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5 film scores you would like to have complete!

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Jurassic Park

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Return To Oz

Those are my five that I want the most. I have many others I want of course but those above I would want before all the rest if I could. There are also many others that have decent or listenable complete or expanded footwarmers, but the ones listed above can only be heard in DVD edits (well unless I were in some higher trading circle, damn it). This list would have been a little different if it weren't for this year though with releases like Gremlins. :D :D :D

Add the Indiana Jones scores and that would be pretty close to my list.

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The Hunt for Red October: Containing the film version tracks of "Red Route I" and "Kaboom" (I think the track title should be changed ;)). Also including if available any/all alternate, unsued tracks and maybe a bonus track to "Nuclear Scam" w/o the choirs.

Starship Troopers: Hoping Varese will release this soon from their club releases.

Star Trek: TMP: Love this classic fingers crossed for a complete score

Star Trek VI:TUC: A proper complete score w/o combining cues and Eidelman's original trailer music.

Predator 2: I would love to have a complete score to the sequel. I think I like it even more than Silvestri's first score.... :blush:

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I unfortunately couldn't limit the list to 5, so here are my top 6 choices in alphabetical order:


-BLADE RUNNER (the Trilogy release is sadly far from complete)

-HEAT ('95)




And these are the rest of my grails, which I am equally passionate about, but together these titles form a sort of "secondary list of choices":

-A.I. Artificial Intelligence

-Alien 3 (yes, we have the isolated score, thank God, but it would be great to have the score in a proper C&C format like the other three Alien films)

-Close Encounters of the Third Kind

-Demolition Man

-Minority Report


-The Bounty

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To illegally download or otherwise obtain, distribute or own bootlegged material is a crime.

You would not club a puppy in the face with a claw-hammer, right? Because it amounts to the same thing...

I already paid premium for it in 2001 and I still have the receipt.

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