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New Intrada: The Jayhawkers (Jerome Moross)

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INTRADA Announces:



Composed and Conducted by JEROME MOROSS

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 211

When composer Jerome Moross was hired to score the 1959 Paramount Pictures' film The Jayhawkers, he had just scored his first Hollywood hit with his Oscar-nominated music for The Big Country and was thus a logical choice. His unique Americana sound, with its mostly pentatonic melodies, rhythmic impetus and plain-spoken diatonic harmony, made Moross a perfect foil for the darker undercurrents of the story. Moross’ open-hearted, life-affirming music emphasized the good in the film's two adversaries/friends, leading the audience to empathize with both men in spite of their sometimes malevolent actions. One could even argue that it is an incongruous use of music -- Moross scoring The Jayhawkers with rousing, almost exclusively major-mode music, though his exciting themes played under what were essentially violent, destructive raids on innocent towns by outlaws preceding the Civil War.

To bring the complete soundtrack to CD, Intrada was given access to Paramount Pictures’ 35mm three-channel scoring session masters, transferred in the 1990s to 2’’ analogue protection tape. Most of the score is presented here in stereo, with three cues coming from the mono music stems. The 35mm film transfers included a small amount of deterioration in a few areas that resulted in minimal wow, but overall everything displayed clean stereo audio with crisp, punchy dynamics. As this premiere release of the complete score demonstrates, the artistry of Jerome Moross fills every measure of The Jayhawkers with excitement and emotion.

Set in pre-Civil War Kansas,The Jayhawkers uses the historical Jayhawkers movement (a group of guerillas fighting to keep Kansas free from slavery and on the side of the North in the coming conflict) merely as background for the complex story of two flawed protagonists. The script plays fast and loose with history, focusing instead on the deeply textured love-hate relationship between Cam Bleeker (Fess Parker) and Luke Darcy (Jeff Chandler)— both outlaws pursuing what they perceive as noble goals while leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

INTRADA Special Collection Vol. 211

Retail Price: $19.99

Available Now

For track listing and sound samples, please visit



Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume 211

Date: 1959

Tracks: 27

Time = 53:46

Treat for Jerome Moross fans! World premiere of complete soundtrack to Melvin Frank western with Fess Parker, Jeff Chandler, Henry Silva. Known for his western film music, Moross scored just three such pictures of importance: THE BIG COUNTRY, THE JAYHAWKERS, THE PROUD REBEL. Famous first score is robust Americana classic, lesser-known third score is brooding, psychological effort. THE JAYHAWKERS combines composer's finest outdoor Americana vernacular with abundance of rhythmic action, then adds degree of intensity, making it more than just "Little Brother" to his famed signature score. While story of violent takeover attempt of Kansas is dark, music interestingly remains profuse with major key fanfares, exciting French horn melodies, lively rhythms. CD is presented with vibrant sound from original 3-channel stereo masters vaulted in reasonably good condition at Paramount Pictures, albeit a couple of brief cues were available only in mono. Many cues standout but rousing "Seal and Main Title" sure earns spotlight! Far too little music from this sensational composer is available, much less in stereo. This exciting CD helps to fill that void! Frank DeWald offers insights to intense picture and its music, Joe Sikoryak creates great 50's-style package. Jerome Moross conducts. Intrada Special Collection Volume 211 available while quantities and interest remain!

The Score

01. Seal And Main Title 4:35

02. Cam Recovers 0:55

03. Jeanne Hides Cam 3:10

04. Chopping Wood 1:02

05. Jeanne's House 0:19

06. Cam's Capture 1:13

07. A Smashed Guitar And Cam Saves Jake 3:13

08. Cam Shoots Evans And The Stronghold 4:14

09. Attempted Assault 4:10

10. Raid Montage 3:24

11. Cam Riding And Lorden In Town 2:36

12. Posse 1:03

13. Brothers And A Raid 3:38

14. Accusation 2:10

15. Cam's Return 0:31

16. Cam Arrives In Abilene 0:48

17. Darcy Arrives 2:13

18. Premonitions 1:22

19. Zero Hour 2:07

20. The Last Act 2:16

21. Darcy Shoots Lorden (Danger Trill) 0:14

22. Prelude To Death 2:06

23. Death 1:20

24. Finale 1:27

Total Score Time: 50:25

The Extras

25. Premonitions (Alternate) 1:09

26. New Guitar 0:48

27. Hippy-Happy-Henny 1:13

Total Extras Time: 3:14

Price: $19.99

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