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Jerry Goldsmith's Star Trek The Motion Picture - 2012 La La Land 3CD (and now: 2LP)

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Some fun behind the scenes stories about working on this and other Star Trek releases for LLL, FSM, and Intrada, here for your listening pleasure in the latest Goldsmith Odyssey Interview: http://gol

Then you can hear it in stereo!     Then it wasn't meant to be.

Listening to The Enterprise just brought tears in my eyes!

From the thread on FSM:

MV says:

I just want to say Matt and I cut the checks here. The real heroes of this whole project are Mike Matessino, Bruce Botnick, Lukas Kendall, Jeff Bond, Neil Bulk, John Davis, Jim Titus and the fine folks at Paramount and Sony Music. You want dedication, love and passion for a project look no futher than those blokes, or, as I like to call them, "THE DREAM TEAM"


Mike Matessino says:

There certainly is a lot of erroneous information out there.

The direct live 2-track mixes were recorded to 1/4" analog tape. Bruce Botnick started running a digital recorder as well but only on a couple of scoring dates and then stopped. The reasons for that are fascinating and I hope he'll tell the story at our June 4 event (it's not in the liner notes).

Apart from a few of the direct-to-digital takes the rest of the original album tracks were dubbed from analog to digital 1630 and then edited digital-to-digital twice after that. The final master, the one Bruce actually used to cut lacquer, syncs precisely with the original CBS disc, but the Sony release from 1999 has a drift, indicating that it was entirely taken from an analog source.

The 2-inch 16-track was, in fact, considered a back up, because what was used for the original film mix was an LCR recorded to 35mm mag with Dolby noise reduction. So there was that, 2-track analog 1/4", and twitchy ancient digital 1630s. The 2-inch was clearly the best element to work with and has now been entirely preserved, stem to stern, at 192k 24bit with precisely resolved sync.


I've created a YouTube channel so I can post the videos that were shot throughout the creation of the project. Subscribe!



Source: http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=89017&forumID=1

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trekmovie.com has revealed the track list!

DISC 1 (72:06)


1 Overture 1:43

2 Main Title/Klingon Battle 7:01

3 Total Logic 3:54

4 Floating Office 1:08

5 The Enterprise 6:02

6 Malfunction 1:30

7 Goodbye Klingon/Goodbye Epsilon Nine/Pre-Launch 2:10

8 Leaving Drydock 3:32

9 TV Theme/Warp Point Eight :50

10 No Goodbyes :53

11 Spock’s Arrival 2:03

12 TV Theme/Warp Point Nine 1:49

13 Meet V’Ger 3:06

14 The Cloud 5:05

15 V’Ger Flyover 5:01

16 The Force Field 5:07

17 Micro Exam 1:13

18 Games/Spock Walk 9:51

19 System Inoperative 2:03

20 Hidden Information 3:58

21 Inner Workings 4:04

DISC 2 (74:31)


1 V’Ger Speaks 4:04

2 The Meld/A Good Start 5:37

3 End Title 3:16


4 The Enterprise [early version] 6:05

5 Leaving Drydock [early version] 2:39

6 No Goodbyes [early version] :55

7 Spock’s Arrival [early version] 2:00

8 Micro Exam [early version] 1:15

9 Games [early version] 3:49

10 Inner Workings [early version] 4:43


11 Main Title/Klingon Battle 6:50

12 Leaving Drydock 3:29

13 The Cloud 5:00

14 The Enterprise 5:59

15 Ilia’s Theme 3:00

16 Vejur Flyover 4:56

17 The Meld 3:15

18 Spock Walk 4:17

19 End Title 3:16



1 Overture [long version] 2:50

2 Main Title [alternate take] 1:44

3 Total Logic [alternate take] 3:49

4 Malfunction [early take] 1:28

5 Goodbye Klingon [alternate take] :35

6 No Goodbyes [alternate take] :53

7 Spock’s Arrival [alternate take] 2:01

8 The Force Field [alternate take] 5:04

9 Micro Exam [alternate take] 1:14

10 Games [early synthesizer version] 3:48

11 Games [alternate take] 3:48

12 Inner Workings [alternate take] 4:05

13 V’Ger Speaks [alternate take] 4:03

14 The Meld [film version] 3:16

15 A Good Start [discrete] 2:27

16 Main Title [album take] 1:44


17 Main Title [first raw takes] 7:21

18 The Force Field/ The Cloud [excerpts] 2:33

19 Beams and Synthesizer for V’Ger 4:04

20 Beams and Synthesizer for Ilia :59

21 Synthesizer for Main Theme 1:44

22 Main Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [bob James] 5:24

23 A Star Beyond Time [shaun Cassidy] 2:43

24 Ilia’s Theme [alternate] 3:33

25 Theme From Star Trek: The Motion Picture [concert edit] 3:25

Total 3CD Time: 3:41:13

Source: http://trekmovie.com...core-bts-video/

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I wonder if this is comprehensive enough for the fans of the score? ;)

To me, a moderately big JG fan, it is as Matessino said an embarrasement of riches.

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The so-called early unused score is the main attraction for me here. There isn't as much unreleased music from the score. Though, I suspect some of the album cues were in fact alternates. I think.


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Yes. Some of the versions of cues featured on the 1999 expansion will be on disc 3 of this new release, with the true film versions finally premiering in the main score program.

This release is perfect, there's literally nothing missing at all.

I think if I was in charge the only thing I would have changed was swapping the 1979 LP portion with the "Alternates" portion. That way you'd have 2 discs of material I'd listen to all the time, with a 3rd disc I'd only pull out once in a blue moon. But obviously this is a trivial matter in the digital age.

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The only thing that would make this release better would be if they A: did a limited vinyl run and B: released a DVD-audio version.

A DVD Audio version I could see but I don't think a Vinyl would work out too well. With this being 3-CDs with vinyl there's be more "discs". Well either way neither will happen.

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That Shaun Cassidy version of the song sounds REALLY good, to me, honestly. Has it ever sounded any better than the following clip below? I'm sure LaLaLand's version will sound a-ma-zing.

Also, I wondered why they chose the DVD-sourced Director's Cut of the film for the event? Wouldn't it have been perhaps more impressive to use the BluRay source, even though the BluRay is only the theatrical cut? It still is a shame the BluRay set only has the theatrical cut. It's the one thing for me that has always held me back on getting the film set on Blu.

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I'll be ordering the release, for sure. And if my work schedule allows me to, I'd like to go to the event, as well. I've never had half as much love for this score as many of you do, but it's still great, and I'll look forward to having the additional material in pristine quality.

:) I'm looking forward to it too. The bootleg has been deleted from my hard drive and iPod.

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Hahaha! Sorry for posting it! I actually don't think it's bad, for the kind of "score theme turned into a song" thing. In a way it's sound sort of reminded me of the "Flying Dreams" song in Secret of Nimh. Not that it's much of a compliment in saying that, but really I don't think this one is bad haha. If people don't like it, just skip it and don't include it in your ripped to iPod version. ;) I for one will be glad to have it, especially given it's apparent rarity.

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I only now, thanks to this thread, know that the love theme from this score had lyrics written to it.

It's in the 20th anniversary edition booklet. Even i, not very much of a Goldsmith fan, know that.

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It's really a bromance between Kirk and Spock (which is drawn out over five more films).

Ah yes. If Spock had let Kirk fall off that mountain, he would have broken his back, setting the stage for many a long night in the tent, out in cowboy country, California.

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Another tidbit from Mike Matessino:

Ok, now on to the tough topic. We know what the release is, we know what is going to be featured on it, and we know how much effort is being put into making it the best possible Star Trek soundtrack release since Star Trek V. But there is one subject that I have yet to mention.


Is there anything about this soundtrack that anyone is worried about?

The one and only thing that has me worried about this particular soundtrack are these tracks.

7. Goodbye Klingon / Goodbye Epsilon Nine / Pre-Launch (2:10)

9. TV Theme / Warp Point Eight (0:50)

12. TV Theme / Warp Point Nine (1:49)

If you're familiar with my posts in the Star Trek VI Complete Score posts, you probably know what I'm talking about. The gap between the each music piece. Track #7 on this new set is the one piece that I've been clamoring for and my biggest fear is that each piece will crossfade into one another to make the whole track sound like one solid music piece instead of each piece being completely separate while still in the same track, like the "FIRE!" part in the complete score to Star Trek VI.

That's my biggest and so far only fear in regards to this release. But since I own the Star Trek V soundtrack and found that there are bigger musical gaps in it's complete form than it's album incarnation, I think my fears will most likely be completely unfounded.

*fingers crossed*

You guys should not fret about the little combos. The few we did were because the cues were short, narratively linked, and not done by Goldsmith. There is just enough space to keep them as separate musical statements without seeming like fragments standing out in the cold.

The combos of "Games / Spock Walk" and "The Meld / A Good Start" follow the original intent of the film and were done in the full score only. The clean beginnings and endings can be heard on the album or in the alternates.

I think that it's just "Main Title," "The Enterprise" and "Leaving Drydock" that went to the original album from digital recordings. The 3-track to 35mm mag was a live mix with Dolby noise reduction. The 16-track was previously used for the "Directors Edition" but back then it was only transferred at 48k.

On the subject of Blu-Ray... what MV said. Please come to celebrate one of the greatest scores ever. Please note we now have some added guests: Richard Kraft, Richard Kline, Mark Mangini.


Source: http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=89017

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New article on the LLL release is up on variety.com


Quoting it here because eventually you won't be able to read it on variety.com without a subscription

Star treatment for Goldsmith's 'Trek' score

Restored version of landmark music gets deluxe package



'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' soundtrack


GoldsmithThirty-three years after its initial release, composer Jerry Goldsmith's landmark score for "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" has been completely restored and is about to be released in a deluxe package designed to satisfy fans who have long clamored for this material.

Goldsmith's score received a 1979 Oscar nomination, marked the beginning of a 23-year relationship with the "Trek" franchise and would become among his best-known works because the main-title music was later revived as the theme for TV's long-running "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

But the first of the 10 "Trek" films was notoriously plagued by production problems that took a toll on Goldsmith's schedule for writing and recording. The result was more than 20 minutes of early music that was recorded but never used.

That music, plus 85 minutes of the actual film score and another 75 minutes of outtakes and bonus tracks, is included in the 3-CD set to be released June 5 by Burbank-based La-La Land Records.

"It's a landmark science-fiction score, something Goldsmith excelled at," says Jeff Bond, author of "The Music of Star Trek." Bond cites "Planet of the Apes," "Logan's Run" and "Alien" as other seminal works by the composer but finds the original "Trek" a "transitional score for Goldsmith, where he started moving in a more romantic direction after years of very experimental, often dissonant music."

The challenge for Goldsmith (who died in 2004), according to album producer Mike Matessino, was not just composing without benefit of a completed film (because the visual effects came in very late) but also finding a new, post-"Star Wars" direction for space-adventure music and musically matching a thoughtful, ambitious storyline.

Matessino, who worked with "Star Trek" director Robert Wise to restore and recut the film for a 2001 DVD, calls Goldsmith's approach "operatic" and believes it ranks with such all-time classic scores as "King Kong," "Gone With the Wind" and "Ben-Hur."

It took five months to find, restore and remix. Thirty-six reels of music were found in the Paramount vaults; a long-missing 37th reel was discovered at Columbia Records, which paid for the original scoring sessions in exchange for album rights.

The film also marked the beginning of a long professional relationship between the composer and scoring mixer Bruce Botnick, who in 1979 was a Columbia Records producer overseeing the "Trek" album. Botnick (who recorded all of the composer's subsequent "Trek" scores) remixed the entire score for the new release.

"I still think it's breathtaking," says Botnick. "It's as inventive as 'Planet of the Apes,' some of the best modern classical music of this era. I would love to see it performed live at (L.A.'s) Disney Hall. I think it would blow people's minds."

Among the unique sounds that Goldsmith discovered for "Star Trek" was the Blaster Beam, an 18-foot-long aluminum percussion instrument built and played by Craig Huxley (who, as a child actor, had appeared on two episodes of the "Trek" TV series in the 1960s).

Its 24 tuned strings, struck by pipes and even an artillery-shell casing, made the strange, booming noise associated with the V'ger entity that the Enterprise crew encounters in the film. Huxley will perform on it at a screening of the film and panel discussion (including Bond, Matessino, Botnick and others) on June 4 at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood.

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