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F.A.Q. - Some tips for getting the most out of JWFan!

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1. How do I embed a youtube video in my post?

Simply paste the URL into your post, and the board's software will do the work for you!

NOTE that sometimes you have to strip out random junk in the URL for it to work.

For example, if your URL looks like this:

Change it to be only this:

Also note that redirect sites such as "youtu.be" WILL NOT WORK, and neither will URLs with an HTTPS. You MUST use the official "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=" format.

2. How do I embed a mp3 into my post?

The same way you embed a video! Just put the URL that leads to the direct URL and the board's software will do it for you

For example, to embed this mp3:


Just put the entire URL right into your post, and it will come out like this:


3. What if I want to show the full address of an mp3, I don't want it to turn into a player?

To show any text on the forum without having the board software modify it, put it in between [ code] brackets (without spaces)

For example, if you type this:

[ code]http://www. us.movie.tintin.com/media/audio/TinTinSong.mp3

(without the space)

It will look like this:

http://www. us.movie.tintin.com/media/audio/TinTinSong.mp3

4. How do I put text in a spoiler tag?

Put it in a [ spoiler] bracket (without the space)

For example, if you type this:

[spoiler]Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father![/spoiler]
It will look like this:

Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father!

5. I started a new thread, but when I came back to the forum later I couldn't find it!

There could be several reasons, but what likely happened it was similar to another topic, so the administrative team merged your topic into an existing thread. Scan the topics available and you will probably find the thread that contains your post.

6. I'm having trouble getting my avatar to show

Try making sure its a JPG or GIF, and not a PNG or other format. Also trying shrinking it down if it is a very large file. You might have to shrink it all the way to 150px wide.

7. I just changed my avatar and it shows up on my profile page, but when I go back to the forum itself I still see my old one on all my posts!

No need to worry - it's been changed, you just still have the ole one cached in your browser. Simply do a "hard refresh" on a thread with your avatar and everything will be fine. This is done on most browsers by holding down either CTRL, SHIFT, or the APPLE KEY (depending on your browser) and clicking the "Refresh" icon.

8. How come some members have text about their avatars that says something different than "Regular Member"?

As soon as you reach 1,000 posts, you can change it to whatever you like under "My Settings"!

9. I don't like my username any more. How do I change it?

Send a Private Message to the administrative staff (currently Jason LeBlanc) and they will change it for you.

10. How do I link directly to a certain post in a thread instead of just to the thread in general?

Every post on the forum has a hyperlink in the upper right corner that when clicked will pop up a box containing a URL that leads directly to that post. Copy that to your clipboard and then you can paste it into where you want the link to be.


11. I can never find what I'm looking for with the search engine!

The first thing you want to do is click the little "gear" icon to be brought to the "Advanced" search page, where you will have more options.


Usually you will know a word that will be in the title of the thread you are looking for, so just make sure that "Forums" are selected in the "Search In Section", that "Only Search In Titles" is selected in "Match", and "As Topic List" is selected in "Display Results", like this:


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I turned it back off     https://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/7915-techy-help-thread/&do=findComment&comment=1715391

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Bump! Added a little tutorial on how to best use the Search Engine, as many have complained about it before. It actually works really well, as long as you know how to use it properly!

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Regarding the edit feature:

On 6/25/2020 at 2:59 PM, Jay said:

Yes its a new feature we are trying out.  It's currently set to 61 minutes after a post is submitted that you can still edit it


Any idea how long you might test-run this / if you think it'll stick? I'd been meaning to update my Mandalorian posts but have found myself unable to.



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13 hours ago, The Illustrious Jerry said:

Regarding the edit feature:


Any idea how long you might test-run this / if you think it'll stick? I'd been meaning to update my Mandalorian posts but have found myself unable to.




I turned it back off


11 hours ago, bruce marshall said:

How do I put some moron on ignore?



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3 hours ago, Edmilson said:


You were serious!?😳


I just pray Jay never gets access to WHOPPER😄😅

19 hours ago, Edmilson said:

I want to check how many times did Bruce called Drax "Tin Man". 

What will you do with that information?😗

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