Spaceship on Genetech

In Androvax's Spaceship [Sam Watts]

Tybo Rescued

Atomise This! [Dan Watts]

2M23 Androvax's Story [Sam Watts]

It's Time to Leave [Dan Watts]

Come and Get It

Prepare for Judgement [Sam Watts]


That's It! We're Getting Out of Here [Sam Watts]

Nothing to See [Sam Watts]

Gita and Haresh Saw Aliens [Sam Watts]

The Mad Woman in the Attic, Part 1

The Mad Old Woman of Bannerman Road [Sam Watts]

Rani, Old and Alone

Rani's Memories

It Really Wasn't Cool

Email from Sam [Sam Watts]

Abandoned Fairground

Fairground Music 1 [Sam Watts]

Fairground Music 2 [Sam Watts]

Fairground Music 3 [Sam Watts]

Fairground Music 4 [Sam Watts]

A 'Twisted' Ankle [Sam Watts]

Enter At Own Risk [Sam Watts]

Playtime Begins [Sam Watts]

Sam the Orphan [Sam Watts]

In the Haunted Mine [Sam Watts]

She Only Wants to Play [Sam Watts]

Eve and the Time War [Sam Watts]

They're My Friends [Sam Watts]

Harry Appears [Sam Watts]

Sam and Ship [Sam Watts]

Harry Lies [Sam Watts]

Trying to Keep it All Secret

I Wish They'd Just Leave Me Alone [Sam Watts]

Rani Sees the Future [Sam Watts]

The Mad Woman in the Attic, Part 2

Sarah Jane's Flashback

We Need the Darkness

4M3 I Won't Become Like That [Sam Watts]

Ship in Mirror [Sam Watts]

Rani Said You Were Clever [Dan Watts]

She's My Friend [Dan Watts]

Door to the Haunted Mine [Sam Watts]

The Haunted Mine [Dan Watts]

You've Got No Idea What We're Dealing With [Sam Watts]

Eve Goes Outside [Sam Watts]

Eve Controlling the Rides [Sam Watts]

She Must Stop [Sam Watts]

You Can't Leave Me [Dan Watts]

4M15 Eve Out of Control [Sam Watts]

It's Here [Dan Watts]

Eve, You Are Home [Sam Watts]

Eve Needs You [Dan Watts]

Ship [Dan Watts]

What is Your Wish? [Sam Watts]

Eve, Harry and Sam [Sam Watts]

Ship Absorbs the Black Hole [Sam Watts]

K9 Returns [Sam Watts]

Ship Grants the Wish [Sam Watts]

Where Are They?

Adam, Son of Eve

No Rani, I'm Sorry [Dan Watts]

Say Cheese! [Sam Watts]

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Part 1

She's Off Again [Sam Watts]

Tracking Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

No Need to Consult the Dog [Sam Watts]

Sneaking to the Restaurant [Sam Watts]

And We Thought She Was Hunting Aliens [Dan Watts]

Mr Smith Lets Slip [Sam Watts]

I Should Be Angry [Sam Watts]

Mystery Man [Dan Watts]

The Mystery Package Moves [Sam Watts]

Track Into Package [Sam Watts]

Gita Sticks Her Nose In [Sam Watts]

The Shops Are That Way [Sam Watts]

Travast Polong in a Box [Sam Watts]

Do Not Look At Me, Everything is Normal [Sam Watts]

Travast on the Loose [Sam Watts]

Travast Polong; Not Evil, Just Trouble [Dan Watts]

You Boys Ok? [Dan Watts]

Newspapers in the Windows [Sam Watts]

Clyde and Rani Head to Peter's House [Sam Watts]

The Thing is I Love You Too [Sam Watts]

Lair of the Living Dead [Dan Watts]

Will You Marry Me? [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane Enchanted [Sam Watts]

I've Got So Much to Arrange [Sam Watts]

Mr Smith Deactivated [Sam Watts]

Brussel's, There's Nothing There! [Sam Watts]

Wedding Car Arrives [Sam Watts]

Walking Down the Aisle [Sam Watts]

The Doctor Bursts In [Sam Watts]

The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Part 2

You're the Doctor [Sam Watts]

The Doctor Does His Thing [Sam Watts]

Paying Attention? [Sam Watts]

The TARDIS is Gone [Sam Watts]

Look at the Clock [Dan Watts]

Always The Doctor [Sam Watts]

Pantheon of Discord [Sam Watts]

Doctor, Where Are You? [Dan Watts]

Time Trap [Sam Watts]

You Two With Me [Dan Watts]

Peter and the Angel [Sam Watts]

The Redemption of Peter Dalton [Sam Watts]

Come On, Come On, Come On [Sam Watts]

Now He's Using You [Sam Watts]

The White Trickster [Sam Watts]

You'll Forget [Sam Watts]

Mr and Mrs Dalton [Dan Watts]

All You Have to Say is 'I Do' [Sam Watts]

The Doctor and the Trickster [Sam Watts]

The Gate is Waiting for You [Sam Watts]

The Power of Words [Dan Watts]

I Can Fight Him [Dan Watts]

It Would Be So Easy [Dan Watts]

Clyde Joins the Trickster [Sam Watts]

No Way Out. Either Way, I Lose [Dan Watts]

Peter's Defiance [Sam Watts]

6M35 I Love You Sarah Jane Dalton [Sam Watts]

The Gang on the TARDIS and Goodbye Doctor [Sam Watts]

The Eternity Trap, Part 1

Ashen Hill Manor, 1658 [Sam Watts]

No Such Things as Ghosts [Sam Watts]

The Ghost of Sir Issac Newton [Sam Watts]

Ghost Hand [Sam Watts]

Ghostly Bookshelf [Sam Watts]

Ghost Children Laugh [Sam Watts]

Darkening in Mirror [Sam Watts]

A Flash of Darkening [Sam Watts]

I Closed That Book [Sam Watts]

Celeste in the Nursery Part 2 [Sam Watts]

Ghost Children/Haunted Nursery [Sam Watts]

Aliens I Can Handle [Sam Watts]

We'd Better Split Up [Sam Watts]

The Marchwood Children [Sam Watts]

Lurking in the Bushes [Sam Watts]

Finding a Brick Wall [Sam Watts]

Ghosts Do Not Exist! [Sam Watts]

The Legend of Darkening [Sam Watts]

Welcome to My Dominion [Sam Watts]

Time for Your Close Up, Mr Darkening [Sam Watts]

The Eternity Trap, Part 2

In Darkening's Chamber [Sam Watts]

Enter Marchwood [Sam Watts]

Rani and Clyde in the Fireplace [Sam Watts]

Marchwood's Loss [Sam Watts]

Darkening Confrontation [Sam Watts]

I've Got Toby [Sam Watts]

Something Grey [Sam Watts]

8M13 Clyde and Rani Ghostbusting [Sam Watts]

I Think It's Following Us [Sam Watts]

Flying Pool Triangle [Sam Watts]

Darkening's Computer [Sam Watts]

Gateway to Eternity [Sam Watts]

Summoning Darkening [Sam Watts]

Magical Flashback [Sam Watts]

Such a Transparent a Stratagem [Sam Watts]

Darkening Blew His Fuse [Sam Watts]

You've Broadened My Horizons [Sam Watts]

Marchwood Family in the Window [Sam Watts]
Mona Lisa's Revenge, Part 1
9M6 Miss Trupp [Sam Watts]
The Gift, Part 1
This Unit May Not Be Removed [Dan Watts]


Series 4


The Nightmare Man, Part 1

He's Coming For Me [Sam Watts]

Now's Not the Time [Sam Watts]

Covered in Slitheen Goo, Again [Sam Watts]

A-Level Results [Sam Watts]

He Should Be Here [Sam Watts]

A Free Car [Sam Watts]

A Dream, a loser and a Flower [Sam Watts]

You Belong to Me [Dan Watts]

Mr Smith in the Dream [Sam Watts]

Trying to Stay Awake [Sam Watts]

The Nightmare Man is Free [Sam Watts]

The Nightmare Man, Part 2

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe [Sam Watts]

Rani's TV NightmareSam Watts

Clyde's Burger Bar Part 1 [Sam Watts]

Clyde's Burger Bar Part 2 [Sam Watts]

Rani in the News Studio [Sam Watts]

Clyde's Burger Bar Part 3 [Sam Watts]

We're Gonna Destroy Sarah Jane Smith [Sam Watts]

The Nightmare Man Escapes [Sam Watts]

K9 Gets Through to Luke [Sam Watts]

A Menace to Society [Sam Watts]

Don't You Want to be a Journalist [Sam Watts]

Luke Figures It OutLuke Figures It Out1:31Dan Watts

Together [Sam Watts]

Nightmare Man in the Attic [Sam Watts]

He Will Be Alone [Sam Watts]

You're Going Back Into Your Nightmares! [Sam Watts]

2m28/29 I Wasn't Talking to You!I Wasn't Talking to You! [Sam Watts]

The Nightmare Man's Nightmare [Sam Watts]

K9 is Dead? [Sam Watts]

Rani Says Goodbye to Luke [Sam Watts]

Clyde and Luke Say Goodbye [Sam Watts]

Saying Goodbye to Luke [Sam Watts]

Luke's Car [Sam Watts]
The Vault of Secrets, Part 1

Androvax Finds the Vault [Sam Watts]

MIB Wakeup [Sam Watts]

Guns That Are Hands [Sam Watts]

MIB and the Girl [Sam Watts]

BURPSS [Sam Watts]

We Both Saw Them [Sam Watts]

The Aliens Are Watching Us [Sam Watts]

Haresh Brings Gita Home [Sam Watts]

Androvax Slips Out of Rani [Sam Watts]

Gita Phones BURPSS [Sam Watts]

I Need... Your Help [Sam Watts]

Repeat BURPSS [Sam Watts]

St. Jude's Hospital [Dan Watts]

The MIB Lair [Sam Watts]

So Where's Will Smith? [Sam Watts]

Running from the MIB [Sam Watts]

The Men in Black [Sam Watts]

Mr Dread and News Clippings [Sam Watts]

Ocean Waters [Sam Watts]

An End to BURPSS? [Sam Watts]

The Vault of Secrets, Part 2

Mr Dread's Big Weapon [Sam Watts]

Call An Extraordinary Meeting [Sam Watts]

Mr Dread at the Lights [Sam Watts]

Mr Dread Needs a New car [Sam Watts]

Holding Hands [Sam Watts]

4m7 [Dan Watts]

Running in the Asylum [Sam Watts]

Clyde the Decoy [Sam Watts]

MIB Shootout [Sam Watts]

Finding Mr Dread [Sam Watts]

4m19 Mr Dread [Title cut-off on photo]

4m23-24 Opening the Vault [Dan Watts]

Waking Mr Dread [Sam Watts]

Mr Dread Saves the Day [Sam Watts]

Androvax Flies Off Into Space [Sam Watts]
Death of The Doctor, Part 1

Luke on Webcam [Sam Watts]

The Doctor is Dead [Sam Watts]

Epitaph Stone [Sam Watts]

5m5 Shansheeth Funeral Message [Sam Watts]

I Don't Think He's Dead [Sam Watts]

Karim Leads Them Through the Base [Sam Watts]

5m12 The Groske [Dan Watts]

Rocket X15 [Sam Watts]

The Cradle [Sam Watts]

5m18 Jo Grant [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane and Jo Meet [Sam Watts]

Reminiscing About Time's Past [Sam Watts]

SJ & Jo Get Excited [Sam Watts]

Last Time He Came [Sam Watts]

Crawling the Tubes [Sam Watts]

The Shansheeth Plot [Sam Watts]

The Cradle and the Shansheeth Discovered [Sam Watts]

5m27 Stop T [Title cut-off on photo] [Dan Watts]

5m28 That's Not My Hand [Sam Watts]

The Doctor, My Doctor [Sam Watts]

5m30 The Do [title cut-off on photo] [Sam Watts]

Shansheeth Zap the Doctor [Sam Watts]

Death of the Doctor, Part 2

6m2 Running from the Shansheeth [Sam Watts]

Zapped Back to Earth [Sam Watts]

6m4 On Another Planet [Sam Watts]

6m5 She's in League with the Shansheeth [Dan Watts]

It Always Hurts [Sam Watts]

6m7 Did You Think I Was Stupid? [Sam Watts]

6m7 NEW Did You Think I Was Stupid? [Sam Watts]

6m8 [Sam Watts]

6m9 The Groske's Pizza [Sam Watts]

6m11 [Sam Watts]

6m12 [Sam Watts]

The Doctor's Dilemma [Sam Watts]

6m14 We're Still Cooking Back Here! [Sam Watts]

6m15 The Memory Weave [Sam Watts]

6m16 Accelerate the Weave [Sam Watts]

The Doctor Saves the Day [Sam Watts]

What Do You Mean Mona Lisa? [Sam Watts]

6m23 Still the [title cut-off on photo]

The TARDIS Leaves [Sam Watts]

Relations with Santiago Could Get Decidedly Chile [Sam Watts]

The Old Companions [Sam Watts]

The Empty Planet, Part 1
7m3 My Son's a Genius [Dan Watts]
Rani Runs Around and Says "Hello?" a Lot [Dan Watts]
7m16 Fuck Me It's a Great Big Robot [Sam Watts]

The Empty Planet, Part 2
Back to HQ [Dan Watts]
8m10 [Sam Watts]
8m18 [Dan Watts]
Lost in Time, Part 1

Rani's Music Box [Sam Watts]

A Mysterious Man and a Parrot [Sam Watts]

The Time Portal Opens [Sam Watts]

Hello? Can You Hear Me? [Sam Watts]

Rani in Tudor Times [Sam Watts]

9m6 [Dan Watts]

9m7 [Dan Watts]

I'm Not a Ghost, See? [Sam Watts]

No Such Thing as a Ghost, You Say? [Sam Watts]

Nazi PolkaNazi Polka [Dan Watts]

9m10 [Dan Watts]

9m11 Lady Jane Grey [Sam Watts]

Rani's Music Box [Sam Watts]

Rani and Lady Jane Begin to Bond [Sam Watts]

The Readings Are Very Unusual [Sam Watts]

Dead Mother [Sam Watts]

Ghost Girl Speaks [Sam Watts]

Rani's Music Box [Sam Watts]

Lady Jane is to be Deposed [Sam Watts]

Ghost Children Laugh [Sam Watts]

Lady Matilda [Sam Watts]

I Was Sent Here to Find an Object [Sam Watts]

Kids Start a Fire [Sam Watts]

Matilda and the Dagger [Sam Watts]

Hearing the Fire [Sam Watts]

The Sands of Time Are Running Out [Sam Watts]

Lost in Time, Part 2

It's Exactly How My Mother Died [Sam Watts]

Matilda Chase [Sam Watts]

You'll Die Forgotten and Alone [Sam Watts]

Ghost Girl Appears [Sam Watts]

10m8 I Fear I Do Not Have Long For This World [Sam Watts]

Time Runs Short [Sam Watts]

I've Locked the Bedroom Door [Sam Watts]

You Will Be Remebered [Sam Watts]

The Germans Get Caught Monologue-ing [Dan Watts]

Saving the Kids from the Fire [Sam Watts]

Emily You Saved Them [Sam Watts]

Lady Jane Grey's Guardian Angel [Sam Watts]

It's my Duty for King and CountryDan Watts

Rani and Clyde But No Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

Emily Fucks It All Up [Sam Watts]

Enter Emily's Grandaughter [Sam Watts]

Let's Get a Cuppa Shall We? [Sam Watts]

10m26 [Dan Watts]

10m27 [Sam Watts]

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith, Part 1

Meteor Travels Through Space [Sam Watts]

Enter Ruby [Sam Watts]

Ruby on Bannerman Road [Sam Watts]

Heading to Ruby's [Sam Watts]

11m5Get Out of my House [Dan Watts]

SJ Forgets [Sam Watts]

The Dark Horde [Sam Watts]

A Choir, a Truck and an Horde [Sam Watts]

Lady Gaga? Reece’s Pieces? [Sam Watts]

Ruby and the Gang Make Friends [Sam Watts]

Forgetting His Name [Sam Watts]

SJ is Seriously Ill [Sam Watts]

Ruby Begins to Replace SJ [Sam Watts]

Look at My Hands [Sam Watts]

Do You Think That's Wise Sarah Jane? [Sam Watts]

Lukey-Wookey-Pukey [Sam Watts]

Ruby's Stomach [Sam Watts]

Ruby Devours Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith, Part 2

Any Way They Like [Sam Watts]

A Fake SJ Says Goodbye [Sam Watts]

Sarah Jane! She's Gone! [Sam Watts]

Fucked Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

12m8 Ruby and Clyde in Spaceship [Sam Watts]

Clyde Trapped in the Golf Ball [Sam Watts]

K9 Triangulates Clyde's Position [Sam Watts]

Inferior Smith Was Dominated [Sam Watts]

Clyde is Dying [Sam Watts]

I Prefer You to Sarah Jane [Sam Watts]

You'd Better Start Running! [Sam Watts]

Ruby Pleads with SJ [Sam Watts]

Ruby Banished [Sam Watts]


Series 5


Sky 1

Meteror Explosion [Sam Watts]

The Metal Kind Rises [Sam Watts]

Make the Most of the Peace and Quiet [Sam Watts]

Baby on SJ's Doorstep [Sam Watts]

How Many Teachers Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb [Sam Watts]

Baby Sky [Sam Watts]

Clyde: A Natural Dad [Sam Watts]

Fostering, My Darling [Sam Watts]

Metalkind-O-Vision [Sam Watts]

Mad Old Homeless Guy [Sam Watts]

Sid the Sleeve [Sam Watts]

Salad Yuck! [Sam Watts]

Metalkind on Bannerman Road [Sam Watts]

Clyde vs the Metalkind [Sam Watts]

I Need You to Find Clyde [Sam Watts]

Clyde and Baby Sky in Factory [Sam Watts]

Running in the Factory [Sam Watts]

Sky Grows Up [Sam Watts]

Sky 2

Metalkind, Sky, SJ and Mrs Myers Face Off [Sam Watts]

2m4 Sky, the World and the Attic [Sam Watts]

Reluctant Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

Rani and Sky [Sam Watts]

Then Let's Go [Sam Watts]

Back to the Factory [Sam Watts]

2m12 [Dan Watts]

I've Scrambled It's Brain [Sam Watts]

The Metalkind Portal [Sam Watts]

Sky Collapses [Sam Watts]

The Family Loses a Daughter [Sam Watts]

The Metalkind Grabs Miss Myers [Sam Watts]

Let's Go Home [Sam Watts]

A Sky Mix-Up [Sam Watts]

The Captain Returns [Sam Watts]

The Curse of Clyde Langer 1

Welcome to Silver City [Sam Watts]

Flee From School [Sam Watts]

Clyde Gets a Splinter [Sam Watts]

Legend of the Totem [Sam Watts]

Carla and Clyde [Sam Watts]

The Curse Begins [Sam Watts]

SJ Turns on Clyde [Sam Watts]

Keep Away From Us [Sam Watts]

Sky's School Uniform [Sam Watts]

Never Mention Clyde Again [Sam Watts]

Phoning Luke [Sam Watts]

Chasing Clyde [Sam Watts]

Ejected from the Museum [Sam Watts]

Clyde's Mum Kicks Him Out [Sam Watts]

Bank Machine Goes Nuts [Sam Watts]

Clyde Totally Alone [Sam Watts]

The Curse of Clyde Langer 2

Waking Under the Arches [Sam Watts]

Ellie [Sam Watts]

Binning Clyde [Sam Watts]

Lighting from the Totem [Sam Watts]

Ellie's Story [Sam Watts]

Rani Goes Mental at Sky [Sam Watts]

SJ Scans the Totem [Sam Watts]

Clyde and Ellie [Sam Watts]

Nothing's Right Anymore [Sam Watts]

Sad Carla [Sam Watts]

The Name Hurts [Sam Watts]

The Totem Comes to Life [Sam Watts]

Clyde's Dreams Go Up in Smoke [Sam Watts]

More Totem Pole Faces [Sam Watts]

Sky Works It Out [Sam Watts]

Sky Needs Mr Smith [Sam Watts]

Clyde Needs Us [Sam Watts]

Say 'Clyde Langer' [Sam Watts]

The Totem Goes Nuts [Sam Watts]

Totem in the Attic [Sam Watts]

The Totem Ramps Things Up [Sam Watts]

Clyde Makes a Stand [Sam Watts]

The Curse is Lifted [Sam Watts]

Clyde Searches for Ellie [Sam Watts]

The Man Who Never Was 1

Something in the Elevator [Sam Watts]

Top Journalist [Sam Watts]

Sky Senses Electricity [Sam Watts]

Harrison [Sam Watts]

Serf [Sam Watts]

You're Gonna Love It [Sam Watts]

He's a Hologram [Sam Watts]

Investigating Serf [Sam Watts]

Another Family Outing [Sam Watts]

You Might Have Been in a Nutty Enviroment! [Sam Watts]

Can I Get a Drink? Anthrax, Perhaps? [Sam Watts]

Clyde and Rani with the Serfboard [Sam Watts]

Harrison vs SJ/Sky vs Luke [Sam Watts]

The Scullian Revealed [Sam Watts]

5m22 [Dan Watts]

The Man Who Never Was 2

The Scullian's Are Good Guys [Sam Watts]

Level 7 Punish [Sam Watts]

Millions to Make Billions [Sam Watts]

Luke Comforts Sky [Sam Watts]

SJ and the Cleaner [Sam Watts]

Plark and Sky [Sam Watts]

Me and the Mrs [Sam Watts]

Harrison Sprays the Scullian [Sam Watts]

The Great Pen Heist [Sam Watts]

He's Got the Pen! [Sam Watts]

Harrison Grabs His Pen Back [Sam Watts]

Controlling Serf Part 2 [Sam Watts]

That's Wonderful [Sam Watts]

6m25 [Dan Watts]

Sky's Room [Sam Watts]



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