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Two isolated scores actually - one the final theatrical music with all the edits and tracking, and one Williams original intentions including the dropped pieces recorded in '10

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Williams already forgot he scored Tintin

He'll probably rant on and on about Snowy's theme for five minutes before we awkwardly fade to black.

And just before the image fades you can hear the interviewer shouting "ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THAT ANATOMICALLY ANOMALOUS CANINE!!!!"

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Yeap they just wanted to extend that jump for a fraction of a second more I guess. Not a huge deal for me although not one of my favourite effects either.

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I agree. It's a nice and very effective shot.


I have a feeling they're going to have this in the 16:9 ratio. It doesn't look like the cut out the sides for the video.

The specs of the Blu-Ray

1080p High Definition

High Definition 2.35:1

No 7.1 audio!

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

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