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Licensor rejects La-La Land's release of remastered/expanded The Old Man And The Sea (Dimitri Tiomkin)


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MV Gerhard of La-La Land Records says

Our Tiomkin's Old Man and the Sea 2 cd set was recently canceled due to similiar reasons. The sucky thing is, it was assembled, mastered and liner notes were written. I hope Intrada wasn't that far into TKAMB. If so, I feel their pain

C'est la vie!



That's severely disappointing to hear MV. Again why at such a late stage did they say no? Why not before you went to all the effort?

Sometimes with projects as old as this shit happens and rights are not where one suspects them to be.


Source: http://filmscoremont...mID=1&archive=0


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Yeah really...why say no? I wonder if MV got to ask "why the hell not, sir?"

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