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SCORE: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (Andrew Lockington)

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Btw... I know this should possibly be used for another thread but I'll just say it here... as good as this score is, avoid the FILM at all costs! It doesn't even deserve it's own thread, honestly. It isn't worth your time. It especially isn't worth your money! And to make matters worse, the wonderful score is mixed very low in the film! If you thought the first film was fun, if a bit silly, I'm with you there. But this sequel lacks any real humor at all, and instead has a forced laugh every second mixed with horrible HORRIBLE acting from everyone. Granted, it didn't really have an all-star cast with The Rock being the headliner, but even so... he's even better as the CGI Scorpion King than in this thing. OMG SPOILER ALERT... the part where he does his pec bounce with the cherries bouncing off goes on for WAY too long, as does his stupid rendition of "Wonderful World". It was PAINFUL to sit through this thing. PAINFUL. The only reason I saw the whole thing was because I paid to go see it. I was really expecting more silly but fun antics like the first film was. Instead, it was random-ass and insulting on any level. Even the 3D was FLAT. It's made me not even want to check out Star Wars in 3D... can we move on from this format now? Seriously. I didn't expect much from this film, but I didn't expect to be pissed off from it. What a huge waste. To top it all off, the score gets a MP3 and CDR release only. And people wonder there is internet piracy? Give me a break. Stop giving us crap!

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