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The Adventures of Tintin - Complete Cue List and Complete Score Analysis


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The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn<br>

Complete Score Analysis by Jason LeBlanc<br><br>

Complete Cue List<br><br>

Note: All titles with slate numbers are official. All one others that I have enclosed in quotation marks are my own.<br><br>

Note! This information is now out-of-date as a result of the FYC. I will update as soon as I can.


<tr><td>01</td><td>Tinker-Tin</td><td></td><td>Unreleased (likely never recorded)</td></tr>

<tr><td>02</td><td>Tinker-Tin (Revised)</td><td>3:04</td><td>OST 01</td></tr>

<tr><td>03</td><td>1S4B Sur Le Boulevard</td><td>1:34</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>04</td><td>“The Unicorn”</td><td>1:34</td><td>OST 03 [0:00-1:34]</td></tr>

<tr><td>05</td><td>1S4A Carousel</td><td>1:00</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>06</td><td>1M6 Empty Drawers</td><td>1:08</td><td>Unreleased (0:23) / OST 03 [2:28-3:13] (0:45)</td></tr>

<tr><td>07</td><td>1M6A Snowy And The Cat</td><td>0:42</td><td>OST 03 [1:34-2:16] (0:42)</td></tr>

<tr><td>08</td><td>"The Library"</td><td>1:50</td><td>OST 03 [2:16-2:28] (0:12) / Unreleased (1:38)</td></tr>

<tr><td>09</td><td>1M7 The Ship Is Gone</td><td>0:22 </td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>--</td><td>“Entering The Grounds”</td><td>0:14</td><td>Unreleased or doesn’t exist</td></tr>

<tr><td>10</td><td>1M8 Entering The Mansion</td><td>1:48</td><td>OST 05 [0:14-2:02]</td></tr>

<tr><td>11</td><td>"The Second Unicorn"</td><td>1:47</td><td>OST 05 [2:02-2:40] (0:38) / Unreleased (1:09)</td></tr>

<tr><td>12</td><td>1M9A The Missing Scroll</td><td>2:30</td><td>Unreleased / OST 05 [2:40-3:04] (0:24) / Unreleased </td></tr>

<tr><td>13</td><td>“1M9A The Missing Scroll (Revised)”</td><td></td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>14</td><td>“Barnaby Is Shot"</td><td>0:55</td><td>OST 05 [3:04-3:59]</td></tr>

<tr><td>15</td><td>1M9B Introducing The Pattersons</td><td></td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>16</td><td>1M9B New Intro</td><td></td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>17</td><td>“1M9B New Intro (Revised)”</td><td>0:34</td><td>OST 04 [0:00-0:34] (0:34)</td></tr>

<tr><td>18</td><td>"Chasing Mr. Silk"</td><td>2:10</td><td>Unreleased (0:33) / OST 04 [0:34-2:11] (1:37)</td></tr>

<tr><td>19</td><td>"Snowy's Chase"</td><td>1:58</td><td>OST 04 [2:11-4:09]</td></tr>

<tr><td>20</td><td>1M11 You Mean, The Poem?</td><td>1:42</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>21</td><td>1M12 Introducing Haddock</td><td>1:36</td><td>OST 08 [0:00-0:34] / Unreleased (1:02)</td></tr>

<tr><td>22</td><td>1M12A Pop That Cork</td><td>0:16</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>23</td><td>“Haddock Wakes Up”</td><td>0:14</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>24</td><td>1M13 “Tub...Tub”</td><td>3:14</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>25</td><td>"Snowy and the Sandwich"</td><td>2:06</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>26</td><td>1M14 The Radio Room</td><td></td><td>OST 05 [0:00-0:14] / Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>27</td><td>"1M14 The Radio Room (Revised)”</td><td>2:24</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>28</td><td>“Escape From The Karaboudjan"</td><td>3:21</td><td>OST 06</td></tr>

<tr><td>29</td><td>"The Third Unicorn"</td><td>0:57</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>30</td><td>1M16 Rowing To Bagdar</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>31</td><td>1M16 ALT The Captain Takes The Oars</td><td>1:39</td><td>OST 08 [0:38-2:17]</td></tr>

<tr><td>32</td><td>"Capturing Mr. Silk"</td><td>1:55</td><td>OST 10 [1:03-2:58]</td></tr>

<tr><td>33</td><td>“The Wallets”</td><td>0:21</td><td>Unreleased or possibly doesn’t exist</td></tr>

<tr><td>--</td><td>“Tintin’s Wallet”</td><td>0:08</td><td>Unreleased or possibly doesn’t exist</td></tr>

<tr><td>34</td><td>"Whiskey Stash"</td><td>0:44</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>35</td><td>"Portugese Plane"</td><td>2:09</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>36</td><td>"Flight to Bagghar”</td><td>3:33</td><td>OST 11</td></tr>

<tr><td>37</td><td>1M18 Alt</td><td></td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>38</td><td>1M19A Thom Thompsons</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>39</td><td>1M19B This Is The Desert</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>40</td><td>"1M19B This Is The Desert (Revised)"</td><td>0:47</td><td>OST 07 0:00-0:47</td></tr>

<tr><td>41</td><td>1M20A Sailing With Sir Francis</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>42</td><td>"1M20A Sailing With Sir Francis (Revised)"</td><td>1:31</td><td>OST 07 [0:47-2:18]</td></tr>

<tr><td>43</td><td>"Sea Battle"</td><td>2:47</td><td>OST 07 [2:18-5:05]</td></tr>

<tr><td>44</td><td>1M20B Desert Rescue</td><td>0:34</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>45</td><td>1M21A A Sober Haddock</td><td>1:17</td><td>OST 10 [0:00-1:03] / Unreleased (0:14)</td></tr>

<tr><td>46</td><td>1M21B Old Enemies Meet</td><td>1:51</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>47</td><td>1M21C At Sword Point</td><td>2:47</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>48</td><td>"1M21C At Sword Point (Revised)"</td><td>2:18</td><td>OST 09 [0:00-2:18] </td></tr>

<tr><td>49</td><td>2M22 Dueling Pirates</td><td>1:51</td><td>OST 09 [2:18-3:20] / Unreleased (0:05) / [3:20-4:04] </td></tr>

<tr><td>50</td><td>"The Sinking of The Unicorn"</td><td>1:29</td><td>OST 09 [4:04-5:33]</td></tr>

<tr><td>51</td><td>4M22A Working The Puzzle and Into The Desert</td><td></td><td>Unreleased / OST 09 [5:33-5:46] / Unreleased / OST 09 [5:46-5:55] / Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>52</td><td>4M22B Tin And Emir Exchange Legends</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>53</td><td>4M22C That's My Ship</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>54</td><td>"Bagghar Source Music"</td><td>0:21</td><td>Unreleased & Possibly not Williams</td></tr>

<tr><td>55</td><td>4M23A We're Being Followed</td><td>0:41</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>56</td><td>4M23B The Milanese Nightingale</td><td>1:30</td><td>OST 12</td></tr>

<tr><td>57</td><td>"Tintin Gives Haddock The Scroll"</td><td>0:30</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>58</td><td>"Opera Source"</td><td>0:19</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>59</td><td>4S23D Cavatina - Rossini</td><td>0:33</td><td>OST 13 [0:00-0:31]</td></tr>

<tr><td>60</td><td>"Presenting Bianca Castafiore"</td><td>2:58</td><td>OST 13 [0:31-3:28]</td></tr>

<tr><td>61</td><td>4M24A Yes Or Gu-No</td><td></td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>62</td><td>"4M24A Yes Or Gu-No (Revised)"</td><td>1:12</td><td>OST 14 [0:00-1:12]</td></tr>

<tr><td>63</td><td>4M24B The Falcon And The Flood</td><td>2:42 </td><td>OST 14 [1:12-3:54] </td></tr>

<tr><td>64</td><td>"Tintin Gets The Scroll"</td><td>1:49</td><td>OST 14 [3:54-5:43]</td></tr>

<tr><td>65</td><td>5M25A Haddock's Nobility</td><td></td><td>Unreleased & Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>66</td><td>"5M25A Haddock's Nobility (Revised)"</td><td>2:10</td><td>OST 15 </td></tr>

<tr><td>67</td><td>5M25B Raising The Rolls</td><td>0:44</td><td>Unreleased</td></tr>

<tr><td>68</td><td>5M26B Crane Fight</td><td>1:16</td><td>OST 16 [0:00-0:38] / Unreleased (0:38)</td></tr>

<tr><td>69</td><td>“Crane Fight Pt 2”</td><td>1:11</td><td>Unreleased & Mostly Unused</td></tr>

<tr><td>70</td><td>“Crane Fight Pt 3”</td><td>1:04 </td><td>OST 16 [0:38-1:42]</td></tr>

<tr><td>71</td><td>"Haddock Vs Sakharine"</td><td>2:06</td><td>OST 16 [1:42-3:48]</td></tr>

<tr><td>72</td><td>"The Coordinates"</td><td>1:07</td><td>OST 17 [0:00-1:07]</td></tr>

<tr><td>73</td><td>5M28 Marlinspike Hall</td><td>1:36</td><td>OST 17 [1:07-2:34] (1:27) / Unreleased (0:07)</td></tr>

<tr><td>74</td><td>5M31 "To Be Continued"</td><td>3:17</td><td>OST 17 [2:34-3:55] / Unreleased (0:28) / OST 17 [3:55-5:51]</td></tr>

<tr><td>75</td><td>“5M31 Insert”</td><td>0:28 </td><td>OST 17 [3:55-4:23]</td></tr>

<tr><td>76</td><td>“The Adventure Continues”</td><td>2:58</td><td>OST 18</td></tr>

<tr><td>77</td><td>“Snowy’s Theme”</td><td>2:10</td><td>OST 02</td></tr>


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SPOILER WARNING!!!!!! If you haven't seen the film and don't want every plot detail spoiled, stop reading now!!!

Cue-By-Cue Breakdown

01. Tinker-Tin - - Unreleased (likely never recorded)

02. Tinker-Tin (Revised) - 3:04 - OST 01

Williams composed a jazzy piece to score the film’s animated opening credits. This cue introduces us to Tintin’s Heroic Theme.

Several sections of the original composition were revised, likely before the original version was ever recorded. The revised version appears in complete form on the OST as “The Adventures of Tintin” and is heard in complete form in the film as well.

03. 1S4B Sur Le Boulevard - 1:34 - Unreleased

The first of several pieces of source music Williams composted for the film, this waltz performed by musette, guitar, piano, violin, and bass plays under the opening scenes on the streets of Tintin’s town. It plays while Tintin gets his likeness painted by Herge and Snowy observes Mr. Silk stealing wallets.

It appears as though this composition, along with 1S4A Carousel (see below), were originally meant to be included on the OST (in between The Adventures of Tintin and Snowy’s Theme) as a track called “Picking Pockets”, based on an early tracklists that appeared on many European retailer’s websites before the corrected track list was eventually sent. It is unknown why the track was later discarded from the OST. The entire cue can be heard in the final film.

04. “The Unicorn” - 1:34 - OST 03 [0:00-1:34]

As Tintin walks by some mirrors he spots a ship that catches his eye, and the score proper begins. The cue consists of The Unicorn Theme followed by The Scrolls Theme followed by The Unicorn Theme again as Tintin examines the ship and buys it from the vendor. Once he does, a dark version of The Scrolls Theme plays as Barnaby races towards Tintin and the ship. More dark music continues as they discuss the ship, and the cue ends with a crescendo as Barnaby runs away and Tintin backs into someone.

The cue appears on the OST as the first 1:34 of track 3, identical to what is heard in the film.

05. 1S4A Carousel - 1:00 - Unreleased

Another piece of source music written by Williams, Carousel is reminiscent of "The Carousel Waltz" by Rogers and Hammerstein. It plays as Tintin and Sakharine discuss the Unicorn.

This cue was apparently meant to be included with Sur Le Boulevard as “Picking Pockets” on the OST (which was supposed to have a time of 2:30) (See above).

06. 1M6 Empty Drawers - 1:08 - Unreleased (0:23) / OST 03 [2:28-3:13] (0:45)

As Tintin leaves, Sakharine stares at him and as some ominous music plays briefly, which gives way to the first appearance of Tintin’s Heroic Theme in the score proper. The music switches to The Unicorn Theme when he returns home and places the Unicorn on a bureau, which switches to The Scrolls Theme as he looks through some drawers.

Most of the cue was included on the OST in track 3 from 2:28-3:13, however the beginning of the cue remains unreleased. In the final film, the end of the cue is replaced by music tracked from “Tintin In The Library” and “Snowy’s Theme”.

07. 1M6A Snowy And The Cat - 0:42 - OST 03 [1:34-2:16] (0:42)

Snowy’s Theme is introduced as he chases a cat around Tintin’s apartment, knocking the Unicorn model onto the ground. When Tintin picks it up he releases a metal tube hidden inside, which goes unnoticed by Tintin as it is knocked under the bureau.

This cue appears in its entirety on the OST, and is heard in its entirety in the film as well.

08. "The Library" - 1:50 - OST 03 [2:16-2:28] (0:12) / Unreleased (1:38)

Tintin’s Heroic Theme is heard as he leaves with Snowy for the library, but someone is watching from a distance, and The Unicorn Theme is heard as they focus in on the ship through binoculars. In the library, Tintin is reading through books, and when a picture of the Unicorn is shown in a book, The Unicorn Theme is heard again, and continues to play as Tintin reads more. Ominous music enters as a figure is seen watching him from a distance, but when Tintin turns around, he has gone. Tintin returns home.

Only the first 12 seconds of this cue are the OST, in track 3 from 2:16-2:28.

09. 1M7 The Ship Is Gone - 0:22 - Unreleased

At home, Tintin realizes his model Unicorn is gone and then heads to Marlinspike Hall.

The cue is unreleased, and plays in its entirety in the film.

--. “Entering The Grounds” - 0:14 - Unreleased or doesn’t exist

The opening 6 bars of “1M14 The Radio Room” are tracked in for Tintin’s entrance through the stone wall and initial reveal of the Mansion. Interestingly, these same bars are included on the OST in the same place, immediately preceding 1M8 at the start of track 5. It is unknown if this tracking replaces an original composition or not.

10. 1M8 Entering The Mansion - 1:48 - OST 05 [0:14-2:02]

Tintin approaches the mansion, shining his flashlight on the building and the marking above the door. Snowy takes off just before a dog suddenly arrives that chases him through the property until Snowy’s Theme heralds the arrival of Snowy, who barks at the dog, getting him to calm down. Tintin enters the mansion through a window and explores, finding another model of The Unicorn. The Unicorn Theme plays as he studies it until he is knocked unconscious by Nestor.

The cue seems to be longer in the film by about 10 seconds compared to the OST version (track 5 from 0:14-2:02), but I have not yet verified if it is through tracking/looping or if the OST version is edited down slightly.

11. "The Second Unicorn" - 1:47 - OST 05 [2:02-2:40] (0:38) / Unreleased (1:09)

Tintin wakes up and has a discussion with Sakharine about The Unicorn. Tintin’s Mystery Solving Theme is introduced, followed by Tintin’s Heroic Theme. The music gets darker as Sakharine uses his cane to keep Tintin in place, and then Nestor shows him the way out after returning his flashlight to him.

Only the first 38 seconds of this cue are included on the OST, in track 5 Marlinspike Hall from 2:02-2:40. The rest remain unreleased.

12. 1M9A The Missing Scroll - 2:30 - Unreleased / OST 05 [2:40-3:04] (0:24) / Unreleased

13. “1M9A The Missing Scroll (Revised)” - - Unreleased

Tintin returns to his apartment and realized it has been ransacked. He discovers the scroll that had been previously knocked under the drawer and reads it. He then hears his landlady talking to a visitor, Barnaby, at the door downstairs. He puts the scroll in his wallet and approaches, gun drawn. The cue ends just before Barnaby is shot by machine gun fire.

It appears that portions of this cue were revised after the original version was written. The only music from either version to be released is the music for when Tintin finds the scroll, which is from the original version of the cue and is contained in 05 Marlinspike Hall from 2:40-3:04.

The original version featured none of the themes from the score, while the rescore uses The Unicorn Theme.

14. “Barnaby Is Shot" - 0:55 - OST 05 [3:04-3:59]

The door to Tintin’s building slowly swings open, and Barnaby falls to ground, dying. The Scroll Theme returns, this time in a sinister setting, as Tintin runs out to the street, gun drawn - but the assailants are seen speeding away. Inside, Barnaby uses blood on his finger to mark letters on the newspaper before dying, which Tintin picks up.

This cue appears in its entirety on the OST, closing out track 5 Marlinspike Hall from 3:04-3:59.

15. 1M9B Introducing The Pattersons - - Unreleased

16. 1M9B New Intro - - Unreleased

17. “1M9B New Intro (Revised)” - 0:34 - OST 04 [0:00-0:34]

Thompson and Thomson’s Theme is introduced along with the bumbling detectives, who are in Tintin’s apartment inquiring about the murder. Tintin’s Mystery Solving Theme is used as he realizes Barnaby has highlighted the word “Karaboudjan” on the newspaper. One of the twins fall down the stairs after tripping on the cat, and his hat quickly follows him.

18. "Chasing Mr. Silk" - 2:10 - Unreleased (0:33) / OST 04 [0:34-2:11] (1:37)

Outside, Tintin says goodbye to Thompson and Thomson. As one of them shows him how his wallet is attached to a long elastic to thwart the pick pocketer, Tintin’s Secondary Theme is introduced.

19. "Snowy's Chase" - 1:58 - OST 04 [2:11-4:09]

20. 1M11 You Mean, The Poem? - 1:42 - Unreleased

21. 1M12 Introducing Haddock - 1:36 - OST 08 [0:00-0:34] / Unreleased (1:02)

In the final film, the opening of the cue featuring Haddock’s Theme is completely dialed out. It is instead used later in the film (see 1M16 Alt).

22. 1M12A Pop That Cork - 0:16 - Unreleased

Alan realized they are not being shot at, they are just exploding champagne corks, as he picks one up and examines it before one final bottle launches off its cork.

23. “Haddock Wakes Up” - 0:14 - Unreleased

24. 1M13 “Tub...Tub” - 3:14 - Unreleased

25. "Snowy and the Sandwich" - 2:06 - Unreleased

26. 1M14 The Radio Room - - OST 05 [0:00-0:14] / Unreleased

27. "1M14 The Radio Room (Revised)” - 2:24 - Unreleased

28. “Escape From The Karaboudjan" - 3:21 - OST 06

29. "The Third Unicorn" - 0:57 - Unreleased

30. 1M16 Rowing To Bagdar - - Unreleased & Unused

31. 1M16 ALT The Captain Takes The Oars - 1:39 - OST 08 [0:38-2:17]

32. "Capturing Mr. Silk" - 1:55 - OST 10 [1:03-2:58]

33. “The Wallets” - 0:21 - Unreleased or possibly doesn’t exist

--. “Tintin’s Wallet” - 0:08 - Unreleased or possibly doesn’t exist

In the final film, the opening 8 seconds of “Snowy’s Chase” play when Thomson and Thompson discover Tintin’s wallet and hold it up. It is unknown if this tracking replaced an original composition.

34. "Whiskey Stash" - 0:44 - Unreleased

35. "Portugese Plane" - 2:09 - Unreleased

36. "Flight to Bagghar” - 3:33 - OST 11

37. 1M18 Alt - - Unreleased

38. 1M19A Thom Thompsons - - Unreleased & Unused

39. 1M19B This Is The Desert - - Unreleased & Unused

40. "1M19B This Is The Desert (Revised)" - 0:47 - OST 07 0:00-0:47

41. 1M20A Sailing With Sir Francis - - Unreleased & Unused

42. "1M20A Sailing With Sir Francis (Revised)" - 1:31 - OST 07 [0:47-2:18]

43. "Sea Battle" - 2:47 - OST 07 [2:18-5:05]

44. 1M20B Desert Rescue - 0:34 - Unreleased

45. 1M21A A Sober Haddock - 1:17 - OST 10 [0:00-1:03] / Unreleased (0:14)

46. 1M21B Old Enemies Meet - 1:51 - Unreleased

47. 1M21C At Sword Point - 2:47 - Unreleased

48. "1M21C At Sword Point (Revised)" - 2:18 - OST 09 [0:00-2:18]

49. 2M22 Dueling Pirates - 1:51 - OST 09 [2:18-3:20] / Unreleased (0:05) / [3:20-4:04]

50. "The Sinking of The Unicorn" - 1:29 - OST 09 [4:04-5:33]

51. 4M22A Working The Puzzle and Into The Desert - - Unreleased / OST 09 [5:33-5:46] / Unreleased / OST 09 [5:46-5:55] / Unreleased

52. 4M22B Tin And Emir Exchange Legends - - Unreleased & Unused

53. 4M22C That's My Ship - - Unreleased & Unused

54. "Bagghar Source Music" - 0:21 - Unreleased & Possibly not Williams

55. 4M23A We're Being Followed - 0:41 - Unreleased

56. 4M23B The Milanese Nightingale - 1:30 - OST 12

57. "Tintin Gives Haddock The Scroll" - 0:30 - Unreleased

58. "Opera Source" - 0:19 - Unreleased

Unknown music plays as an intro to the next cue.

59. 4S23D Cavatina - Rossini - 0:33 - OST 13 [0:00-0:31]

60. "Presenting Bianca Castafiore" - 2:58 - OST 13 [0:31-3:28]

61. 4M24A Yes Or Gu-No - - Unreleased

62. "4M24A Yes Or Gu-No (Revised)" - 1:12 - OST 14 [0:00-1:12]

63. 4M24B The Falcon And The Flood - 2:42 - OST 14 [1:12-3:54]

64. "Tintin Gets The Scroll" - 1:49 - OST 14 [3:54-5:43]

65. 5M25A Haddock's Nobility - - Unreleased & Unused

66. "5M25A Haddock's Nobility (Revised)" - 2:10 - OST 15

67. 5M25B Raising The Rolls - 0:44 - Unreleased

68. 5M26B Crane Fight - 1:16 - OST 16 [0:00-0:38] / Unreleased (0:38)

69. “Crane Fight Pt 2” - 1:11 - Unreleased & Mostly Unused

70. “Crane Fight Pt 3” - 1:04 - OST 16 [0:38-1:42]

71. "Haddock Vs Sakharine" - 2:06 - OST 16 [1:42-3:48]

72. "The Coordinates" - 1:07 - OST 17 [0:00-1:07]

73. 5M28 Marlinspike Hall - 1:36 - OST 17 [1:07-2:34] (1:27) / Unreleased (0:07)

74. 5M31 "To Be Continued" - 3:17 - OST 17 [2:34-3:55] / Unreleased (0:28) / OST 17 [3:55-5:51]

75. “5M31 Insert” - 0:28 - OST 17 [3:55-4:23]

76. “The Adventure Continues” - 2:58 - OST 18

77. “Snowy’s Theme” - 2:10 - OST 02

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13. Presenting Bianca Castafiore (3:26)

This track begins with the introduction to the cavatina from Gioachino Rossini’s The Barber of Seville. It is quickly followed by Renee Fleming as Bianca Castafiore singing Je veux vivre, from Charles Gounod’s Romeo et Juliette. The conclusion of the piece contains breaking glass and other sound effects sure to displease some soundtrack fans.

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4M24A Yes Or Gu-No :lol: A classic JW pun.

I laughed at that one too when I finally got it. At first I was just like "that's a REALLY weird name"

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4M24A Yes Or Gu-No :lol: A classic JW pun.

I laughed at that one too when I finally got it. At first I was just like "that's a REALLY weird name"

Williams does these quite often. He also nods to other composers from the classic music world like in Jurassic Park with the cue called March Past the Kitchen Utensils which refers to Ralph Vaughan Williams' music for Aristophanes' play Wasps that has a piece of the same name.

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I think it's the first time he has, unless he did it for Crystal Skull as well

The numbering of this score is REALLY messed up. No reel 3? One cue from reel 2? A reel one that is like an hour long? 5 reels of music for a 6 reel film? I dunno what happened.

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The thing is when Williams is sitting down to watch the film with Spielberg and decide which scenes should have score and which don't, it doesn't matter if the film was shot on film, digital, video, or whatever. They are just sitting in a room watching some dump off the AVID or whatever and noting where to put music.

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Anyways as you can see, there is a ton of unreleased music, not even counting the unused early versions. The movie is practically wall-to-wall music

I think there was only one time or maybe twice that more than a minute went by with no music playing

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Anyways as you can see, there is a ton of unreleased music, not even counting the unused early versions. The movie is practically wall-to-wall music

I think there was only one time or maybe twice that more than a minute went by with no music playing

Yes the movie is full of music in a typical JW/Spielberg collaboration fashion. I think the animated nature of the film gave them further impetus to score it wall-to-wall. Most of the unreleased music, at least when looking at the cue list, seems to comprise of shorter pieces but on the other hand many of them flow together in typical JW style. But yes there is a hefty chunk of unreleased stuff in there.

You did a great job parsing the soundtrack album on which Williams has combined cues and made his edits with usual album producing mind set. A lot of shorter pieces moved about. But luckily the major set pieces are intact. No truncated action cue like Jungle Chase this time on the album.

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"Tub...Tub" really should have been on the OST. That's the cue with the french horn from the spanish trailer

Well yes that is a great cue and the proper introduction to Haddock. Plus the Sakharine/Karaboudjan menace theme is there as well.

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Yea I meant to point out that that was not my typo

Williams has spelled some interesting things wrong over the year in his original cue names... for example "Vadar" and "Indie"

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I guess he is not too fussy about his cue names. Nor proper names. Nor place names. Well any names if you think about it.

I bet he just forgot what Thomson/Thompson were called and wrote Pattersons instead.

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I will come up with a total amount of unreleased music in the film, as well as a total amount of unused music, when I finish going through the messy Crane Fight stuff

However, I can say that - NOT COUNTING the end credits - there is 1:29:52 of music heard in the film itself. Some of that is tracked material, but ignoring that for a second, since the OST totals 1:00:28 NOT COUNTING Snowy's Theme and The Adventure Continues, there is ROUGHLY 29 MINUTES of unreleased music heard IN THE FILM.

The unused stuff is harder to calculate because you have to guess at the intended tempo...

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I'm sure there is more than it "seems" and that the unreleased music would greatly enhance the score. If you add up all those little bits it seems quite a lot. The OST still feels like an incomplete experience to me. ALL of Williams action/adventure scores are better with the unreleased music, I don't see how this would be different.

PS 29 minutes is a lot for a score that's already short , and in line with the amount of music were missing from some other blockbuster scores. And short cues by Williams (establishing shots, scenery music, transitionnal fanfares) tend to add a lot to the score

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The OST is short for me, I need something else.

As Oscar Schindler said while compiling the list: More, more!

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I think if he had made the OST 75 minutes long instead of 65, it would have made a world of difference


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Williams also tends to come up with amazing musical moments in very short cues . Take the Mushroom Cloud in KotCS or the several transitionnal fanfares in RotS and AotC. They add A LOT when added to the OST presentation

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Let me me more clear.

If you tell me all the unreleased music in Tintin is like Secret Doors and Scorpions and Oxley's Dilemna where it's underscore of Tintin exploring a cave then fine

But Icanus says:

"most tracks not on it are quite short, more of the establishing shot material, Tintin theme sounding in horns or other instruments as we see him or he is doing something adventurous"

Sounds like the unreleased music is VERY important and would add a lot to the OST. These are the type of cues that tend to frame a good Williams score

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Does digital film use reels?

I think they still use the term to determine the pacing of the film by dividing it into "reels". I might be wrong, though.

AOTC had reels, even though it was shot on digital.


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I think it was named Portuguese Plane in reference to Portuguese Coast from Last Crusade, another kick ass Williams unreleased cue (until the concorde set)

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I named it that - all cue titles in quotation marks are my own creations - only the ones with Slate Numbers are Williams

As you can see, prior to the OST and film I only had knowledge of roughly half the film's score

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