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JW CD Series - Part 1 - Dramatic Music


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Which Top 15 - 20 tracks would you put on a CD / playlist consisting of John Williams best Dramatic Music?

For me dramatic is the music heard in the tracks i picked: eg where the music reaches a usually big climax playing in epic, dramatic or sometimes dangerous scenes and proportions. The climax can also be sad, menacing or scary but is often powerful and epic

Definitions of Dramatic

(dramatic - sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect; "a dramatic sunset"; "a dramatic pause"; "a spectacular display of northern lights"; "it was a spectacular play"; "his striking good looks always created a sensation")

(Performing Arts / Theatre) Music (of a voice) powerful and marked by histrionic quality


I will start myself, my top 20 would be:

01) "Burning Homestead" (From Star Wars)

02) "Abandonded in the Woods" (From A.I.)

03) "Main Title & Storm Sequence" (From Dracula)

04) "Searching for E.T." (From E.T.)

05) "Padme Falls" (From Attack of the Clones)

06) "Lament" (From Revenge of the Sith)

07) "Anakin vs Obi-Wan" (From Revenge of the Sith)

08) "The Temple of Doom" (From Temple of Doom"

09) "The Map Room Dawn" (From Raiders of the Lost Ark)

10) "Indy Follows the Ark" (From Raiders of the Lost Ark)

11) "The Miracle of the Ark" (From Raiders of the Lost Ark)

12) "Shark Attack" (From Jaws)

13) "Ludlow's Demise" (From The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

14) "Final Duel" (From "Return of the Jedi")

15) "The Emperors Death" (From "Return of the Jedi")

16) "The Kryptonquake" (From Superman)

17) "Dueling the Basilisk" (From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

18) "The Ferry Scene" (From War of the Worlds)

19) "Duel of the Fates" (From The Phantom Menace)

20) "The Tide Turns" (From The Phantom Menace)

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Dramatic may of course have different meaning for everyone. I don't mean sad and emotional music, that is something different for me. So what you consider a dramatic score i would probably consider emotional, downbeat or sad... just a matter of definition

For me dramatic is the music heard in the tracks i picked: eg where the music reaches a usually big climax playing in epic, dramatic, dangerous scenes. The climax can sometimes be sad or scary but is usually powerful and epic

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I posted a definition of dramatic from a dictionary in my first post - why is it so hard to understand the meaning of dramatic?

Did you edit your post with that definition? Because I didn't see it the first time around.

Anyways, understanding what you mean is crucial to any form of communication. Otherwise, I wouldn't know what to suggest, especially with such a vague term that can mean all sorts of things!

But thanks for the definition.

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Yeah, i edited in the definition of dramatic afterwards. Should have done it earlier as apparently there are different understandings on what type of music it describes.

It would be great if i don't stay the only one to post my hitlist. I will certainly make future threads on "Best Of" playlists of John Williams "Action Music", "Downbeat Emotional Music", "Upbeat Emotional Music", "Exotic Music", "Source Cues", "Magical Music", "Comedic and Jazz Music" and "Dissonant and Horror Music". Feel free to correct me in my definitions and i welcome suggestions for alternate musical definitions or types of music i simply forgot.

I hope i then can encourage some of you to post your favorites too...

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