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Article about John Williams (Wall Street Journal)

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but I think there's a kind of laziness that can creep into Hollywood scoring. A lot of it sounds generic to me," Mr. Reznor said

Fuck, this music will be SO forgotten in four years, my christmas is ruined by these electric fellows. But it's good that Alan likes.

But about that article, enjoy the productivity of this brilliant musician as long as this dinosaur will stand, then it's gone. Forever.

The excellent film music.

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Nice to see someone points it out for the main public. Maybe they will realize the value of traditional film scoring.

Watching the vid on the main page I am thinking it must be so boring for JW always to tell the same story over and over again to new reporters. Apparantly Jurgensen spent a lot of time with Williams to see how he works, I wonder if he got to know some things that haven't been already knwon about JW for about the last 30 years.

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