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Williams and Goldsmith nominated for worst score! (Razzie awards)


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I just found out today that Razzie awards had a worst score category from 1981 -1985.

i can't see past 1998 in their website so i am not sure.

And to my BIG SURPRISE Williams is nominated in 1982 for Monsignor and Goldsmith in 1985 for King Solomon's Mines!!!

Ok, Monsignor isn't considered among Williams' best, but a nomination for worse score?

Surely they could have found others.

And King Solomon's Mines?

That is among Goldsmith's best!! Are they serious there??

other nominations: (i don't know about the other scores if they deserved it or not)


  • LEGEND OF THE LONE RANGER, Music by John Barry
  • HEAVEN'S GATE, Music by David Mansfield
  • THEIF, Music Score by Tangerine Dream
  • UNDER THE RAINBOW, Music by Joe Renzetti
  • ZORRO, THE GAY BLADE, Music by Ian Fraser


  • BUTTERFLY Music by Ennio Morricone
  • DEATH WISH II Music by Jimmy Page
  • MONSIGNOR Music by John Williams
  • THE PIRATE MOVIE Music Written by Kit Hain
  • John Carpenter's THE THING Music by Ennio Morricone


  • THE LONELY LADY Charles Calello, Jeff Harrington, J. Pennig and Roger Voudouris
  • QUERELLE Music by Peter Rabin
  • SUPERMAN III Score Adapted and Conducted by Giorgio Moroder
  • YENTL, Music by Michel LeGrand, Lyrics by Marilyn & Alan Bergman
  • YOR: THE HUNTER FORM THE FUTURE Music by John Scott, Guido & Maurizio deAngelis


  • BOLERO Music composed by Peter Bernstein, Love Scenes Scored by Elmer Bernstein
  • Giorgio Moroder for METROPOLIS and THIEF OF HEARTS
  • RHINESTONE Original Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton, Music Adapted and Conducted by Mike Post
  • SHEENA QUEENA THE JUNGLE Music by Richard Hartley
  • WHERE THE BOYS ARE '84 Original Music by Sylvester Levay, Soundtrack produced by Dennis Pregnolato


· FEVER PITCH, Music by Thomas Dolby

· KING SOLOMON'S MINES, Music by Jerry Goldsmith

· REVOLUTION, Music by John Corigliano

· ROCKY IV Music Composed by Vince DiCola

· TURK 182, Music by Paul Zaza

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Yeah I've always wondered about that. Monsignor and King Solomon's Mines are both quite good scores.

Guilt by association. Good scores for (some would say) embarrassingly poor films.

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And King Solomon's Mines?

That is among Goldsmith's best!! Are they serious there??

Indeed, I can't help but be massively entertained when listening to that. Seems to me Jerry Goldsmith certainly saw the hilarity of the whole thing. Of course I also like the movie a lot for being an unintentional, but brilliant parody of Indiana Jones. And I'll never say no to more classic adventure movies, even if this particular one really IS a B-movie at best.
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MONSIGNOR is a great score, but it's obviously nominated because of the negative reviews of the film. Personally, I think the film is quite underrated -- despite a few flaws.

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Maybe Solomon's mines because of the similarity with Indy. I find it pretty hilarious, personally. Goldsmith was either instructed to compose a similar theme or simply ripped off Williams.

Monsignor on the other hand, rips off Godfather slightly in a similarly humorous fashion. The movie is supposed to be terrible, so I can assume the dramatic scoring came off as quite ridiculous?

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Is this like the opposite of the Oscar for Better Score? :P

I just took the example of the scores that got some important recognition that are worse than some pieces of Monsignor.

That is among Goldsmith's best!!

That doesn't say much, does it?

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But look at all of the other nominees there: Barry, Morricone, Corigliano, the Bergman's...

And I wonder why they've retired the category... Seems pretty much high time to resurrect it now, methinks...

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Heartbeeps deserved a nomination more than Monsignor.

well, i think it's a very good score too.

I think we're confusing the score with the movie, and the quality of the latter influences the former.

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