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David Newman - The Phantom (Expanded Edition by La-La Land)

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This is on sale right now if you can travel to the San Diego Comic Con, otherwise it will go up for sale on La-La Land's website Thursday July 19th at 1pm PST.

So there's been no official press release or track listing posted yet, however, I found the track list online and figured I'd start the thread now.

Source: http://whoo.warmbutter.com/cds/phantom.php


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MV - I missed The Phantom, and as I strongly suspect it won't get a repressing from yourselves... you don't happen to have a spare new copy sat on a shelf somewhere that I could buy do you? :)


Nothing left here


Unfortunately this magnificent score didn't sell as well as we had hoped. Really shocked me. We sold what we had didn't repress and contract has expired.




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Such a great score, my favourite David Newman!


I also have a strong connection to the comic book hero himself (my go-to comic book in my childhood, outside Disney stuff), so I remember being underwhelmed by the campy feature film adaptation when it finally materialized (Billy Zane?!? Really?). But the score lives its own life.


I actually had no idea there was an expanded release. As always, I'm content with my OST, but disappointed to hear the expanded version was such a bad seller and that they didn't reprint. Regardless of its less-than-desirable presentation, it's a score that deserves a wider audience. 

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